OU soccer player Ligthart balances academics, athletics

Joost playing in one of their games. Photo Credit: Joost Ligthart
Joost playing in one of their games

Athleticism and academics are two disciplines that require one’s full attention, time and effort. Balancing these two time-consuming, yet important activities will require a determined and well-organized person. If not, one may suffer.

Joost Ligthart is an international student at Ohio University studying finance, and in his senior year. For him, adequate planning has been the secret to success throughout his stay on OU campus while playing with the OU men’s soccer team.

“I plan out my week before Monday and make sure that I prioritize and plan for ‘the big rocks,'” Ligthart said. He doesn’t allow extraneous factors divert his focus.

The Dutch citizen trains two hours a day to stay fit for the task he has taken up. “I have training everyday from 5am to 7am and I consider it a break from doing homework.”

He finds his current commitments as not any bigger challenge. Ligthart said it has boosted his self-confidence.

“For me, being a student-athlete makes me able to focus more in classes and feel better within myself.”

This feeling has never drawn Ligthart to a point of quitting soccer to focus on academic studies. He believes a balance of the three parts of man is salient to human existence.

Aside athletics, he is a co-chairperson for the Ohio University Global Ambassadors Outreach Committee. Ligthart said the extra curricular activities have helped him improve academically as against affecting it negatively.

“If anything, it has affected my schoolwork to be better. I like to compete with myself and playing soccer has made me more proactive.” He said.

Ligthart looks forward to playing soccer to the highest level while he finds his way to do further studies.


Author: Ophelia Adjei-Awuah

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