“Go ahead, Hot Stuff”

“Sometimes it’s like a free-for-all-” Buzz, buzz. Josh Simpson’s phone went off. He got a text message from his boss that said, “Go ahead, Hot Stuff.” Simpson had to ask for permission from his boss to do an interview. He works for Green Cab, a company sending out those little metallic cars waiting at the end of Court Street, usually in front of BP, at all hours of the day. Everyone working for the company uses text to communicate and pick up passengers. It’s 10:11 am and Simpson started his shift at 11 pm the night before. He gets off in an hour. “I needed money and I like to drive.” Despite being a cab driver in a small area, Simpson said he has nights where the phone is ringing off the hook with customers wanting a ride back to their dorms, apartments or homes further outside of town. “It could be utter chaos. You get that rush around two o’clock. It usually is pretty easy. The night goes by pretty quick. You meet a lot of really cool people, and most people are pretty good about tipping and things like that. As for drunks, it’s not as bad as you’d think it would be. I mean there are people who are loud and obnoxious, but just about everyone here in Athens is pretty chill,” Simpson said. “You really meet all sorts of people, especially ones that think you’re attractive…maybe even ones you don’t necessarily want to think you’re attractive.” #PlanetAthens

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