Holy news flash, Batman!

Good morning fellow Bat-fans! In case you missed it, here’s the latest and greatest in the Bat-news. From video games, comics, movies, and more, we’ve always got you covered!

Fun Bat-fact of the day: In the Flashpoint alternate universe, Bruce is the one gunned down in the alleyway. His father Thomas becomes Batman and his mother, Martha, becomes the Joker.

1.) Top 10 silliest Batman moments

In honor of the wacky, brilliant spectacle that is The Lego Batman Movie, check out Will Arnett, the voice of B-man himself, share Batman’s most outrageous comic book moments.

2.) Hot Toys announces Suicide Squad Batman 1/6 figure

Hot Toys is expanding its Batman line yet again, this time with a figure based on the Caped Crusader’s on-screen cameo in Suicide Squad. For North American collectors you can pre-order your own figure at Sideshow Collectibles or other licensed distributors.

3.) Teasers for Injustice: Year Three

Tom Taylor, bestselling author of the on-going Injustice comic series based off the hit video game, responds to fan and teases recent Batman and Constantine team-up.

4.) Dozens of easter eggs featured in The Lego Batman Movie

Photo by Speilbrick Films via Flickr

The Lego Batman Movie is chalk full of odes, easter eggs, and references to The Dark Knight’s extensive and colorful history as a character. Check out Matt Singer’s observations over at ScreenCrush and make your own by watching the movie, currently airing in theaters nationwide.

5.) The many, brutal deaths of Robin

Photo by Elenveth via Wikipedia Commons

As every Bat-fan knows, there’ve been a lot of people who have donned the mantle of “Robin” over the years. But did you know that almost every single one of them have been murdered in one comic universe or another? Check out Gamespot to see a highlight of some of the sidekick’s most infamous demises. SPOILER WARNING for some content will reveal some major comic plot points.


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