4 haunted dorms at Ohio University

SyFy’s Scariest Places on Earth deemed Ohio University as one of it’s spookiest locations in an episode titled “Satan’s Dormitory” in 2009, but the tales told in this 30 minute show continue to haunt the students of the University in multiple dorms today.


Wilson Hall
Wilson Hall, on West Green, is said to be the most haunted of all the residential halls because of its very precise location in the exact middle of five local cemeteries as well as a mysterious death that took place during the 70s. Since then, students have told multiple stories of room 428 and anyone who has lived there can tell stories of doors slamming and items moving around the room. One student died violently after practicing occult in that very room and now the room is locked off, deemed “unlivable” by the University.

Lauren Murphy, a current resident of Wilson, was studying at her desk one day with the door completely closed when it opened on its own. She got up to check if someone was there or if there was possibly a draft, but discovered nothing. Around the same time, a floor mate of Murphy’s was sitting in his room when his mirror fell, without being touched, and shattered everywhere.

Like Wilson, other dorms on campus have scary stories.

Washington Hall

Washington Hall
On the other side of campus, Washington Hall residents have quite a few chilling stories involving paranormal activity.

Haley Stultz, a senior, lived in Washington her freshman year during the 2012-13 school year. During her second semester her and her roommate would continuously wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone typing on a laptop. Both regularly checked to see if the other was up late working on homework, but every time they heard the noise, their laptops were securely shut and both girls were in bed asleep. The noise continued about 3 times a week for a few weeks when Stultz decided to make a move.

“I just figured if I said something nice maybe he would stop,” said Stultz. “So, I named the ghost Harold and told him we didn’t mind if he was there as long as he was nice and stopped waking us up!”

A few days later, Stultz was telling a few friends the story when another Washington resident overheard. She asked what was going on and Stultz explained the story.

“It was the weirdest thing. I told her we named the ghost and she asked what we named him. I told her Harold and it ends up she named him the exact same thing. I don’t know. It’s just really weird,” said Stultz.

Michelle Reinold, resident from 2012-2013: “I lived in Washington freshman year and this girl went to shower and locked her room after her and her roommate was out of town and when she came back her room was stilled locked but all her drawers and closets were open”

Rachel Caddey, resident from 2014-2015: “My microwave would go off in the middle of the night and there would be knocking at our door and no one was there. Our beds would shake and wake us up. Our dorm room door, cabinets, and closet doors would open on their own” 

Crawford Hall

Crawford Hall
About 22 years ago in 1993, a young student named Laura fell from her fourth floor Crawford window on to the pavement and died. Since then, every year residents have told stories tied to her death.

Maria Doll, a resident of Crawford during her freshman year (2013-2014), said she didn’t know anything about the hauntings of her new home until one night when her roommate went out on a week night but Doll stayed in. She set an alarm on her phone for 3 A.M. just to make sure her roommate returned safely. At three, she woke up, looked over and saw her roommates feet, noticing an ankle bracelet and a few minutes later fell back asleep.

Around 7 A.M., her roommate returned. Confused, Doll asked why she had come home and left again. But her roommate said she that this was her first time home since she had left the night before. Doll explained that she had seen her there at three when she woke up to check on her and noticed her ankle bracelet and everything.

“Then she lifted her pant legs and told me she didn’t wear an ankle bracelet,” said Doll. “I was so freaked out. I know someone was there. I was completely awake. That was our first experience with Laura.”

Doll explained that almost every floor had experiences with “Laura”. Eventually, Doll and her roommate accepted her as their third roommate when the TV would turn off and the doors would slam closed without help from a human.

jeff hall

Jefferson Hall
“I lived fourth floor Jeff my freshman year,” said Maggie Etherington.  “We always heard what seemed like marbles dropping and rolling across the floor above us, but we lived on the top floor so no one was above us.”

Etherington explained that it was nothing incredibly scary just strange things that would happen every once and awhile and made her and her floor mates question if the dorm had a few supernatural residents.

The historic tale of Jefferson Hall involves a group of students who decided to explore their dorm on a lazy night in 1996, when they discovered a schoolteacher hovering above her chair behind a desk, dressed in 1950s style clothing. The crew ran back to their Residential Assistant but by the time they arrived back at the empty room, the door was locked.

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