Hangin’ at The Over Hang

63 N. Court St. Athens, Oh: The Over Hang. My stomping grounds, the place I work, the most under-rated bar in Athens, (in my opinion), and my favorite place in Athens.

At least once a week you can find me in the very back booth of the Over Hang, surrounded by some of my favorite people on Earth. When you live in a place like Athens, with a hidden gem and something new to discover and explore on every corner, it’s hard to pick which place is truly your favorite. While I have done the best I can exploring all the places I can: kayaking in Strouds Run, biking as far as I can on the bike path and stopping for a hot dog at Larry’s Dog House for a refresher on the way home, and listening to the history of the Ridges, I still find myself at the Over Hang the most.

A Tuesday night at the Over Hang
The infamous Over Hang back booth

Part of being a Bobcat is getting to experience the bar culture here that famously gives Ohio University the “party school” nickname, something that a lot of people know about, but not a lot of people get to experience. But I don’t just love the Over Hang for it’s cheap drinks, fast service, friendly door guys and throwback 90’s music. I love the Over Hang because the people I love go there. Whether it’s with my mom, sharing stories and catching up over a Remedy  (a Bloody Mary) and a basket of fries, when she visits, or with my best friends on a Saturday night as we unwind together after an exhausting 6 hours of serving at Ruby Tuesday together, we all endure the walk up Jeff Hill and all the way down Court just to get together in the very back booth of the Over Hang to enjoy each other’s company.

It’s in the very back booth that I shared one last drink with a good friend before his unfortunate passing, leaving me with a beautiful memory to remember, and it is here in the back booth that holds stories told from the most embarrassing times in our lives and the saddest. But it is also here that I’m certain that if I ever someday have a child, the stories I will tell them before they graduate college, will be ones that either ended at the Over Hang, or started at the Over Hang.

I love it here so much, and it loves me so much that I will have even more stories to tell someday from the other side of the Over Hang: behind the bar. I’m hoping to have even more stories to tell after my time as a bartender here ends, and maybe make just a portion of the money back that I have spent.

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