Morton 201 inspires students to make Ohio University a united campus.

The 180 band leads students in worship.

The once dull lecture hall of Morton 201 came alive with energy and passion on Thursday at 9 p.m. for 180, the weekly meeting for Cru at OU. Cru is an organization of students with a deep desire to know Jesus and share their faith on the Ohio University campus. Upbeat music set the tone for an exciting evening as soon as you walked through the doors, where you’re immediately welcomed by smiling faces and sounds of laughter.

The meeting opened with a time of worship to sing love songs to God. The 180 worship band lead this time with contemporary, yet vulnerable Christian music. True belief flooded from the hearts of those students in Morton 201, as they lifted their hands and raised their voices in full surrender to God.

Anisa Hardin shares her 180 story
Anisa Hardin shares her 180 story.

After worship, the emcees of the evening, Jordan and Alexis, came forward to welcome over 400 students, who filled nearly every seat in the largest lecture hall on campus. Some announcements were delivered for the regular 180 attendees, and for those who were new, some upcoming events hosted by Cru were publicized and encouraged everyone to come.

Then the main event for the evening took center stage – the 180 story. Each week, an OU student gives a personal testimony of how his or her life took a 180 degree turn when they accepted Jesus and the Christian faith into their life.

On this night, Anisa Hardin gave her 180 story: “As an engineering major,” Hardin said, “I’ve always loved equations. I told myself that the equation for a Christian was salvation = Jesus + faith + confession. I continued to add on to my equation until one day my mom told me that salvation was never meant to be an equation. The real equation for a Christian was salvation = Jesus + nothing.”

Chad Helmer delivers a teaching from Ephesians.
Chad Helmer delivers a teaching from Ephesians.

Following this special and honest story from Hardin, a Cru staff member, Chad Helmer, took the podium to deliver a Biblical teaching titled “Letter to the Ephesians.” Chad began in the book of Ephesians 4 and taught about gospel unity. He challenged the students to approach individuals of “every nation, tribe, people and language” (Revelation 7:9), to create a diverse group of faithful followers of Jesus on the Ohio University campus. “We tend to gravitate toward people like us, making culture the one barrier to gospel unity,” Chad said.

180 ended with a time for self-reflection and prayer as the 180 worship band performed one last song. This meeting for Cru at OU was so unique, it was more of an experience than an event.

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Author: Leah Rake

Leah Rake is a junior at Ohio University in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is a Journalism News and Information major with specializations in English and Communications.

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