Court Street: A Townie’s View

Dana Gilkey grew up in Athens, OH. He has never left the small, yet diverse, Midwest town. He graduated from Athens High School and then went to college at Ohio University. He graduated from college and then bought a house in Athens. He is what the student population would call a “townie”.

Understandably, “Court Street” stirs up different memories than what most college students will reminisce about. He remembers getting ice cream at Cold Stone with his mom when he was little (Yes, Court Street used to have a Cold Stone). His favorite places were the ones he and his high school friends had frequented though. The places where both teenage boys and college co-eds could both enjoy (Wonder why teenage boys frequented these places so much…).

I was interested what a “townie” experience would be like, so I asked him to walk me through what a Court Street adventure in his high school days would consist of and he gave me the exclusive tour!

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