Changes in the O Zone for Ohio University

For our non-science fans out there, ozone is what shields our planet from ultraviolet, or UV, rays. If you are a student on Ohio University’s campus, you know of “O Zone” as the fan section for home football and basketball games. These are an elite group of fans who are dedicated to cheering on our sports teams. But this year, there have been some changes to our layers.

In the past, students could pay a fee, receive a t-shirt, and get mixed into the crowd of fans at Ohio University.  These students

O Zone president R.P. Kirtland cheers on the Ohio University mens basketball team
O Zone president R.P. Kirtland cheers on the Ohio University mens basketball team. Photo by Michael Pronzato.

were promised the best seats at home games; whether they got those or not depended on how early they wanted to show up to the games. This year, the group has taken a stance on the best seats rule.

R.P. Kirtland, a senior sports management major and president of the O Zone said, “This year, the O Zone has enforced seating at both football and basketball games, ensuring that only the rowdiest fans get the best seats.”

Students who signed up to be a member of this elite fan group received a wrist band along with their t-shirt. In order to get the front and best seats in the house, they must show this band at the game. The group now has people checking to make sure you have these bracelets on when you walk in.

“These changes seem to have boosted membership, because fans feel as if it’s worth their investment,” Kirtland said. “It also keeps our fans from other schools.”

According to, the home to the athletic pages, this puts “O Zone members right where they belong – right where the action is!”

To sign up for this kind of action, head over to, the Ohio Athletics Marketing and Promotions Office inside the Convocation Center, call 740-597-1374, or sign-up at any Ohio Football or Men’s Basketball home game. The upperclassman fee is $20 while the freshman fee is $25. You can sign up at any point in the year, but make sure you do before basketball season starts. Word on the street is there are a lot of fun events planned.

Do you have any ideas or favorite cheers you want to see the O Zone do? Let us know in the comments section below!

Author: Hannah Funderburg

Hannah is a senior at Ohio University studying Promotional Marketing and Design.

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