Cincinnati Zoo babies

There is a large amount of controversy over the idea of zoos and if they really are a safe place for animals. There are some zoos that definitely are not open in their animal’s favor; however, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is ranked #3 on USA Today’s 10 Best zoos zoos in the country for their extensive care for their animals, hospitality, and visitor attractions. One thing that the Cincinnati Zoo is also highly accredited for is their animal breeding program, which means lots of zoo babies. And if there one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that baby animals are absolutely adorable. Here is an update on the Cincinnati Zoo’s latest zoo babies:

3 Malayan tiger cubs being cared for in the nursery at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born on Friday, February 3, 2017 are these three sweet, little Malaysian tiger cubs. The babies are in extensive care in the Zoo’s nursery and are expected to be moved to their outdoor habitat in Cat Canyon in early spring. Check out the Cincinnati Zoo’s blog for the full story.

Daily updates on baby Fiona from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born six weeks early, baby hippopotamus, Fiona was born on January 24, 2017.  Being premature, she only weighed 29 lbs when she first came out, which is about 25 lbs less than the average new born hippo. However, she has been on around the clock care in the Zoo’s nursery and is gaining the weight and strength that she needs.


Next are the twelve painted dog pups! Born on Oct. 16, 2016 from their mother Imara (ee-MAH-rah). These twelve little rascals seem like they would be a handful, however, Imara raised ten pups back in 2015, so she is used to puppy shenanigans by now!

Then there are these two adorable baby giraffes, Cora and Zoey! Born just two months apart, Zoey was born on Sept. 13, 2016 from her mother Jambo and Cora was born on July 27, 2016 from her mother Cece.

Finally, there are the premature cheetah cubs, Redd, Willow, and Cathryn. These three were born in a literal of five on March 8, 2016. The babies were born prematurely and were receiving round the clock critical care for months. After months of staying in the nursery, they have finally been moved into Cat Canyon and are being trained to join the Zoo’s Cat Ambassador program!

The Cincinnati Zoo is highly recognized for their animal care and breeding program. For more updates on their wildlife and zoo babies, visit This is a bi-monthly newsletter, featuring updates on births of new babies and updates on growth and wellness of current babies.

O-H, I-O! Here we go! (again!)


(Provided via Greg Bartram/USA Today Sports)

“O-H!” is the beginning of a chant heard often in OSU football-addicted Columbus, and this year was no exception. With an 11-2 record, a double overtime win against longtime rival University of Michigan and selection to the 4-team national college football playoff, the 2016 Buckeye season was worthy of the exuberant “I-O!” that finished out its favorite cheer and its regular season.  The 2017 season could thrill the scarlet-and-gray crowds as well, especially if it results in a more inspiring post season than Coach Urban Meyer’s only career shut-out, against ultimate national champion Clemson University in the first round of the national championship playoffs.  The best we can do for now is give you pre-game chills at the thought of you seeing the team in helmets and cleats, since the regular football season doesn’t start until September. Here’s a summary of the recent past and what the future holds.

2017-2018 Schedule

Their competition will vary between unranked to top 10 teams. Games against Maryland and Nebraska look like a cakewalk, while matches against Michigan and (No. 6) Oklahoma will likely prove to be a battle. This season’s encounter with (No. 7) Penn State could be billed as a grudge match, since the 2016-17 Nittany Lions’ regular season defeat of OSU helped them capture the Big Ten Championship, but did not result in an invitation to the national playoffs.

Players headed to the big leagues and those stay another year

Malik Hooker, Raekwon McMillan, Curtis Samuel, Noah Brown, Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley are losing their scarlet jerseys in order to pursue the big league. They hope to make a similar statement as the 2016 draft class, which had five players drafted in the top 20 picks of the first round, including Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, and Eli Apple.  The Buckeyes shouldn’t drop their heads, despite key players leaving. Chris Worley, Billy Price, Sam Hubbard, and star quarterback J.T. Barrett are staying in Columbus. Due to another stellar recruiting year, there will be a host of other new talent to support their top remaining players. Next Buckeye up!  Urban Meyer’s contract lasts through 2020. He has the highest annual compensation of Big Ten coaches.  He’s earned the brand of the ultimate Buckeye coach, with a 61-6 OSU record.

New Signees 

There are 18 commitments for the upcoming year. Safety Jeffrey Okudah, running back Cam Akers, linebacker Baron Browning and cornerback Lamont Wade are among the five-star committed prospects.  A healthy crew of four-star athletes like cornerback Lamont Wade, linebacker Anthony Hines and defensive tackle Anthony Hines are also on board. The 2017-2018 season could be a groundbreaking campaign, thanks to this young and promising talent.

Leaving their legacy after college

The 2016 draft class had five players selected in the top 20 picks of the first round. Six members of the 2016 OSU draft players made the all-rookie list. With 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns, Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliot had one of the best NFL freshman campaigns ever, and solidified himself as one of the best running backs in the game. Joey Bosa was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year with 10.5 sacks in 12 games for the Los Angeles Chargers. That says something about the lasting legacy of Buckeye football.

State of the Fanbase

There is nothing like hearing fans scream during a critical drive, especially when one of the most exceptional human support systems are behind you. OSU fans are #1 in college athletics and #8 globally based on its booming attendance of 100K + fans per-game, according to a Fansided Time. Inc. survey.  Never turn down watching a game in the Buckeye’s beloved Horseshoe stadium or in whatever venue their loyals consistently follow them to throughout the country.

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“The Gang Makes a Newsletter”

Quote of the Week: “You ever see a grown woman take a dump in a sandbox?” – Bill Ponderosa, “Making Dennis Reynolds a Murder”

FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia somehow, someway continues to make brilliant, laugh out-loud comedy 12 years after its pilot.  The twelfth season premier was clocked as the highest watched show in FXX history. The following episode attracted more viewers and subsequently broke that record.

The show is under contract with FXX through Season 14, which would make it the longest running live-action sitcom in US television history.

Miss last week’s episode? 

“Hero or Hate Crime” is already an instant classic among Sunny fans. The episode focuses on the Gang trying to figure out who rightfully owns a lottery ticket that was found on the street. The only way to settle this argument is to hire a series of professional arbiters who can make the decision. Hilarity ensues, I promise. Plus, a major 12-season long running joke is finally put to bed the only way the Gang knows how: hilariously. Check out the official trailer:

Yeah, about last week… WARNING: Spoilers may follow. 

Sunny prides itself on being hilariously vulgar and pushing the limits as to what can be shown on cable TV to the ultimate extreme. Most of Sunny’s episodes have a deeper purpose rather than just to entertain. McElhenney (Mac), Glenn Howerton (Dennis), and Charlie Day (Charlie) often write the episodes with a particular satire.

Between ridiculing the gun-rights debate, abortion, underage drinking, Sunny has never been a show to back down from the issues. The A.V. Club reviewed the show’s latest installment and analyzed it through the frame of satirizing political correctness. It’s an honest and funny review of Sunny’s most profane episode to date.

Read Political correctness is life and death on a hilarious It’s Always Sunny on A.V. Club

Strippers, jugglers and Rickety Cricket?

Truth be told, I have not a damn clue about what this week’s episode is about. Watch the trailer for “PTSDee” yourself and see if you can figure it out. Charlie trying to pronounce Channing Tatum’s name and saying “charming taint-man” looks hilarious in itself. Why is Rickety Cricket a stripper now? Why does Charlie suggest that Dennis have sex with jugglers? Your guess is as good as mine.

Outside of Always Sunny

Members of the Gang are starting to branch out and work on other projects, seeing as though Sunny is reaching the end of its long run. Charlie Day is starring alongside Ice Cube in Fist Fight which hits theaters Feb. 17.

Kaitlin Olson (Sweet Dee Reynolds) is currently starring in the Fox sitcom The Mick where she plays the titular character of Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy who’s remarkably similar to her character of Sweet Dee in Sunny. In a Fox News Entertainment/GoshTV interview, Olson talks balancing two shows and separating two similar characters in two different shows.

Check out Olson’s interview here 

The Gang Makes a Newsletter is a weekly online publication which wraps up all things in the realm of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the latest news from the show and the brilliant people behind it. 

Later, boners!” – Sweet Dee, “Dennis and Dee go on Welfare”

In the know about InDesign

Good afternoon, fellow designerds, and Happy Valentines day. Speaking of which, I included a link to a tutorial for those of you that need to make those last minute Valentines cards.

Here is the latest scoop:

Brand new to InDesign?

If you are a subscriber of this newsletter, you probably are not. However, in case you need a refresher and happen to have a couple hours of free time, @InDesign tweeted a link to not one, but 49 free tutorials last Friday:

Last minute Valentines

 of posted a cute tutorial today on how to make a heart pattern using conditional text. Even if you already have your valentines ready to go, the method discussed by Vaughn can be used for any of the glyphs included in your chosen font.

Meet the artist behind InDesign’s latest loading screen

Jean-Michel Verbeeck is his name, and killer illustrations are his game. Verbeeck is multidisciplinary Art Director from Los Angeles, California, currently working at BUCK. His piece, titled Andonian, was recently selected by Adobe to be the newest piece of art that is displayed while the software starts up. You can check out his piece, which is part of a series titled Moodfamily II, on his Behance page.

For those of you working in the publishing industry

Reddit user dr_doombot666 posted last Friday on /r/indesign about an issue that often plagues designers who have to rely on office networks to open and save .indd files. In my experience, working from a network can easily double the amount of time spent designing.  Networks are finicky things, but a few Reddit users had some suggestions for dr_doombot666.

InDesign 2015 CC runs real slow, constant spinning wheel especially when accessing the hyperlinks panel from indesign

Looking for more?

The capabilities of InDesign are astonishing, and I am constantly finding features tucked away in the software I never knew existed. YouTube is your friend, but it only goes so far. To find answers to your specific questions, I recommend subscribers check out the help forums at:

Until next time, design cadets.

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College Coffee Fix: 5 affordable fair trade coffee brands

If students are the heart of college, then caffeine is the life blood. And while many will jump at the chance to score a cheap cup of joe, cost isn’t the only factor. College students rank sustainable business practices as an important factor in where they buy their coffee. A 2016 study conducted by S&D Coffee & Tea Inc. found 40 percent of millennials “ think more positively of places that offer coffee with features like local, sustainable, fair-trade certified, single origin, etc.”

While some millennials are willing to pay extra to get fair trade products, that’s not realistic for everyone. Here’s five fair trade coffee brands that won’t break the bank:

Silver Bridge
  • Specifications: Fair trade, organic
  • Roasts: Variety, all made from Arabica beans
  • Prices:  $11.99 for a 12 oz. bag

Lorraine Walker founded Silver Bridge Coffee Company in 2008 after experimenting with making specialty blends in a popcorn popper. Not only is this Ohio-based business a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of American and Fair Trade USA, Walker also is a strong supporter of women in business. Silver Bridge sells Cafe Feminino blends, a foundation that “provides grants for women and their families in coffee-producing countries such as Peru, Columbia and Guatemala.”

If that’s not enough to sell you on Silver Bridge, consider this: It is the only Ohio company to offer 100 percent recyclable disposable coffee pods.

Find Silver Bridge Coffee online or in Ohio supermarkets. For a price break, find the coffee blends at the Athens Farmers Market during the summer and fall.

Equal Exchange
  • Specifications: Fair trade, organic,
  • Roasts: Variety
  • Prices: starting at $9.95 for a 10 oz. bag

Equal Exchange co-op prioritizes small business owners. In promoting fair trade practices, it connects consumers in North America with South American growers. Their coffee is made from organic beans and comes in a variety of blends, from dark to light roasts.

All products are available at the website, and can be purchased in a variety of forms, from 10 oz. bags to environmentally-friendly pods. There’s even a wholesale option for those looking to buy in bulk. Now: Get 10 percent off and free shipping when you sign up for the mailing list.

Grounds for Change
  • Specifications: Fair Trade, organic, shade grown, carbon free
  • Roasts: Variety, including specialty and seasonal
  • Prices: $10.95 for a 12 oz. bag

Grounds for Change is a certified organic and fair trade coffee company in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission: “To support social equity and environmental sustainability through fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee.”

Shade grown coffee beans grow under a tree canopy and are not exposed to chemical fertilizers. Grounds for Change says this helps its coffee — brewed only in small batches — be as fresh as possible. The coffee is available in dark, medium and light roasts, with limited availability for seasonal flavors. You can also join the Coffee of the Month club and receive a different blend every month for up to a year. A three-month subscription starts at $69. 96 and ships free!

Buy Grounds for Change online here. 

Archer Farms
  • Specifications: Fair trade, direct trade
  • Roasts: Variety, as well as seasonal
  • Prices: $8.99 for 18 pods, or $6.69 for a 12 oz. bag

You already purchase many of your college essentials at Target, so why not add fair trade coffee to the list? In August 2016 Target’s Archer Farms brand launched its fair trade coffee line. Amanda Irish, VP of Target Owned Brands, said in an AOL article the company overhauled its coffee production to give customers not only better options, but more sustainable ones.

Both the beans and 95 percent recyclable pods are available at Target stores and online. Don’t miss their specialty brews as well, like hot buttered rum and apple cider donut.

Pura Vida Create Good
  • Specifications: Fair trade, organic, shade grown
  • Roasts: Variety, from bold to mild (also decaf)
  • Prices: $10.95 for a 12 oz. bag

Available both for individual and wholesale purchase, Pura Vida Create Good coffee is locally roasted in small batches to guarantee freshness. The company is also doing its part to educate consumers about the fair trade process. Its Create Good Foundation is a public charity that funds projects for at-risk children in coffee-producing countries.

Pura Vida’s unique coffee blends range from spicy and full-bodied to delicate and sweet. With flavors and names from all around the world, these roasts are sure to please.


College Coffee Fix is a weekly newsletter that seeks to educate and connect college students about fair trade products.

Splash Report: a quick preview for the MAC Championships

College swimming season is coming to a close, and conference championship meets are coming up quick!

The Women’s Mid-American Conference meet begins on February 22nd at Miami University (Ohio). There are 8 teams with 24 athletes each competing for the conference title.

The University of Akron

400 Free relay podium at MACS in 2016

The University of Akron will be chasing their third MAC crown in a row, after winning in 2015 and 2016. The Zips have been performing well this season, and are predicted to take the top spot again this year as long as their egos don’t get the best of them.

Ohio University

Ohio University could pull an upset this year. The Bobcats came in an “uninspiring” 6th place last year. Under the helm of gold-medalist Rachel Komisarz-Baugh, they have been swimming like a different team this season. Their freshmen class is packed with talent that will help the team score in individual events and boost relays. The ‘Cats will only graduate four seniors at the conclusion of the season.

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan is another team to keep an eye on. They have dominated their dual meet season and have posted fast times. It will be interesting to see if they can improve on their times at the Championships. In the past, they have done well in-season but fall flat at MACs. They recently defeated the Miami Redhawks to earn a perfect dual meet season.

Bowling Green State University & University of Buffalo

BGSU & Buffalo has done “alright” in my opinion. It’s predicted that they will place in the middle of the pack this year. BGSU has some good sprinters which will translate over to their 200-yard relays. Buffalo has a few stand-out swimmers, but they lack depth in talent.

Ball State University & University of Toledo

Ball State University and Toledo will be fighting for last place. Both teams have a losing record and have lost to all the other MAC schools in dual meets. Toledo does not have any divers this year, their only diver has red-shirted. Ball State is typically at the bottom of the conference and this year will be no different.

Splash Report is a weekly college swimming newsletter keeping coaches, swimmers, and fans up-to-date and informed on everything going on in the sport.






A good year, starting in Goodyear.

Cleveland has long experienced the pains of defeat. The Browns have yet to out grow those pains. The Cavaliers are still riding high after making the Warriors lose a 3-1 lead in the finals and aren’t looking back anytime soon. The Indians share the same finals feelings with the Warriors though. Luckily, this off-season spirits are high as the pitchers and catchers begin to report to Goodyear, Ariz. Perhaps, higher than they were in ’96 and ’98 as the Tribe looks to forget those pains.

Never a stupid question

Many fans were questioning some front office moves this season, but remain optimistic. These are some of the more common questions. If you ask me these are good questions to have. Ask these questions to any fellow Indians fan to get the ball rolling.

True savages

Any fan wants to stay up to date as possible. When you’re on the go and if you’re one of the 675 thousand people that follow the Indians on Twitter then you’re in luck. If you don’t follow them I highly suggest you change that. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get info while on the go. The social media team for Cleveland keeps you up to date with all things Indians and they’re also complete savages.


Lets go!

Flickr. Erik Drost.

Social media is great for giving you quick updates. It gives you small pieces of info that are a summary of a bigger story. Sometimes however, social media doesn’t give you enough. If you’re feeling like you need more info than 140 characters then check out Let’s Go Tribe.

Pitchers and catchers, please report to Goodyear

Meanwhile, in Goodyear…

A post shared by indians (@indians) on

Perhaps you’re a visual leaner and want to see how the Indians are preparing to get back to the World Series. Well then you can join the over 323 thousand followers they have collected on Instagram. on the ‘gram you still get news and info, but it’s way more fun here. you can interact with the social media team (who is still savage on there too) and could even partake in events that end in prizes like free tickets.

Frankie says relax and read up

Flickr. Erik Drost.

If you have plenty of time to set aside and really want to get into something, or you just want a larger variety of stories with spring training starting up. checkout Coverage is also picking up  especially for the Tribe who are sitting at 14-1 odds to win it all (any Clevelander says the odds are much better than that, however).  This is not as flashy as Lets go Tribe, but the content is just as good.


A Good year is a weekly newsletter, with daily updates, that keeps you updated on all platforms for the Indians. Whether it’s social media, news websites or blogs and other newsletters, you will have all the info to get what you want to know. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated from spring training all the way to October.

Welcome to the Jungle: Your up to date Newsletter on the Cincinnati Bengals

Image result for bengals photos

If you are a Bengals fan who wants up to date information on everything Bengals this is the newsletter for you. It seems like over the last few years the Bengals have been in the news a lot. But, rest assured this letter will cover many of the Bengals social media outlets, local news on the team, and some off the field information regards to community involvement and partnering with other local Bengals neighborhoods around the greater Cincinnati area. Here are this weeks Top 5 headlines that you should know about.

1. The Bengals eyeing free agency signings.

For the Bengals, one problem that the team ran into this past season was failing to sign the right people and dealing with departures for more money from other teams. This year the Bengals are looking for experience, veteran leadership, and dynamic athletes.


Reports close to the team say the team doesn’t plan to pay a lot in free agency this year. The big dilemma the Bengals are faced with is bringing back that veteran leadership. With players like Andrew Whitworth and Domata Peko who are in their 30’s many wonder how many productive years they have left to give? Both have been great leaders for the team on both sides of the ball but the front office is left to wonder if it is time to move on.

2. Bengals preparing for upcoming draft.

After 6 consisstant years of making the playoffs the Bengals ended the 2016 season 6-9-1. The first losing record in 7 years. The Bengals now have the 9th overall pick in the draft and are looking to draft big. The last time the Bengals had a top ten draft pick they got wide receiver from Georgia, A.J. Green.

In Todd McShay’s Mock draft on he has the 9th overall pick in the draft being Marshawn Lattimore a cornerback from Ohio State University.

3. LB Trevor Roach retires at the age of 24.

Roach reported that his reason for retiring early is because he says, “I didn’t love football like I used too.”


4. Bengals claim rookie wide receiver from Dallas.

Last week the Bengals decided to sign unrestricted free agent Chris Brown from the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals saw a lot of Brown at Notre Dame last year due to the fact the Bengals were looking at his teammate, Will Fuller, as a possible first round draft pick.


5. Get that special someone a Bengals Valentines Day card.

Hard to believe it but since today is Valentines Day the most popular traffic on the Bengals website and social media platforms are the really catchy Valentines Day cards.

I hope you all find this newsletter informative and insightful for all you biggest Cincinnati Bengals questions.





Bonnaroo: “A really good time.”

Picture via Wikimedia Commons

Outdoor concert festivals are popping up all over the country. No matter what your musical preference is, there is somewhere and somehow you can get your music festival fix. Bonnaroo, one of the biggest names in musical festivals, has been around since 2002 and draws thousands of people to the farmland of Tennessee each summer to give fans the best music experience around.

With over 150 bands spanning over 10 different stages on the Farm of Bonnaroo, it would be tough to not find someone you love after you leave the festival. If you’re a newbie like me, finding your niche, and preparing as much as possible will be the easiest way to get the most out of your Bonnaroo experience.

However, Bonnaroo is not just an expensive music festival, Bonnaroo with it’s rich history is also an arts festival, a comedy stop and a lover of all things local.

A really good time”: The history.

The word Bonnaroo literally means “a really good time”, and the founders of Bonnaroo have built a brand, and a loving fan base on that very mantra. Although Bonnaroo continues to grow each year, bringing in even bigger headliners each time, the 16 years of history Bonnaroo brings is rich and important. Started by the production company Superfly Productions, or four college-debt ridden students in 2002, the festival itself has grown from small local names to one of the biggest festivals in the country.

The Experience

If you’re like me, concerts are a huge part of your summer, but music festivals like Bonnaroo feel a bit intimidating. The drive, the camping, the parking- but luckily Bonaroo understands this, and wants their fans to find a home at their beloved festival. With an entire page on their website dedicated to newbies to the festival, Bonnaroo works to prepare every newcomer for their time at Bonnaroo.



The artists

Headlining this year’s show includes U2, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper , along with many more, and chances are, if you’re shelling out the 300+ bucks to attend this 4-day concert, you’re already a fan of quite a few of the artists. Fortunately, with over 150 bands to listen to at the festival, you get to experience new sounds and artists. Bonnaroo has teamed up with Spotify and created a “Bonnaroo 2017” playlist for you to discover and get accustomed to some of the artists that will be attending the show.

If you like the sound of a new artist so much, Consequence of Sound has also compiled a list of any other shows the artists of Bonnaroo are playing around the country this year, giving you another opportunity for a road trip this summer.

Let’s get crafty

Not only is Bonnaroo a musical festival, Bonnaroo is secondly an arts and crafts festival. Bonnaroo, with their own historic “landmarks”, like the “wall”, for the visitors to tag and express their creativity, they also host local vendors, artisans and cooks, and even feature their own on-site magazine,  in their attempt to reach all realms of local music and arts, bringing all aspects together in one giant festival.

Get a laugh in

In true fashion, a lover-of-all-arts festival like Bonnaroo, couldn’t forget about the comedy world. So if you’re a lover of stand-up, Bonnaroo is also your place to sneak in a few laughs in between shows. With 13 different comedians taking the stage at Bonnaroo’s Comedy Tent, you really can experience as much as possible during your time at festival. With names like 2 Dope Queens and Hannibal Buress, catching a stand-up show one evening is just one of the endless things you can do on your long weekend at The Farm.

The Fullcourt Press

The Boston Celtics continue its hot streak coming off a fiery win at Dallas on Feb. 13. Here are some things that have happened in the past month that have led to the Celtics being on a roll and attaining the second spot among the east behind the defending Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Isaiah Thomas, the Saint

Thomas is by far, one of the top point guards in the east and even among the league. With his second-consecutive All-Star nomation to All-Star weekend, Thomas is fueled to continue building his image as one of the East’s best PG’s. On top of that, he was named Player of the Month in the Eastern Conference in Jan. Move over King James and Kyrie Irving, save room for IT.

No Bradley, no problem

Avery Bradley has been battling an achillies injury for the past few weeks. Last year in the postseason, the Celtics were struggling, trying to find a player that can fill the gap Bradley provides defensively. They couldn’t, resulting in a 4-2 series loss to the Cavs. This year, the Celtics have figured out a way to play without one of its more prolific defenders.

Boston Celtics v/s Washington Wizards April 11, 2011 | Keith Allison (Flickr)

Pierce’s last jab

For the last time, though he wasn’t in the right uniform, Paul Pierce walked into the TD Garden on Feb. 5 and played his last game on the Celtics court. No better way to end his last game in Boston than this…

Trade Rumors

Boston is about one franchise player away from becoming a championship contenting team. Serge Ibaka was looking for a new home after arriving in Orlando last season. Boston wanted him, but weren’t willing to give up a key young player to make that happen. So this happened… 

All-Star Weekend

The most fun weekend of the NBA season has officially arrived…ALL-STAR WEEKEND, BABY!!! Isaiah Thomas is the only Celtic represented in the events this weekend, but that’s all good. He deserves it. There’s plenty more years for the youthful Celtics to crowd the All-Star lineup.

The Fullcourt Press is a monthly newsletter giving you bits and pieces of the Cetlics world. We try to diversify our info so you’re getting the big points that happen throughout the month, as well as adding some league-wide information, relevant to the Celtics.

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