The Dynamic Duo of Steel City


As a Pittsburgh girl, I’ve had the terrible towel waved in my face and a jersey on my back since i can remember. But who are the two that made the biggest impressions for my many years of fan-girling? Easily Big Ben and AB. Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback, and Antonio Brown, wide receiver. Their chemistry on the field is something a girl who knows only the basics of football can recognize immediately.

Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike, an ESPN radio show, is one of many outlets that has taken an interest in Ben and Antonio. They broadcast all things sports several times a day, so when they chose the topic of Roethlisberger’s relationship with Brown, the quarterback had nothing but positive things to say about his partner.


Hugs. #TouchdownTuesday

A post shared by Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) on

The verified Instagram of the steelers doesn’t care if it’s football season or not – they continue to show the bond of their star teammates year round. Using their hashtag as a clue, its reasonable to believe the wide receiver and quarterback embraced after what was probably another scoring pass from Roethlisberger to Brown.

The Steelers aren’t the only Instagram account showing love. Brown posted a video of the two celebrating a touchdown that led to victory over the Baltimore Ravens.  His caption speaks for me.

photo courtesy of wikimedia

Their chemistry on the field might have something to do with their friendship off the field. Roethlisberger and Brown are all smiles attending events with each other.


The star wide receiver stays up to date with the latest trends on Twitter. On National Best Friend Day, he posted a collage of photos with his buddy Ben. The two are undeniably the best duo in the NFL and show their constant support for each other whenever the chance is given. Brown’s “Best Friend Day” tweet was something that a Steelers girl like me thrives off of.


The Dynamic Duo of Steel City is a newsletter by Emily Finton containing links to the social media accounts that refer, or are of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. These references are used to show the relationship between the players on and off the field.

SewThrifty ~ Monthly Newsletter

Welcome back to SewThrifty, your monthly guide and inspiration for future thrifting projects! This month, we’ll be covering the essential tips for novice thrifters.

1. Sewing Basics

Have you been thrifting only to be met by ill-fitting clothes? Either the waist is too loose, the sleeves are too long or the buttons are, literally, hanging by a thread? Why not try your hand at sewing? If you’re new to pins and needles AND you’re on a budget, TheCraftyGemini has compiled a useful list for sewing beginners that will help during your next trip to the craft store.


2. Thrifty Tips

Image by Dwight Burdette via Wikimedia Commons

Sure you can spend the whole day at Athens’ Goodwill but what’s the point if you don’t come out finding any clothing item that is definitely “The One”? The Odyssey has dug deeper into the minds of fashion students to bring you 11 tips to help you grow your wardrobe while keeping your budget.

FUN FACT – did you know the Goodwill on East State Street has a 30 percent student discount every Wednesday?


3. Simply simple

TheSorryGirls‘s — Kelsey and Becky — YouTube series “Thrift Flip” has cute yet simple home decor that are easy enough for beginners while still looking perfectly insta-worthy. There are also several tutorials in the playlist for the non-sewing thrifting crowd, like their brilliant ideas to turn a TV tray to a laptop stand or plastic dinosaur toys to succulent planters.


4. Expert Advice

April from coolirpa has produced yet ANOTHER amazing Thrifted Transformations on YouTube. This time, she’s transformed a thrifted skirt to a stylish overall dress. Although April’s tutorials have been steadily increasing in its sewing difficulty level, her videos are always inspirational.


5. Pin It

If all else fails and you don’t feel your inspiration kicking in, why not browse through Pinterest for inspiration? Try out the simpler Do-It-Yourself projects such as magazine/paper baskets or cereal box storage bins.



Have fun and stay thrifty!

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Kurt Vonnegut’s survival guide for these times

Kurt Vonnegut has been dead for nearly ten years now, but his legacy continues with a fresh generation of readers looking for guidance in an uncertain world. He was an outspoken critic of George W. Bush’s administration, and it isn’t difficult to imagine what his reaction would be toward our current political climate and treatment of refugees. If he were alive today, it’s likely he would spend a lot of time quoting himself, trying to get us to treat each other better.

“So it goes.”

Wikimedia Commons | Dresden, 1910 – before the fire bombing of the Second World Warörtes_Stadtzentrum.jpg
Wikipedia | Dresden, 1945 – after Allied fire bombing

This oft-repeated statement from Slaughterhouse-Five is fatalistic, but it also leaves room for the continuation of life and, perhaps, hope. Consider KV’s message of peace and humanity by reflecting on this Aleppo-inspired installation erected in Dresden just before the 72nd anniversary of the city’s destruction by fire bombs, a tragedy he experienced firsthand. Vonnegut found it horrifying that civilians should be the targets of a major military operation, a concern many activists express about the conditions in Aleppo. You can express your outrage and compassion by donating herehere, or here.

“There’s only one rule that I know of, babies – God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

Raise your hand if you wish Kurt was your Valentine ✋✋✋✋

A post shared by Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library (@vonnegut_library) on

Nothing says kindness like Kurt making eyes at you while reclining on his lawn in a fashionable loose-fitting sweater. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library! Check the official site for events, and show your loved one you care by making a donation in their name.

“If this isn’t nice, what is?”

Life is full of uncertainty for the refugees in Australia, Greece, and Kenya, too. So while you lend a helping hand and follow KV’s advice to do good to one another, be sure to look around and find something you are thankful for. If you can’t, this might be a good place to start.

Authors and Humanity is a weekly newsletter that links renowned authors to world events.

Tribe Times

Corey Kluber

Welcome back Tribe Fans

And we’re back, with just 56 days until opening day, you’re Cleveland Indians are busy with spring training and getting ready to make their run back to the World Series. This year we hope the result is more in our favor.

Front Office News

Rajai Davis was not given a contract so we, as Indians fans will have to thank him and always remember his 8th inning heroics in Game 7 of last year’s World Series. Thank you Rajai, we’ll miss you. In other news, Grady Sizemore will become a special assistant to the team and the farm teams. Grady was a fan favorite in his time as an Indians and will be welcomed back with cheers.

Spring Training in Goodyear

Music hit the ears of many baseball fans this past week as pitchers and catchers reported for teams. Basically, winter is over and the greatest sport in history is back. With some of the best pitchers in the league in Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, and Andrew Miller, this season is already looking good.

Indians look to bounce back and return to the world series

The 3-1 jokes are old and dead. Now it’s a new season and the Tribe is ready to go. Once again, the Indians are favorites to go to and win the World Series. This team is the best group of players we’ve seen since the 90’s greats of Thome, Lofton, and Vizquel. With how loose and fun the guys and the club keep their demeanor, the team is in good shape. Here are some photos featured on the Indians snapchat for your amusement.

Via Indians Snapchat
Via Indians Snapchat
Via Indians Snapchat
Via Indians Snapchat
Returning to the lineup

Michael Brantley may finally play in an Indians uniform again. It’s been too long since we last saw him shagging fly balls out on the grass in Progressive Field. This year, though it looks like he will finally be able to play and make a great contribution to the team. How do we feel about that? Well, we’re all smiles.

Michael Brantley


The Tribe Times is a weekly newsletter updating you on everything involving the Cleveland Indians. Bringing you the latest news, roster moves, scores, and trade rumors.

Get to the gig

Some of the best bands and artists imaginable aren’t selling out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but instead are provoking dance pits and shattering popular music standards within small venues and people’s homes.

Local music is often unfairly overshadowed and under appreciated considering the immense talent of underground artists. Nonetheless, a little dedication and an ear for killer tunes are all it takes to stay in the know about your local DIY music scene.

Who’s playing near me?

No plans this weekend? Check out Bands In Town! Although the website caters more towards popular bands and artists on tour, it’s still a great resource for discovering who is playing in your area at any given time!

Follow your favorites on social media.

If you want to stay up to date with your favorite artists and bands, give them a follow on social media! In this digital age, most musicians advertise their upcoming shows and records via Instagram or Facebook.

Jesse Fox, lead singer of The Slippery Lips, is one of my favorite punk femme forces that’s taking Cincy by storm! She chronicles her musical adventures in the Queen City on her Instagram and often uses her platform to announce new music!

Get involved in on-campus music organizations.

Ohio University’s All Campus Radio Network, or ACRN, is OU’s musical media powerhouse group. A number of ACRN student DJ’s host weekly radio shows to share new, local music. ACRN also frequently sponsors and puts on shows around campus, and promotes them on their social media.

Familiarize yourself with local venues and show houses.

The Comet, one of my favorite venues in Cincinnati, is surely an eccentric place to experience local music. Doubling as a Mexican diner with a vintage feel and gigantic portion sizes, The Comet is a unique, inviting space for all.

Frequenting venues and show houses around your town can help in building relationships with the owners and bookers. Friendships like these can introduce you to a plethora of new music down the road!

Listen, listen, listen!

The most important aspect of being part of the local music scene is putting effort into expanding your musical palette. Tweens, one of the first local hardcore bands I took a liking to, has been making strides in their hometown of Cincinnati. Though I had never heard of them before a few years ago, they quickly have become one of my favorite bands! Go ahead, give them a listen. You might like what you hear.

Get to the Gig is a weekly newsletter dedicated to promoting local music and up-and-coming underground artists. We cater towards the thrashers and musical explorers of the Midwest. 

February’s best video game bargains and values

Although the modern video game industry is perceived by mass markets as a platform exhibiting violence, destruction, drugs and suggestive themes – there remains something very special lurking beyond this popular perspective.

Spirited individuals have long struggled in finding a conduit for communicating their passions, dreams and emotions to others. In fact, this is a struggle some claim still exists in today’s world. In an attempt to bridge this distance existing between artist and viewer, a few poetic souls have shifted their attention away from many traditional forms of art, to the fledgling platform of video game development.

It is from this newfound connection that fresh examples of fellowship and understanding have been growing progressively over the last two decades. As the expense of technology and licenses necessary for software development have lessened, so too have the barriers keeping aspiring artists and consumers away from the medium – widening the veritably of experiences available to this platform considerably. Each month of the year, online marketplaces strive to take these ideas to heart, and introduce a bevy of highly discounted titles. It seems that as costs shrink, so too do the retail prices for these games!



Priding itself as a project faithful to reanimating early Japanese calligraphy and oil-based painting; this title brings the wonders of a rich culture back into the modern world. With visible brush strokes and fading tapestries, the detail of Okami gives the player control of what feels to be an authentic masterpiece.

This month, the prices for the downloadable version of this title on most online marketplaces are 50% off, bringing Okami’s price down to a tasty $6.99 price point.

Wikimedia Commons – Okami




Following the voyage of a young boy’s soul as it passes into the great beyond, players accompany the spirit of this child and his trek through a mysterious land that is both haunting and peaceful. This simple art direction of black silhouettes is especially striking in its ability to keep an atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the player’s actions. This also gives practical context to the 2D nature of Limbo’s traditional platforming mechanics.

Due to Limbo’s identity as a download only title, the price of this gem can be picked up online for a killer $5.99 – making it a must buy for February’s deals.

Deviant Art – Limbo



The days of hand drawn animation have faded away with the advent of powerful computerized animation programs. Try telling that to Studio MDHR, the developer responsible for constructing an entirely hand drawn interactive experience.

Despite the long hours of toiling over how to get something as simple as a walking animation to not look terrible, these ambitious folks are taking on a task that is as unique as it is challenging to create.

Development on this title is quickly wrapping up, with a likely release in the last week of this month for a $29.99 price point – easily one of February’s biggest contenders.

Studio MDHR – Flickr


Neverending Nightmares

Sometimes when a perfect combination of style and genre pair with each other, they create something entirely separate than what either component would have done individually. Neverending Nightmares is a 2D side-scrolling horror game that takes advantage of what would otherwise be an elegant approach to illustration. Although similar to Limbo in that the title manages to make the most out of its small pool of  resources, the two differ in that this game manages to capture a visually disturbing feeling. This is likely accomplished in the way the game constructs these line based drawings to display familiar everyday objects to the viewer, then they are slightly tweaked in a way that feels out of the ordinary. This odd displacement method is extremely unique and effective in progressively breaking down the player’s psyche over time.

During the week of February 20-27, all registered platforms hosting this title have given full access to consumers for free, making this a must try for February. Although, you may as well purchase this beauty, as it is only a whopping $8.00.

Infinitap Games – Neverending Nightmares



Journey is a game that reminds players of how beautiful the experience of first meeting someone can actually be. The player assumes the role of a cloaked wanderer traveling across a vast desert landscape in search of whatever the desert might have to offer them. Along your journey, players will come in contact with other anonymous players and establish non-verbal relationships that are formed around helping one another past obstacles and challenges. What makes Journey an especially gripping work is the inevitable goodbye that players will inevitably be forced to accept with their newfound friends, as anonymity is a hallmark of the experience. This means that establishing contact outside of the game isn’t possible. In other words, when you and your new friend finally part ways in Journey, chances are you will never interact with that person again, neither in game, nor in life.

For February, this title has a special promotional event for the Valentine’s Day holiday week. From February 14-21, a trial version of the game is bring offered to those who wish to test the waters as to whether or not this is the game for them. On a regular basis, Journey is often sold around $13.00 in most online marketplaces.

That Game Company – Creative Commons

Fans of Journey’s art direction love giving credence to the way in which the game has inspired them, exemplifying the emotional impact that this video game is capable of.


Katan! is a daily newsletter that reaches deeply within the video game industry, bringing attention toward works and subjects that deserve to be acknowledged. Follow Katan! now for more wholesome game development stories and editorials.

Holy news flash, Batman!

Good morning fellow Bat-fans! In case you missed it, here’s the latest and greatest in the Bat-news. From video games, comics, movies, and more, we’ve always got you covered!

Fun Bat-fact of the day: In the Flashpoint alternate universe, Bruce is the one gunned down in the alleyway. His father Thomas becomes Batman and his mother, Martha, becomes the Joker.

1.) Top 10 silliest Batman moments

In honor of the wacky, brilliant spectacle that is The Lego Batman Movie, check out Will Arnett, the voice of B-man himself, share Batman’s most outrageous comic book moments.

2.) Hot Toys announces Suicide Squad Batman 1/6 figure

Hot Toys is expanding its Batman line yet again, this time with a figure based on the Caped Crusader’s on-screen cameo in Suicide Squad. For North American collectors you can pre-order your own figure at Sideshow Collectibles or other licensed distributors.

3.) Teasers for Injustice: Year Three

Tom Taylor, bestselling author of the on-going Injustice comic series based off the hit video game, responds to fan and teases recent Batman and Constantine team-up.

4.) Dozens of easter eggs featured in The Lego Batman Movie

Photo by Speilbrick Films via Flickr

The Lego Batman Movie is chalk full of odes, easter eggs, and references to The Dark Knight’s extensive and colorful history as a character. Check out Matt Singer’s observations over at ScreenCrush and make your own by watching the movie, currently airing in theaters nationwide.

5.) The many, brutal deaths of Robin

Photo by Elenveth via Wikipedia Commons

As every Bat-fan knows, there’ve been a lot of people who have donned the mantle of “Robin” over the years. But did you know that almost every single one of them have been murdered in one comic universe or another? Check out Gamespot to see a highlight of some of the sidekick’s most infamous demises. SPOILER WARNING for some content will reveal some major comic plot points.


Holy news flash, Batman! is a weekly newsletter that brings fresh, fun, and relevant anecdotes about The Dark Knight straight to the fans’ inboxes. From video games, movies, comics, and more, we keep readers up-to-date about all available Batman media, memorabilia, and more. 





Feeling down? This Elder Scrolls news will make you fall in love all over again.

Whether your Valentine’s Day is filled with love or a little lacking, our best friend and developer, Bethesda, will always be there. Here are the week’s top five updates on The Elder Scrolls (TES) universe.

The Elder Scrolls Comes to Nintendo

#Skyrim at home. Skyrim on the road. Your adventures begin on #NintendoSwitch this fall!

A post shared by The Elder Scrolls (@elderscrolls) on

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition will come to Nintendo’s new mobile platform, Switch. The two companies have never partnered before now, meaning Nintendo players couldn’t play their favorite TES games on their preferred console; that all changes this coming fall.

It has to be the dopest news since a flipped sweetroll (volume warning):

H.P. Lovecraft reference in TES?

Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate. Photo via UESP/Legoless

This tentacle-ridden god presides over the realms of Fate, Knowledge and Memory. Speaking of memory, Hermaeus Mora reckons images of Lovecraft’s signature character Cthulhu. Mora is arguably the most intriguing deity in The Elder Scrolls as no one really seems to know what powers he holds over mortals; no one except the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. 😉

These TES game deals are truly magical

Skyrim Special Edition screenshot. Photo via Flickr/Joshua I Ezzell

Destructoid has reported a massive sale on The Elder Scrolls games and much more from Bethesda. The website hosting the deals is known for good bargains on PC games, but this takes the cake. Skyrim, the game that is still massively popular six years after release, is being sold for just $24. Now that’s an arrow through my heart.

Getting caught stealing? Just put a bucket on their head, man.

This fantastic bug in the game’s software is apparently no bug at all. The non-player characters’ AI actually have a functioning line of sight, instead of the pesky “know-it-all” feeling some games have. Now go, my children. Loot so much you put the Gray Fox to shame!

The Ayleid Mystery: Who the hell are they anyway?

You know, for a race of elves being so central to multiple games’ storylines, not much is known about them at all. Thankfully, YouTuber ShoddyCast has us covered with this explanative episode on the background behind the elusive Ayleids.


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The chirping canary — Norwich City FC newsletter

As City prep for a promotion campaign to sneak back into the English Premier League, we bring you a few stories with all content you need to stay informed — and ahead.

Let’s be ‘avin’ you

Miss the weekend clash with Nottingham Forest? Well, you missed the match of the season. Norwich pummeled the visitors 5-1 to pick up another massive three points, now two points off the two point a play-off spot. Here’s Paddy Davitt’s review of the match, via The Pink Un.

Goal(s) of the season

Less than a dozen minutes into the match midfielder Jonny Howson scored the goal of the season — and arguably the best goal in Carrow Road history. The Yorkshire man volleyed a headed clearance into the top corner with style.

Match highlights

Obviously Howson’s goal was a stunner, but what about the others? Wes Hoolahan followed up with his best goal this campaign, while Josh Murphy added another and Alex Pritchard bagged a brace. You be the judge of your favorite goal with Saturday’s match highlights.

What this means…

Norwich’s downtime is seldom, as the Canaries welcome league-leading Newcastle United on Tuesday night. The last time they played City conceded twice in stoppage time to lose 4-3. Here’s a live look at the Championship table, with City on the verge of creeping into the top six.

Norwich v. Newcastle updates

With a midweek match, here are a few updates for the match as it kicks off. Follow the Eastern Daily Press’ Michael Bailey for match coverage and post match analysis of City’s biggest home fixture this season. On the ball, City!

The Chirping Canary is a midweek newsletter that aggregates Norwich City new, highlights and more. Follow for more updates.

Giants Bulletin: Spring training underway

Spring training begins today and the San Francisco Giants are looking strong with almost every spot on the 25-man roster already solidified. Even though it is not an even year the Giants are on of the favorites to win the World Series. Here are the main stories going into spring training.

World Baseball Classic

How will three Giants participating in the World Baseball Classic affect the team and will it change how often Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford are rested in the middle of the season. Read about it here.


The Giants have one major question mark coming into the season and did very little over the off-season to address it. They are hoping the answer is in their minor leagues. Read about it here.

Cueto Missing

Don’t worry that Johnny Cueto will not be at the start of spring training as his father has health issues. The question is how this will affect Cueto’s preparation as he will miss parts of spring training.

Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day the Giants posted a tweet about all four players who got married during the off-season:Hunter Pence, Derek Law, Joe Panik, and Denard Span.


Former Ace

Matt Cain was the ace when he signed his current contract and is now competing for the fifth starter. This is Cain’s final year of his contract and he will need to show great improvement if he want to stay with San Francisco past this year.

The Giants Bulletin is a newsletter published daily with all the news about the San Francisco Giants. If you are a hardcore Giants fan then this is the newsletter for you. It is published by Eric Walker.