The 5 saddest times to be a D.C. sports fan

D.C. sports fans are the most tortured souls in sports fandom. I know this, because I’ve spent many nights, sitting on my couch, befuddled at life itself. Nothing really matters. It all dies anyways.

With Cleveland’s title last summer, D.C. sports took claim to the saddest sports city in America. It’s different being a D.C. kid in a town like Athens, especially when fans hail from Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Here’s the worst five moments since the turn of the century in D.C:

5: Gilbert brings guns to the locker room

After brief success in the middle-2000s, the Wizards were dying. Gilbert Arenas had bad knees and was faltering, Antwan Jamison and Caron Butler were growing weary, and the Cavaliers couldn’t be stopped. Then in the 2009-10 season, Arenas brought unloaded guns to the locker room. After an argument with a teammate, Arenas allegedly threatened to shoot Javaris Crittenton. Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the season and traded a year later.

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images) (Via Google Images)

4: LeBron psyches out Agent Zero

The Wizards were up two against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the 2006 NBA Playoffs. With just two free throws in overtime, Gilbert Arenas, a new league sensation, would have sent the Wizards and Cavs to Game 7. LeBron walked up to Arenas, and historically said “miss these, you’re going home.” Arenas missed both free throws, and Damon Jones hit a 3-pointer as time ran out for the Cavaliers.

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post) (Via Google Images)


3: Nationals blow lead against the Cardinals 

After fighting for a baseball team for decades, the Nationals finally had made playoffs after seven long years. The Nationals were up 6-0 in Game 5, and were on track to be the first D.C. sports team to make a conference final since 1998. They blew the lead, gave up four runs in the ninth inning, and lost. The Cardinals were down to their last strike twice. Still, no D.C. sports team has made a conference final since 1998.

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post) (Via Google Images)

2: RG3’s knee explodes 

The Redskins had him. The quarterback designed to lead the team to the promised land. Playing on an injured knee, Robert Griffin III led the Redskins to a 14-0 lead over the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Then, disaster. A bad snap forced RG3’s knee to bend and every major ligament in his knee to snap. The fallout forced an entire coaching staff, and Griffin, out of Washington three years later.

(John McDonnell/Getty Images) (Via Google Images)

1: Any Capitals playoff loss

The most tortured team in hockey history, the Capitals started blowing 3-1 leads before it was cool. The team has made the playoffs all but seven times since 1982, and still has only made the conference finals once. President’s Trophies don’t seem to matter for the “choking dogs,” who each and every year find a way to blow a once promising season. It’s a running joke.

(Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) (Via Google Images)

6 reasons why aliens won’t invade planet Earth

There is no doubt that there are other life forms chillin’ out somewhere in the universe. But it is often up for debate as to if our little alien friends would ever pay a visit to planet Earth. The answer is no; aliens want nothing to do with us “earthlings”. Not only do they not want to get involved in the hot mess that is the current political climate, but aliens just have better sh*t to do.

AXGJXF Alien Encounter
  1. Meet Gringo, Sid, and Lucii. Here is a photograph of them doing research on pine trees on their home planet, HerbDerb. Our three little botantist alien friends are tree lovers. They despise the people of Earth for destroying so many trees and ecosystems. Gringo, Sid, and Lucii would much rather spend time working on their favorite hobby than visit a place that treats nature so horribly.
Related image
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2. Next meet Lenny, Grr, and their child Babel. Lenny and Grr are far too busy raising a child to even think about invading another planet. And little Babel is still wearing a seat belt, so clearly he won’t be participating in any planet takeovers anytime soon.
transparent aliens

3. Fonny and Nonny are cat sitting this weekend so no alien invasions for them. =/

1000+ ideas about Aliens on Pinterest

4. Booppy prefers to mess with planet Earth at her local arcade. With this UFO gaming device, she can abduct cows and any other creatures that she pleases, without setting a foot on Earth.

Pizza, Aliens and Love on Pinterest

5. This picture is pretty self explanatory. Dingy has pizza. Why invade another planet when you have pizza??

alien aliens

6. Finally, we have Neep, Nop, Lurb, and Eek. They find joy in token up and making fun of the idiots that inhabit planet Earth.

“Can you really believe that they ACTUALLY elected a giant cheeto to run a country?! Smh.” Eek exclaims as he passes his intergalactic bong to Neep.

No need to visit such a horrific place when you can laugh about it with your pals in your peaceful homeland.

So there you have it. Aliens don’t need to waste their time trying to takeover a planet that is already self destructing. They would rather just sit back and watch the show.

Five skylines that make America great

The United States is known for having distinguishable features like burgers, weekend football games and rock n’ roll. Another memorable U.S. trait is the diversity of its cities. In particular, visitors to big cities often want to head downtown, where the colorful lights and patterns of skylines bring a culture to life.  The American skylines below are among the most famous not only in the U.S., but in the world.

  1. New York City
Provided via

What would America be without New York City? Along with being the largest city in the U.S., New York arguably has the country’s most breathtaking aerial scenery. The Empire State, Chrysler and Woolworth Buildings brand NYC as a place most seasoned travelers would instantly recognize. Whether in the morning when the sun gleams over buildings or nighttime when they illuminate the landscape, it is hard to take your eyes off the Big Apple skyline. Imagine going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to feel the city in full force. Imagine saying goodbye to an old year and bringing in a new one full of wonders and goals, while under some of the brightest lights and vivid confetti imaginable. Alicia Keys was in an Empire State of Mind when she sang, “No place in the world that could compare.”

  1. Las Vegas

    Photo via Pinterest/Dee Whittaker

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but for now, “What happens in Vegas stays on this listicle.” The MGM Grand Vegas, Bellagio and the Mirage are among the hotel casinos that make the Las Vegas Strip one of the best party streets in America, if not on Earth. The Stratosphere even has a rollercoaster on top, which gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘amusement park.’ Vegas is home to all ten of the world’s largest hotels, so make sure to stay a few nights to sleep in style. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful surroundings when gambling on earning the finer things in life?

  1. Chicago

    Photo via

The Windy City is often referenced for its history of mob bosses and the Prohibition age, but also for its downtown which at first glance seemingly never ends. The John Hancock Center, Crain Communications Building and the Two Prudential Plaza can be thought as metaphorical fish that stand out in the sea of buildings on Michigan Avenue, famously known as the Magnificent Mile. The Willis Tower, also known as the Sears Tower, bulges out the most. It is of the tallest buildings globally, standing at 1,450 feet (443 meters) high – 1,730 feet (520 meters). A popular Chicago tourist adventure is to travel to the top of the building and stare down at the city. This is the ultimate high, literally. The Chicago River and Lake Michigan add watery icing to the cake.

  1. San Francisco

    Photo via

San Francisco could be thought of as the Golden Gate to great architecture. With the 44 Building, Millennium and Salesforce Tower in view, you know it’s time to wave your west coast sign. The building that’s San Francisco’s best is the Transamerica Pyramid. The pyramid is composed of two impressive buildings in a complex that encompasses one city block. San Francisco is next door to Oakland, which also offers a visually appealing skyline. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is so iconic that it was featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, one the highest-selling video games in history.  This proves the Bay Area has more distinguishable features than just the Golden State Warriors record-setting professional basketball team.

  1. Seattle

    Provided via

It is never too late for the Emerald City to round out my listicle. Having great mountains and legal recreational marijuana may be a plus to some, but this is not why Seattle is on this list. The Space Needle is not just a symbol for Seattle, but one for Pacific Northwest paradise. The building was so epic that it was used as the NBA Seattle SuperSonics logo before the team moved to Oklahoma City. Sightseers look up to marvel at the Rainier Tower and Safeco Plaza standing tall. Seattle is probably too far for Ohioans to visit on a regular basis, so hanging a panoramic poster in your dorm room can ensure you’re always there.

5 awesome cosplays of underrated comic heroes

With ComicCon attendance numbers steadily increasing each year, it has become evident that nerd culture is more popular than ever. Between the plethora of superhero blockbuster hits and the rising power of Marvel and DC in the entertainment industry, it’s clear that fans can’t get enough.

As per tradition, many super-fans attend conventions wearing cosplays of their favorite comic heroes. Here is a list of 5 dedicated fans cosplaying characters that deserve a little more recognition.

1.) Batwoman 

Photo by Pikawil via Flickr

This awesome cosplay of Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman in her “Bombshells” variant costume is spectacularly crafted. As an LGBT icon and all around badass, Batwoman deserves just as much respect as her male counterpart.

2.) Hawkeye 

Photo by Kevin Dooley via Flickr

Though often criticized as the most useless member of the Avengers, Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye can certainly hold his own. This cosplayer is rocking Hawkeye’s classic masked, purple costume that has become an iconic part of Marvel lore.

3.) Hawkgirl

Photo by Chris Favero via Flickr

This impressive cosplay of Shiera Sanders a.k.a. Hawkgirl is truly something to behold. With an incredible pair wings for flying and a powerful mace ready for bashing villains, Hawkgirl is hero capable of protecting anyone.

4.) Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Photo by Pat Loika via Flickr

Ted Kord a.k.a. Blue Beetle and Michael Jon Carter a.k.a. Booster Gold are a couple of unique and impressive best friends. Though male in the comic books, these two cosplayers reimagined the dynamic duo as a couple of powerful, butt-kicking ladies.

5.) Mera

Photo by William Tung via Flickr

Mera is a not only the devoted wife of Aquaman, but a powerful and respected warrior who certainly earned her position as queen of the ocean. Together with her husband, she’s ready to take on anyone who dares threaten their home.

5 pleasant vacation photos and their assumed unpleasant backstories

The stories behind these vacation photos will haunt your dreams and possibly change your perspective on life.

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, and let go of the stresses of your life. They can be a time to try something new, to be spontaneous and exciting. The folks in these photos appear to be enjoying their vacations, but take a closer look and you will just barely make out the tragedy in their eyes.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Petr Kratochvil

1.) An afternoon of sea kayaking took a turn for the worse when the cruise ship behind these adventurers ran into the massive iceberg just out of the frame.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via kai Stachowiak

2.) Edith, an avid motorcyclist and self proclaimed badass, rode out on that dusty road with no intentions of ever looking back at the life she once knew. Until she realized she forgot her suitcase.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Piotr Wojcicki

3.) Seymour prefers to spend his vacation in his backyard, deep in thought and silent reflection. He always makes sure to leave his phone, keys, pants, wallet, and other everyday distractions inside before venturing out into nature.

Photo by PublicDomainPhotos via Jean Beaufort

4.) All Penelope ever wanted was to be able to enjoy a refreshing week out on the slopes. Upon arriving at the lodge, however, she was forced into volunteering for the search and rescue team, and has not left the resort since.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Petr Kratochvil

5.) Sebastian wanted to go to Disney World. Instead, his forgetful and utterly incompetent parents took him and his sister to some lame island resort in the middle of the Caribbean or whatever.

5 cute pets to distract you from the political climate

The first week of Donald J. Trump’s presidency has left many people feeling stressed, angry and agitated. Take a break from the political climate and check out these cute pets!

  1. Feeling blue about your health insurance getting repealed?
    Photo courtesy of Poot The dutch via Flickr

    Bunnies like Pen Pen (pictured above) don’t have or need health insurance, but they can comfort you during this distressing time. Also, petting animals is proven to lower anxiety.

  2. Outraged by the Muslim Ban?
    Photo courtesy of Lisa L Widemeier via Flickr

    After donating to organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union that aid the people affected by the ban, you can unwind by looking at this cute Golden Retriever puppy.

  3. Distraught about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fact that there is still no clean water in Flint?
    GIF courtsey of Giphy

    All living beings need clean water, including this adorable kitten. After voicing your concerns, chill out with this cat gif.

  4. Angered by the reimplementation of the Global Gag Rule?
    Photo courtesy of Roxie Prince via Flickr

    Call you senator, and then just look at this hedgehog taking a bath.

  5. Upset about the rise of racially and religiously charged acts of violence since the election?
    Photo courtesy of D Coetzee via Flickr

    This bird doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants a cracker.

Being angered about change can only do so much. Make sure to speak up and contact government officials and voice any concerns you may have!

5 songs you need to sing in the shower

Shower time is a very important time. After a long day or a long workout, it’s a nice way to refresh. Maybe it’s the time you use to prepare for the big date you have coming up. But it’s also the time you get to have a personal concert, belt out that song that’s been stuck in your head all day, or continue the concert you were having in the car on the way home. Whatever the case may be, here are five songs that you need to have in your shower set list.

  1. Hot in Herre | Nelly


Muhammed Iqbal (Flickr)

This song just craves attention. It’s a classic. Nice opening song to get things “heated up” for the rest of the set list.

2. Hollaback Girl |Gwen Stefani

From Flickr

After getting things started with an older song, Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl will really go well, acoustically, in the shower. Especially when you break to the bridge in the song and remember how to spell “Bananas.”

3. All Falls Down | Kanye West

Kenny Sun (Flickr)

Another throwback song to get you hyped after a good work out. As soon as the beat starts, you just can’t keep yourself from screaming, “It all falls down,” extremely out of key, as loud as possible.

4. Girl on Fire | Alicia Keys

Dagoberto Rodríguez (Flickr)

Another song that will do a number to your vocal chords. I dare you to fight the urge to yell, “THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE!”

5. Yeah! | Usher

Channellex (Flickr)

When it comes down to it, “Yeah!” should be sung at every occasion possible. It will always be relevant, including but not limited to the confines of your shower.

5 games that will make you lose all sense of time

Image result for ark survival evolved

A truly great video game masters the art of keeping you playing. These games are the ones that have you saying, “just five more minutes.” Here are 5 games that will keep you playing until you tomorrow.

5. Overwatch – This game was released in the summer of 2016 and has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. Aside from its competitive scene, Overwatch offers over 20 different heroes to keep you playing.

4. Rocket League – This sequel to the cult classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, has been a massive success since its release. Enjoy the game of soccer with a rocket powered twist.


3. Goat Simulator – The name speaks for itself on this one. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a goat? Well here is your chance to experience goat life to the fullest. Enjoy hopping around town in this open world simulator.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved – This game allows you to join a tribe in prehistoric times and work to survive. This game will keep you playing because even when you are not logged in, your character is still in game. It is possible to come home from work and your entire tribe has been wiped.

1. Minecraft – This game has been popular for years and for good reason. Minecraft does not have a “point” to it and never will. Just gather resources and start building. Build whatever you want it does not matter. This game tops the list due to it’s nature of not having an end. How do you stop playing something that has no conclusion?

Six times Barack and Joe were totally you and your friends on Court Street

The era of a Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration may be over, but memes of the duo are far from ending. It’s almost a sure thing that you can find a photo of the duo to perfectly describe any situation. Here are six times the former “BROTUS” and his best friend are totally you and your bestie on Court Street.

  1. The Green Cab

OK, you got a little crazy and splurged on a Green Cab ride to Court Street: there’s no way this 20 degree weather is killing your night. Now you and your pals have to act like you didn’t just pregame to Bad and Boujee on a loop nine times.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

2. Only going to Red Brick for Brick Break

Leaving Red Brick literally the second that Brick Break ends. (Thank God you’re not a freshman anymore)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


3. When that one door guy finally recognizes you

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the door guy sees you so often he doesn’t even need to card you? Either way, you didn’t have to fumble for your ID in the dark, so it’s a win.

Pic via Wikimedia Commons


4. Thanking your best friend from pulling you away from oncoming traffic.

We’ve all done it: thinking you’re stealthy enough to beat the oncoming car in your dash across Court Street, but your best friend knows your not. We all know that moment of gratitude we feel knowing that your friend would save your life like that.

Photo via Flickr/ Joeff Davis


5. Finally ordering food at 3 am

Whether your late night food preference is O’Betty’s, Wing’s Over, Souvlaki’s, Big Mamma’s or one of the other local eateries, we all know the pure joy of finally grasping our perfectly crafted order in our hands after a night on the bricks.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

6. Watching your Snapchat stories the next day.

It’s one of everyone’s favorite things to do the next day: watch everything you may or may not remember posting to your Snapchat. It’s also kind of comforting knowing that in less than 24 hours, no one will really remember what happened anyways.

Photo via Flickr

The six best point guards in the NBA today

Let’s face it, when it comes to debating the top point guards in the NBA today, there is no definitive list of who is No.1, No.2, etc. With so much talent to choose from alone, this list should tell who is without a doubt, the best of the best in the NBA today.

1. Russell Westbrook

The way Russell Westbrook is playing the game of basketball today, there isn’t anyone who can contain him.  He is exciting and entertaining to watch because on any given night, he is a walking triple double.  This season he is averaging 30.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and 10.2 assists.  When it comes to point guards, Westbrook is the best right now and he is essentially doing it all by himself since Kevin Durant left the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.

2. Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is absolutely lethal from behind the three point line, probably the best shooter this league has ever seen. His numbers have taken a bit of a hit with Kevin Durant joining the team, but he is still averaging 25 points, 6.1 assists on 47 percent shooting from the field. Curry is still a guy capable of putting up 40+ points every time he steps out on the floor and has a lethal handle that can embarrass even the best defender. That is why he is No. 2 on this list.

3. Kyrie Irving 

Kyrie Irving has ascended up this list rather quickly in the last few years thanks to the help of LeBron James.  Irving is finally healthy and back playing at an elite level this season, which is a great sight for Cavs fans.  This season he is averaging 24.6 points (a career high), 5.7 assists and shooting 47.3 percent from the field (also a career high).  While Irving’s defense is suspect at times, his offensive game is no joke and he showed during the Cavs run to a championship in 2016 that he is worthy of the No. 3 spot on this list.

4. Chris Paul

Paul has been a model of consistency in the NBA as a point guard over the last decade. Paul has averaged 18 points and 10 assists for his career.  He has helped both the New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers reach the playoffs nearly every season he was apart of the team. Not the most athletic point guard but usually makes the right pass and is one of the best leaders in the NBA today. Paul also prides himself on his defense as well, he averages 2.3 steals for his career and is known to lock down the opposing teams point guard. Even though Paul is (only) 31 right now but still is in the prime of his career and is the focal point of a Clippers team primed to make another playoff run.

5. John Wall

John Wall is a having himself a career year for a Washington Wizards team that is rising in the Eastern Conference.  Averaging 22.9 points and 10.3 assists, Wall is the only guard in the East averaging double digit points and assists. At first glance, Wall should be higher on this list.  However we have to take into account his lack of leadership and his temper on the court.  Wall is an elite player and yet no other talented star wants to play with him.  Wall’s combination of offensive and defensive talent puts him in the top five, but prevents him from being higher on the list.

       6. James Harden

A year ago I would not haven’t even considered Harden for this list, but this season has been eye-opening for me as well as many others around the NBA.  Harden has revolutionized his game as the leader of the Houston Rockets.  Not only is he averaging 28.8 points, but also is averaging a league best 11.5 assists.  While those numbers are impressive, the most eye-opening statistic is the fact that Harden has led the Rockets to a 35-16 record, the third best record in all of basketball.  Harden needs to improve his defense, but just like Irving, his offensive game is one of the best in the league today. With all those accomplishments under his belt this season, Harden has earned his spot on the list.