If the bars on Court Street were celebrities, who would they be?

Courtside-Jennifer Lawrence 


What is J. Law’s favorite food? PIZZA. What is Courtside known for? PIZZA…and alcohol. The bar doubles as a pizza joint, perfect for those wanting a slice to go with their booze.

Stephen’s-Miley Cyrus 

Wikimedia Commons

Miley Cyrus and Stephen’s both went through some changes. Stephen’s used to be a relaxed and tame bar. Now it is a hot spot for DJ’s, fog machines, and twerking. Miley was a Disney star who rebelled and began wearing less clothing and twerking at the VMA’s .

Crystal-Zac Efron


There is no denying Crystal’s reputation for being a preppy “Greek” bar. Frat boys and Sorority girls flood the place, even renting out the top bar for special occasions. Zac Efron plays many frat boy roles, like his performance in the hit movie “Neighbors”. I can envision him hanging out at The Stal chugging beers and offering girls “Crystal Balls”.


Lucky’s-Matt Damon

Wikimedia Commons

Lucky’s is the type of bar you wouldn’t be ashamed to bring your dad to. Matt Damon has evolved into the “dad” celebrity throughout the years.

The Pub-Owen Wilson

Wikimedia Commons

Owen Wilson is widely known and popular, but mediocre. He’s easily forgettable and isn’t talked about often, kinda like Pub. Once you’re in Pub, you have a good time but it’s not your favorite bar.

Pawpurrs- Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Wikimedia Commons

It’s crowded, hot, and smells like a mix of puke, sweat and cheap perfume.  Some may also describe the Jersey Shore star “Snooki” the same way. Their Tuesday 50 cent drafts and Wednesday “Liquor Pitchers” nights are a guilty pleasure, just like binge watching Jersey Shore.

Pigskin-Peyton Manning

Wikimedia Commons

When I think about what bar Peyton Manning drinks his Budweiser at, Pigskin comes to mind. Pigskin is a bar for those who don’t want to fight to order a drink. It’s a good place to find a place to sit down and watch sports. The GOAT would approve.

Red Brick-Michael Cera

Wikimedia Commons

Red Brick has the reputation for being the “under-age” bar. Michael Cera is the go-to actor for movies targeted for teens. He’s awkward and looks underage, just like most of the people who frequent Red Brick.

Cat’s Eye-Guy Fieri


Cat’s Eye is more of a “townie” bar. Most of the people you see in there slightly resemble the Food NetWork star. They are friendly and enthusiastic but they can sit and talk for hours.

10 Alternative Athens Activities

Every Bobcat knows that there are many activities one should accomplish during their time in Athens, Ohio. Among the more popular are participating in a Court Street Shuffle, attend a Fest, steal an Athens Brick, and hike the infamous Bong Hill. These are just a few on the massive bucket list of things to do in Athens before impending graduation starts to loom over little Bobcat’s heads. However, part of what makes Athens so unique is all of its hidden gems. Here are 10 alternative activities to accomplish in Athens before graduation:

10. Visit the Athens Farmers Market

One of the great things about Athens being in the middle of nowhere is that it is surrounded by farmland. With farmland comes awesome fresh produce! Every Saturday from 9 am – 12 pm in the parking lot of 1000 E State St, Athens Farmers Market takes place. At the Farmers Market you will find a variety of fresh produce, locally made food and crafts. There is everything from raw meat to sprouting flowers to some yummy salsa. Attending the Athens Farmers Market is a must before graduating.

9. Have a brew at Little Fish

Picture of Little Fish’s beer selection

Athens is well known for the local brewery, Jackie O’s but not many are aware of another delightful brewery Athens has to offer. Little Fish Brewery is a charming brewery overlooking the Hocking River. It has outdoor seating, play toys for children, a wide selection of delicious brews, and there is even giant Jenga. What more could you want in a local brewery? Little Fish is located at 8675 Armitage Road, Athens, OH and is open Mon-Thurs: 3 pm-1opm, Fri: 3 pm-11 pm, Sat: 12 pm-11 pm, and Sun: 12 pm- 8 pm.

8. Boogie on the Bricks

Picture of me at Boogie on the Bricks 2015

Another popular activity for Bobcats are the fests and HallOUween block party (all of which are fun) but those are not the only street parties Athens has. Every year in June, Athens City Council shuts down Court Street for one day for Boogie on the Bricks. Boogie on the Bricks is a free Music and Arts Festival featuring local artists and vendors. This year’s Boogie on the Bricks takes place on June 17, 2017 from 12 pm-11 pm. If you are a fan of live music, the arts, good food and free things, then put on your dancin’ shoes because Boogie on the Bricks is the place for you.

7. Hike up Witch’s Peak


Nestled in the hills of Appalachia, Athens as a variety of wonderful hiking trails. Bobcats tend to favor the famous Bong Hill due to its spectacular view of Ohio University. Although Bong Hill has a nice view, located right across the street is its lesser known sister, Witch’s Peak; which has the beauty. Witch’s Peak is an enchanting forest with boulders to climb, a cave for burrowing and breathe taking surroundings. All hiker enthusiasts should wonder their way up to Witch’s Peak before leaving Athens.

6. Sleep on a porch couch

SnapChat of Annie Powell after a nap on her porch couch

Why sleep in your warm, cozy bed when you can sleep on a booze covered porch couch?! There are many off-campus houses with lovely porches, many of which are inhabited by college students. When choosing what furniture to place on said lovely porch, many students select used couches from Goodwill. Throughout the year these couches get pretty grimy, but this doesn’t stop students from sleeping on them! After a long night out on the town, the booze (and other questionable substances) covered porch couch doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t knock it til you try it Bobcats.

5. Trek through Moonville Tunnel

Me sitting on top of Moonville Tunnel

All Athens residents know of the local haunted asylum, the Ridges; but for those who like a good scare or even a pleasant hike, Moonville Tunnel is definitely worth checking out. Located about 30 minutes outside of Athens, Moonville Tunnel is an old mining trail that was boosting in the 1800s. The tunnel and trail are rumored to be haunted by a ghost in a white robe, carrying a lantern. Many visitors claim to see a ghostly figure and flashing lights shining through the tunnel at night. This is a beautiful trail to hike with a little spook.

4. Hear jammin’ music at the DIY Local House Shows

Picture from DIY House Show at the Pink Mistress

Athens may be a small town, but the music scene continues to thrive. We have #NumbersFest as the biggest college music festival in the nation, an array of concerts and dance parties at The Union and Casa Nueva, as well as DIY Local House Shows. There is so much passion and support for music and local artists here in Athens. To support local artists, students will turn their houses into venues to host house shows. These shows feature a variety of music genres and are usually a small donation or free to get in. Shows happen a few times a week and are posted on the Athens DIY Community Facebook page. If you’re into great music and cool people, these house shows are the place to be.

3. Vegan Cooking Workshop

Busy schedules and small budgets can make cooking healthy meals a bit of a challenge for college students. But every Tuesday night students and Athens residents come together to chow down on some delicious vegan food. Starting at 7 pm, people begin cooking then food is served at 9 pm. Helping to cook the food is not required but it is a great way to learn how to make yummy health food. For those who do not cook there is just a $2 donation for the meal to help fund the cost of food and rent. Athens Vegan Cooking Workshop takes place in the basement of United Campus Ministries (UCM) at 18 N College Street. This is a fantastic place to eat a delicious healthy home cooked meal and hang with lots of friendly hippies.

2. Get on the roof of Pawpurrs

Chilling on rooftops is another popular activity that Bobcats frequently engage in. There are some Bobcats who like to take this to the next level. The roof of Pawpurr’s is the ultimate rooftop chill spot. The view of Court Street is breath taking and it’s an awesome spot for watching drunk Bobkitties stumble down the bricks. However, getting on top of Pawpurr’s roof is illegal so climb at your own risk!

  1. Rope Swing on Mound Street

The rope swing on Mound Street is Athens ultimate hidden gem. Behind one of the houses is a massive tree and a large cliff-like-pit, looking over the woods. Tied to one of the tree’s branches is a heavy-duty rope with a milk crate attached to it. You sit on top of the crate, jump off the top of the cliff and hold on for your dear life. You swing over the pit, flying around the brush below. It literally feels like flying. Rope swing is fun during the day but is best at night because the view of the stars and moon is unreal. This may seem unsafe but no one has died (yet) from falling off. Take a swing on Athen’s greatest gem; it’s worth the risk.

International eats: authentic cuisines from around the world

Whether you’re a townie or an international student on campus, it is undeniable that the usual order of burgers and fries can get boring after a while. When thinking of international cuisine, some may immediately think of Ginger Asian Kitchen as the only international cuisine option available. However, Athens offers more than that, with various restaurants offering authentic food from countries across the globe.

  1. Thai Paradise

Ever since the establishment opened on October 2014, Thai Paradise has been a favorite among locals and students as a popular dinner and date restaurant. The variety of cuisines from across East and South East Asia allows restaurantgoers a taste of authentic Asian cuisine.

2. Opa Greek Cuisine

Although the Greek restaurant has only been opened on Court Street for over a year, students and community members have all raved about its delicious lamb and beef gyros filled with mixed meat, vegetables and topped with a homemade tzatziki sauce made from scratch. The dessert options is nothing to scoff at either with baklavas made from nuts and filo dough that will leave your mouth watering for more.

3. Star of India

Star of India is one restaurant that is not widely known to students on campus. The Indian restaurant situated next to what used to be Mr. Taco Inc, is hidden from most students on campus. However, being the only Indian restaurant in Athens, it’s an opportunity for townies and local students to get a taste of India.

Start your morning right

Everyone knows the importance of breakfast: it reduces obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. But if you’re anything like me, then you’re more concerned about making your stomach happy than whether it’s being fed the right serving size.

Sometimes you wake up, put on that pot of dark-roast coffee or green tea, and know exactly how to satisfy your taste buds. Odds are, though, that only happens once or twice per week.

I’m always craving something new to shake up my routine, and when I do, I check out the sites curated below. My search ranges from professional Bobby Flay to Instagram foodies.

Food Network: Brunch @ Bobby’s

For food porn or an extravagant Sunday-morning brunch recipe, grill master Bobby Flay is the man for you. His website is a collection of different brunch concoctions from Bourbon Apple Hot Toddy to Biscuit French Toast with Cinnamon-Orange Cane Syrup. His slideshow of 53 different recipes will have you drooling and running to the nearest grocery store.

Source: Food Network, Bobby Flay’s Biscuit French Toast with Cinnamon-Orange Cane Syrup

Food.com: breakfast tab

You might want to sit down for this . . . imagine if all of Pinterest was solely dedicated to posts about brunch. That’s breakfast.food.com for you. This site is the curator of all curators. Click “find a recipe” and search for any ingredient you have or crave. Based on popularity and the star-rating system, the site will give you a filtered list of only the breakfast food with the word(s) you searched. After clicking on a recipe, you can either save it in your recipe box or save the ingredients in a grocery list for your next trip to Kroger. Be careful, though, without restraint you’ll be scrolling for hours!

Source: Breakfast.food.com, The Best Ever Waffles

Buzzfeed: breakfast news

Not only does Buzzfeed tell you how to make a recipe, it shows you, too. By going to Buzzfeed’s news section, you’re able to scroll through every post it ever made about breakfast. You can learn how to make a one-pan sweet potato breakfast hash or what waffle topping goes with your astrological sign.

Tastemade: Breakfast

Tastemade is the Buzzfeed of the foodie community. The site has over 300 breakfast recipes ready for the making and videos to show you just how it’s done. Tastemade is very active on Facebook, gathering over 330,000 views per video. It also has an app so you can easily glance at your screen while you cook, just try not to unlock your screen with your sticky Cinnamon bun-covered fingers.

Source: Tastemade, Cinnamon Bun Doughnuts

Breakfast Criminals

Ksenia, who runs the Breakfast Criminals Instagram account, will inspire you to eat healthy, think positively and travel with her unique recipes. She specializes in the millennial-favorite smoothie bowl and anything superfood. Ksenia can also be found all over social media. If videos and blog posts aren’t enough for you, check out her new health-conscious e-book, “Breakfast Criminals: The Life-Changing Power of Superfood Breakfasts.”

After waking up and losing interest in my repetitive breakfast habits, I started to look at different recipes online. “Start your morning right” is a newsletter meant to break the traditional breakfast routine. Whether you want to venture into the professional world of Bobby Flay or the social media world of Instagram foodies is at your discretion. The only thing that matters is whether your stomach is full and satisfied.

The most hilarious diplomatic gaffes

These are memorable gaffes of heads of state at public ceremonies

They commit gaffes like anyone else. They are presidents, prime ministers, and even members of the royal family. Here are a few embarrassing episodes these leaders would love to erase from their resume.

1. Barack Obama offers a solitary toast to the queen

Retrieved from https://youtu.be/pNRXGRFJdDY

With a style that sometimes allows some spontaneity, Barack Obama has in his history of US president some gaffes and protocol breaks that have turned into the subject of the press or simple anecdote.

On a visit to the United Kingdom in 2011, Obama made a big mistake when attending a dinner with Queen Elizabeth II in honor of the president’s visit. As he began to make a speech, the British national anthem began to play. Indifferent to the protocol, Obama continued the speech and lifted his glass for a toast to his Majesty, which was unsuccessful. He was alone in his gesture.

2. Boris Yeltsin stumbles during a ceremony 

Retrieved from https://youtu.be/pfCJmgb__Ic

Former Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, who died in April 2007, will always be remembered for having a few more drinks.

Several times he stumbled on stages and steps, spoke curled up, danced in public and even squeezed a woman’s ass during a charity party, or when he stumbles during ceremony in Uzbekistan. Once, after making one of his own, Yeltsin made then-President Bill Clinton laugh, something unimaginable in the Cold War era.

3. George Bush trying to escape

Retrieved from https://youtu.be/Vs-1jR9Ya0U

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009, became notorious for committing gaffes and talking without thinking. The press even coined the term “Bushism” to classify the verbal lapses and gaffes that became common in the years of its mandate. One hilarious moment was when he tries to open a locked door leaving a press conference in Beijing, China. As he sad, “I was trying to escape, but it didn’t work…”

4. Hugo Chavez, ¿Por qué no te callas?

Retrieved from https://youtu.be/a-GemVG_6Ec

The saying goes: whoever says what he wants, hears what he does not want. Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez talks too much and has no potatoes on his tongue. He called George W. Bush as the “Devil” in New York, named former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as a “fascist” in front of King Juan Carlos and later accused the King himself of being “arrogant and disrespectful” .
The cause of this diplomatic embarrassment occurred during the XVII Ibero-American Conference, held in the city of Santiago, Chile, at the end of 2007. Hugo Chávez called the former prime minister of Spain “fascist.” Faced with the inconvenience, the king, despite being always so affable, told Chávez: “Why do not you shut up?” (in spanish, ¿Por qué no te callas?).

5. Merkel and Hollande change their ways

Retrieved from https://youtu.be/fIQGCqWe6KY

The world seems small for the Germans and the French. Francois Hollande, on a visit to Berlin for his first meeting with Angela Merkel, curl up in small hesitation on the red carpet. This was in 2012, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the new French president, François Hollande, with military honors on his arrival in Germany to begin their first bilateral meeting.

Five musicians who’d piss off Donald Trump if they were still alive

“What’s going on?” It’s a question still relatable in 2017.

Since Donald Trump won the U.S. national election in November, plenty of notable musicians that’ve come out and denounced the newly-elected president.

With political protests becoming the norm, here are five dead singers who’d piss off Trump (and make kick-ass music) if they were still alive…

1. Marvin Gaye

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Released in 1971, his album “What’s Going On” is critically-acclaimed as one of the best all-time. Written during the Vietnam War, Gaye openly protested the draft, the Far East-conflict and further social issues.

2. Woody Guthrie

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

The guitar says it all. In protest to “God Bless America,” Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land.” According to the guitar, Mr. Trump, his political agenda and his followers might not do so well in with Guthrie and a few four-chord tunes.

3. John Lennon

Taken from Flickr

“Imagine there’s no countries/It isn’t hard to do…”

4. Bob Marley

Taken from Flickr

The world’s first Third World superstar, the late Bob Marley was not only the king of reggae, but a political revolutionary who helped united a politically-torn Jamaica in 1976 on the brink of a quasi civil war. As he sang in 1974, “Never make a politician, grant you a favor.”

5. Joe Strummer

Taken from Flickr

Originally the lead singer of The Clash, an English punk band, Strummer was instrumental in writing songs about the working class, political upheaval and equality. Perhaps his quote “Don’t write slogans, write truths” feels timely today.

The five keys to the Steelers contending for Super Bowl LII

The 2016 season was one filled with many ups and downs for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team started 4-1 and seemed to be firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball, but went almost a full calendar month without a win, going 0-4 in its next four contests. The Steelers, however, hit their stride in late November. The team rattled off seven straight wins to close out the regular season.

The Steelers, thanks to a Christmas miracle in Antonio Brown’s now-dubbed the “Immaculate Extension”, would win the AFC North for the seventh time since division realignment (the fifth time in the Mike Tomlin era) and would finish with the No. 3 seed in the AFC.

After dispatching both the Miami Dolphins in the Wild Card round and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional round, the Steelers traveled to Foxboro for a meeting with the New England Patriots. The Steelers were handled relatively easily, as they lost 36-17, one game shy of their ninth Super Bowl appearance.

A number of storylines unfolded throughout the 2016 season, both on and off the field. All in all, it added up to the Steelers falling short of being able to compete for a league-record seventh Lombardi trophy.

As Super Bowl week is upon us, the offseason and NFL combine and draft loom ahead. Here’s a guide to the five keys for the Steelers in order to contend for their seventh ring:

#1 — Resign Le’Veon Bell … and hope he can stay on the field.

Le’Veon Bell — Wikimedia Commons

Le’Veon Bell would, without a doubt, be considered the best all-around running back in the league if it weren’t for a litany of injuries and multiple suspensions for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Bell has yet to play a full, 16 game NFL season in his four year career.

That being said, Le’Veon Bell is a hell of a football player and adds a dynamic element to an already explosive Pittsburgh offense. The Steelers 2016 MVP rushed for 1,268 yards and seven touchdowns. Bell is no one trick pony, however, as he has shown the capability to be an elite pass-catcher, both out of the backfield and spread out wide. Bell caught 75 passes for 616 yards and two scored in 2016.

The Steelers, a team which historically is faced with salary cap room issues, is expected to use their franchise tag on Bell this offseason. This essentially buys Pittsburgh another year to figure out what to do with the 24 year old halfback. If Bell can stay healthy and out of trouble with the league, expect the Steelers to sign him to a long term deal next offseason. Frankly, GM Kevin Colbert and the Rooney family ought to pay Bell whatever he wants. He’s earned it. Provided he’s available for most, if not all, of the 16 game schedule next year, look for Le’Veon Bell to be wearing black and gold for a long time.

#2 — The defense needs to continue improving

Cameron Heyward — Wikimedia Commons

Year two with Keith Butler coordinating the Steelers’ young but talented defense was a large success and those in Pittsburgh are high on the future of the most current version of the Steel Curtain.

The biggest difference between the 2015 and 2016 seasons on defense was the improved play in the secondary. Colbert drafted cornerback Artie Burns out of Miami and safety Sean Davis of Maryland to help sure up a secondary that ranked 30 in total pass defense a year ago. Some perspective: the Steelers ranking at the end of the 2016 season? 16th. Look for third year cornerback Senquez Golson to make an impact next season as he returns from injured reserve.

Linebacker play has seen the explosion of fourth-year middle linebacker Ryan Shazier onto the scene. Shazier, who beat out everyone else on the team in sprints in the preseason, had a total of 87 combined tackles and three picks in 2016. Shazier is quickly becoming a leader on the Steelers’ defense and will be, without a doubt, an anchor around which the Steelers will build their defense.

The biggest question on the Steelers defense is the pass rush and current lack thereof. Look for Colbert to target a speedy linebacker who can impose his will on the quarterback. More on this later in point #5.

With Cameron Heyward returning from injury and James Harrison returning for a 14th NFL season, the Steelers defense has quickly turned itself around in just one season.

#3 — The receiving corps … Who else is going to step up?

Eli Rogers — Wikimedia Commons

This was a question the Steelers found themselves asking quite a bit this past season. With Martavis Bryant suspended for the entire season after multiple violations of the league’s drug policy and a few key injuries early in the season, Pittsburgh found itself without much in the way of receivers other than All-Pro Antonio Brown.

Injuries to Sammie Coates, Markus Wheaton and Darrius Heyward-Bey devastated an already shallow receiving corps. With Bryant returning next season, the Steelers are already in good shape. However, losing all of these key personnel may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Injuries paved the way for second-year receiver Eli Rogers to come off of the practice squad and jump right into the Steelers’ No. 2 receiver role. Make no mistake about it: Eli Rogers will be Pittsburgh’s X-factor next season.

With teams consistently double and triple teaming Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant elite speed and ability to stretch the field vertically, Rogers’ presence in the slot will be key. Rogers showed flashes of excellence this season. Expect him to keep it up to create a lethal offense which will wreck havoc on opposing defenses. Teams just do not have enough playmakers to be able to stop all of Pittsburgh’s elite offensive threats.

#4 — Sure up the special teams play

Chris Boswell — Wikimedia Commons

One word sums up Pittsburgh’s special teams play as of recent years: bad.

In 2015 the Steelers had all sorts of trouble on special teams, mainly the field goal kicking unit. A preseason injury to placekicker Shaun Suisham started a “kicker carousel” which ended up costing the team a few wins on missed field goals, before the team signed Chris Boswell who has been nothing short of impressive in his brief stint with the team. His six field goals in the Divisional playoff game against the Chiefs accounted for all of the team’s scoring and set a franchise and postseason record for most field goals in a single game.

The biggest problem the Steelers faced on special teams this season was kickoffs. The team drafted Demarcus Ayers in the seventh round of the draft with the goals of having him be the kick return guy, a role he excelled at the University of Houston. For whatever reason, Pittsburgh opted to have Sammie Coates, Fitzgerald Touissant and Justin Gilbert return kicks this year. Opposing teams would often kick the ball just short of the endzone so the Steelers returners would be forced to run it back. They barely ever made it back to the 25 yard line (the new starting line for kickoffs). Teams exploited the Steelers inability to return kicks, and it often cost Pittsburgh valuable yards in field position. I expect Ayers to make the kick return team next season, where he can use his speed to get the edge around defenders and start drives for the offense past the 25.

#5 — Draft wisely

Heinz Field — Wikimedia Commons

Given Kevin Colbert’s incredible ability to scout and draft all-star caliber players consistently (Bell, Brown, Ben, Shazier, Burns, Sean Davis, etc.), this is the point Steelers fans should feel most comfortable on. The franchise is in good hands as long as Colbert, the Rooney family and Mike Tomlin continue to make smart draft selections.

The Steelers No. 1 priority in this draft should be an edge rusher. With James Harrison turning 39 in March, and his backup, Jarvis Jones likely not returning to the team next season, the Steelers are thin at outside linebacker.

Every year there is talk about whether or not Pittsburgh should draft a replacement quarterback for Ben Roethlisberger when he inevitably retires. Despite Big Ben recently saying that his career with the Steelers is “up in the air”, this draft is shallow on elite quarterbacks. I don’t expect the Steelers to draft a QB this year. It’s more likely they sign current backup and soon to be restricted free agent Landry Jones to a short-term contract to back up Roethlisberger until an adequate long-term replacement is found.

I hear Tony Romo is in the market for a job …


5 of the best Johnny Depp roles

Johnny Depp is considered one of the best actors of our time. He has acted in over 80 roles according to IMDB. Unlike most actors he takes on difficult and elaborate roles. It wasn’t easy to pick 5 of his best roles because of his impressive consistency but here they are.

Photo by flickr (Matrix Tyler)

5. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

This role might have been the most critical one in his career. It proved that he was a top tear actor.

Photo by flickr (Mohamed F. Abu Alia)

4. Lone Ranger (2013)

This role was a perfect match for Johnny Depp. Although it didn’t get the best ratings, it was still a great feel-good movie.

Photo by flickr (Fabiana Pires)

3. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I think we are starting to see a pattern here. Johnny Depp has a pretty good relationship with Disney.

Photo by flickr (manndz)

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

This film had a lot to live up to since it was a remake of one of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp did a wonderful job at making his character feel extra creepy.

Photo by flickr (Trojan_Llama)

1. Pirates of the Carribean (2003)

This was one of the most expensive movies of all time. So who do you pick to play the main character? Of course they picked Johnny Depp.

Think outside the box, get a fox

Here are five reasons why fox are the best pets, ever (and five pictures that will have you completely convinced that you need one!):

1. Nose rings really aren’t that unique anymore (Come on, look around any StarBucks…) but walking your pet fox down the street? Guaranteed to get a few reactions.

(Adam Lambert Flicker) Everyone gushes over puppies but how did foxes get lost in the mix? WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THE CUTE, ADORABLE, CUNNING FOXES?!

2. You can ride the “pet fox” thing out to no end. Stumped at an interview? “Innovative problem solving skills…? Well, my pet fox…” Striking out at the bar? “I almost didn’t even come out tonight because my pet fox was acting up…” BOOM!

(TreeFarmer Flickr) We should all be getting on top of this pet fox idea. (Get it, “On TOP”? Haha…)

3. Once you commit to a fox it’s a game changer. You can maintain your I-Don’t-Do-Anything-Interesting-I-Just-Binge-Watch-Netflix lifestyle and still seem like the Dos Equis guy.

(JudeCat Flickr) Your poodle is basically Air Bud? Cool story, bro. A pet fox is pretty much owning a ball of fluffy warmth with the intelligence of Steve Jobs and athletic abilities of LeBron James.

4. “My dog ate my homework” doesn’t work but “I can’t watch your bratty kid next weekend, my fox will bite her finger off” totally works!

(Gary Ryan Flickr) You will love your fox and only your fox…
Not because you won’t have room to love anything else but because they are still wild animals and will drive everything else away. Parakeets and pet rabbits? Ate. Boyfriends? Drove them off. Friends? Well…fox smell. Bad.

5. Honestly, dogs are cute but those Instagram posts where your dog looks really guilty after destroying you pillows is only funny the first time. I promise you, a fox will give you something new every day (Okay, every time you turn your back) and they are never sorry. They won’t cuddle you to apologize but they will do it then sit and wait for you to see then laugh (“gekker”) hysterically while you react. Your Snapstory will never get boring!

(Franca Jasper Flickr) They will laugh at all of your jokes. They will also laugh at all the jokes they play on you…even if you aren’t laughing.


5 college campuses that kinda look like Ohio University but are not actually Ohio University

The bobcats like to claim that their beautiful, rolling green landscape is a treasure that only their fellow neighbor can call home. The value placed in observing their beautiful environment is something that students and faculty try to keep in mind when walking their daily routes. However, their honor and prestige teeters a bit when they catch the attention of a photo and claim “Hey! That’s totally my school!” when, in actuality, its another brick campus with a lot of green. Here are 5 college campuses that share this strange power.


Photo by Alan Henderson via Flickr
  1. Green Mountain College

This one literally has green in the name of the college. That’s something that Ohio University can’t even do. Nestled in the southern reaches of a distant land called Vermont, Green Mountain College is a small, private establishment that attempts to convince its patrons that the appearance of older looking brick buildings surrounded by a lot of green grass is something unique to their experience.


Photo by Will Hampton via Flickr

2. Morehouse College

Morehouse College is a private. all-male, liberal arts, historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia. This place is actually pretty cool, especially when you factor in that it is one of the very few men’s liberal arts colleges left in the United States, and also that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called this place his alma mater. Regardless of all these things, the place still definitely kinda looks like Ohio University.


Photo via Google Images

3. Gnanatheeppam Community College

I promise I didn’t just take a picture of Ohio University’s campus and just make up a name like Gnanatheeppam to make all of this fit. Believe it or not, this is a picture of a community college all the way in Marthandam, India. That’s right, a college doesn’t even have to be in America to look a lot like Ohio University. Gnanatheeppam is one of the most populated community colleges within India, and it is very well respected throughout many of the country’s massive industrial success bubbles.


Photo by Lisa Tonnel via Flickr

4. University of Maryland

This college carries the reputation of being one of the most successful public research colleges across the nation. Not only that, but they are also noted for having acquired success through their athletic department, as they are often identified for being a member of the Big Ten Conference. This place isn’t even really that far from Ohio University, i mean, they are sort of on the same coast. Clearly there is something about the east coast that produces brick houses with white detailing and tons of green grass.


Photo by Alison Thompson via Flickr

5. Vanderbilt University

Those who have witnessed Vanderbilt University with their own eyes often claim that it is like “stepping into the 1700s”, a feeling that is apparently pretty common across all of these campuses. Much like Ohio University, Vanderbilt is an exceedingly historic campus, having been established in 1873. The fact that neither this place nor Ohio University has changed its looks over about 200 years makes you wonder if those responsible for decorating these places are trying to be historic, or just lazy. Either way, they kinda look the same.