Fit Chick’s Quick Check

Starting a plan:

The easiest way to stay on track is to have a S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Competitors and bodybuilders have figured this out and that is how the standard competition prep is set up. So, even if you aren’t planning to compete you can “Train like a bikini competitor” to get great results and stay motivated! This article gives you Specific instructions and your success can be Measured on how well you stick to it. Every competitor uses this model (and they are no better than you) so it’s Attainable and Realistic. Lastly, it’s Timely at only lasting 12 weeks (Which is 84 hours in the gym, or 4 seasons of your favorite show on Netflix).

Find new exercises:

The second you let yourself get bored or stop seeing results in the gym is the exact same second you will lose all motivation. The best way to keep things interesting and keep making improvements is to look for new exercises. Since you can look at any magazine rack and see new “Booty Busting Moves” here is a simple way to mix things up for Back and Bi’s:

Meal Prep:

Protein, Protein, Protein. Simple enough…but sometime’s that is too simple. If you are getting tired of the egg whites and plain oatmeal every morning here are some delicious but equally as protein packed alternatives:

Check you form:

The most common type of cardio, running, has gotten a lot of attention in recent years from Sports Medicine specialists. A team of musculoskeletal researchers recently decided to tackle the bare-foot/rear-foot/front-foot/how-the-heck-do-I-know running style debate.

Every active person can agree that lower-body injuries and acute pains are the most impactful once they occur because it hinders both exercise and everyday life. I know, we are ALL tired of hearing random people in the gym try to critique each other’s squat form… Unfortunately, that debate hasn’t ended yet BUT we do have an answer to the striking style debate:
What part of your foot hits DOESN’T matter in injury rates, what does matter is your tibia angle. For the least amount of harmful force on your joints and bones you want a larger angle of your foot to shin on impact. Typically, this would correlate with running on the balls of your feet (fore-front strikers) but if you are a heel striker (rear-foot) then simply making sure your foot it hitting the ground infront of you instead of directly under you will reduce your risk of injury in the same way.

Quick Reference Guide:

It’s not as if us girls need to prove ourselves in the gym any more than we already do when we show up and throw more 45’s up than the guy trying to spot us in the squat rack, but in case some macho head tries to make you feel dumb for not knowing his urban dictionary Brolanguage here is a quick guide to all the gym slang currently in circulation:

Fit Chick’s Quick Check is a weekly newsletter aimed at female fitness freaks. There is too much Broscience out there that makes it hard enough to figure out what is true or not but it’s even trickier finding FEMALE focused fitness advice. This weekly newsletter will help you in every area from your workout regimen, diet, to staying up-to-date on new findings.

Cincinnati Zoo babies

There is a large amount of controversy over the idea of zoos and if they really are a safe place for animals. There are some zoos that definitely are not open in their animal’s favor; however, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is ranked #3 on USA Today’s 10 Best zoos zoos in the country for their extensive care for their animals, hospitality, and visitor attractions. One thing that the Cincinnati Zoo is also highly accredited for is their animal breeding program, which means lots of zoo babies. And if there one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that baby animals are absolutely adorable. Here is an update on the Cincinnati Zoo’s latest zoo babies:

3 Malayan tiger cubs being cared for in the nursery at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born on Friday, February 3, 2017 are these three sweet, little Malaysian tiger cubs. The babies are in extensive care in the Zoo’s nursery and are expected to be moved to their outdoor habitat in Cat Canyon in early spring. Check out the Cincinnati Zoo’s blog for the full story.

Daily updates on baby Fiona from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Born six weeks early, baby hippopotamus, Fiona was born on January 24, 2017.  Being premature, she only weighed 29 lbs when she first came out, which is about 25 lbs less than the average new born hippo. However, she has been on around the clock care in the Zoo’s nursery and is gaining the weight and strength that she needs.


Next are the twelve painted dog pups! Born on Oct. 16, 2016 from their mother Imara (ee-MAH-rah). These twelve little rascals seem like they would be a handful, however, Imara raised ten pups back in 2015, so she is used to puppy shenanigans by now!

Then there are these two adorable baby giraffes, Cora and Zoey! Born just two months apart, Zoey was born on Sept. 13, 2016 from her mother Jambo and Cora was born on July 27, 2016 from her mother Cece.

Finally, there are the premature cheetah cubs, Redd, Willow, and Cathryn. These three were born in a literal of five on March 8, 2016. The babies were born prematurely and were receiving round the clock critical care for months. After months of staying in the nursery, they have finally been moved into Cat Canyon and are being trained to join the Zoo’s Cat Ambassador program!

The Cincinnati Zoo is highly recognized for their animal care and breeding program. For more updates on their wildlife and zoo babies, visit This is a bi-monthly newsletter, featuring updates on births of new babies and updates on growth and wellness of current babies.

O-H, I-O! Here we go! (again!)


(Provided via Greg Bartram/USA Today Sports)

“O-H!” is the beginning of a chant heard often in OSU football-addicted Columbus, and this year was no exception. With an 11-2 record, a double overtime win against longtime rival University of Michigan and selection to the 4-team national college football playoff, the 2016 Buckeye season was worthy of the exuberant “I-O!” that finished out its favorite cheer and its regular season.  The 2017 season could thrill the scarlet-and-gray crowds as well, especially if it results in a more inspiring post season than Coach Urban Meyer’s only career shut-out, against ultimate national champion Clemson University in the first round of the national championship playoffs.  The best we can do for now is give you pre-game chills at the thought of you seeing the team in helmets and cleats, since the regular football season doesn’t start until September. Here’s a summary of the recent past and what the future holds.

2017-2018 Schedule

Their competition will vary between unranked to top 10 teams. Games against Maryland and Nebraska look like a cakewalk, while matches against Michigan and (No. 6) Oklahoma will likely prove to be a battle. This season’s encounter with (No. 7) Penn State could be billed as a grudge match, since the 2016-17 Nittany Lions’ regular season defeat of OSU helped them capture the Big Ten Championship, but did not result in an invitation to the national playoffs.

Players headed to the big leagues and those stay another year

Malik Hooker, Raekwon McMillan, Curtis Samuel, Noah Brown, Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley are losing their scarlet jerseys in order to pursue the big league. They hope to make a similar statement as the 2016 draft class, which had five players drafted in the top 20 picks of the first round, including Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, and Eli Apple.  The Buckeyes shouldn’t drop their heads, despite key players leaving. Chris Worley, Billy Price, Sam Hubbard, and star quarterback J.T. Barrett are staying in Columbus. Due to another stellar recruiting year, there will be a host of other new talent to support their top remaining players. Next Buckeye up!  Urban Meyer’s contract lasts through 2020. He has the highest annual compensation of Big Ten coaches.  He’s earned the brand of the ultimate Buckeye coach, with a 61-6 OSU record.

New Signees 

There are 18 commitments for the upcoming year. Safety Jeffrey Okudah, running back Cam Akers, linebacker Baron Browning and cornerback Lamont Wade are among the five-star committed prospects.  A healthy crew of four-star athletes like cornerback Lamont Wade, linebacker Anthony Hines and defensive tackle Anthony Hines are also on board. The 2017-2018 season could be a groundbreaking campaign, thanks to this young and promising talent.

Leaving their legacy after college

The 2016 draft class had five players selected in the top 20 picks of the first round. Six members of the 2016 OSU draft players made the all-rookie list. With 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns, Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliot had one of the best NFL freshman campaigns ever, and solidified himself as one of the best running backs in the game. Joey Bosa was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year with 10.5 sacks in 12 games for the Los Angeles Chargers. That says something about the lasting legacy of Buckeye football.

State of the Fanbase

There is nothing like hearing fans scream during a critical drive, especially when one of the most exceptional human support systems are behind you. OSU fans are #1 in college athletics and #8 globally based on its booming attendance of 100K + fans per-game, according to a Fansided Time. Inc. survey.  Never turn down watching a game in the Buckeye’s beloved Horseshoe stadium or in whatever venue their loyals consistently follow them to throughout the country.

O-H, I-O! is a daily newsletter providing you with all things Buckeye football. We regularly post scores, updates, and video and written analysis relating to the team. Buckeye addicts need to subscribe so they won’t miss a dose of OSU action on and off the field!

Start your morning right

Everyone knows the importance of breakfast: it reduces obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. But if you’re anything like me, then you’re more concerned about making your stomach happy than whether it’s being fed the right serving size.

Sometimes you wake up, put on that pot of dark-roast coffee or green tea, and know exactly how to satisfy your taste buds. Odds are, though, that only happens once or twice per week.

I’m always craving something new to shake up my routine, and when I do, I check out the sites curated below. My search ranges from professional Bobby Flay to Instagram foodies.

Food Network: Brunch @ Bobby’s

For food porn or an extravagant Sunday-morning brunch recipe, grill master Bobby Flay is the man for you. His website is a collection of different brunch concoctions from Bourbon Apple Hot Toddy to Biscuit French Toast with Cinnamon-Orange Cane Syrup. His slideshow of 53 different recipes will have you drooling and running to the nearest grocery store.

Source: Food Network, Bobby Flay’s Biscuit French Toast with Cinnamon-Orange Cane Syrup breakfast tab

You might want to sit down for this . . . imagine if all of Pinterest was solely dedicated to posts about brunch. That’s for you. This site is the curator of all curators. Click “find a recipe” and search for any ingredient you have or crave. Based on popularity and the star-rating system, the site will give you a filtered list of only the breakfast food with the word(s) you searched. After clicking on a recipe, you can either save it in your recipe box or save the ingredients in a grocery list for your next trip to Kroger. Be careful, though, without restraint you’ll be scrolling for hours!

Source:, The Best Ever Waffles

Buzzfeed: breakfast news

Not only does Buzzfeed tell you how to make a recipe, it shows you, too. By going to Buzzfeed’s news section, you’re able to scroll through every post it ever made about breakfast. You can learn how to make a one-pan sweet potato breakfast hash or what waffle topping goes with your astrological sign.

Tastemade: Breakfast

Tastemade is the Buzzfeed of the foodie community. The site has over 300 breakfast recipes ready for the making and videos to show you just how it’s done. Tastemade is very active on Facebook, gathering over 330,000 views per video. It also has an app so you can easily glance at your screen while you cook, just try not to unlock your screen with your sticky Cinnamon bun-covered fingers.

Source: Tastemade, Cinnamon Bun Doughnuts

Breakfast Criminals

Ksenia, who runs the Breakfast Criminals Instagram account, will inspire you to eat healthy, think positively and travel with her unique recipes. She specializes in the millennial-favorite smoothie bowl and anything superfood. Ksenia can also be found all over social media. If videos and blog posts aren’t enough for you, check out her new health-conscious e-book, “Breakfast Criminals: The Life-Changing Power of Superfood Breakfasts.”

After waking up and losing interest in my repetitive breakfast habits, I started to look at different recipes online. “Start your morning right” is a newsletter meant to break the traditional breakfast routine. Whether you want to venture into the professional world of Bobby Flay or the social media world of Instagram foodies is at your discretion. The only thing that matters is whether your stomach is full and satisfied.

Secrets from Sicily: It’s all in the sauce

Secrets from Sicily

A collection best of the recipes for beginners and experts alike. Plus

TODAY’S SAUCY SECRET: Pass on the tinned tomatoes and go for fresh!

Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo, is basically the old Italian grandpa that everyone wishes the had. If you’re looking for a quick but authentic spaghetti be sure to watch this short video. He tends to keep things simple enough for even the most novice of Italian chefs which tends to lend well to those of us on the go. Check out the rest of his channel for some more challenging meals to try out.

Tastemade’s Frankie Celenza

For some quick fun facts, a laugh and a good recipes be sure to follow Frankie Celenza on Twitter and watch him on Tastemade’s story on Snapchat Discover. Tastemade recently launched their own app where you can find authentic recipes from a variety of chefs. Frankie regularly lets slip some of the best kept secrets of Italy. Watch this video for tips on cooking polenta for a big crowd!

Proud Italian Cook

An at home chef in Chicago, Proud Italian Cook runs her own blog where she regularly posts her latest recipes. Her Instagram page showcases her various dishes from day to day life and upcoming projects. Her sauce recipes are perfect for beginners and will taste like an expert made them.



Bon Appetit

Be sure to read up on this interview from Bon Appetit magazine with Giada De Laurentiis. She answers a few questions about her home pantry and a few tips and tricks to use in the kitchen. Her tip for sauce is one of our favorites!

Recipe of the Week: Bolognese Sauce

In honor of this weeks saucy update, here’s one of our favorite recipes from Allrecipes. Bolognese sauce is a meat based sauce that great over spaghetti or penne, really whatever type of pasta you prefer.

Secrets from Sicily is a weekly newsletter curated for those who would like to begin cooking Italian food and for those on the look out for quick and easy recipes with the occasional expert recipe. 

Critiquing the critiques

I have always found it difficult to lock down a good source for accurate movie reviews. People are so opinionated about film that it will always be difficult to generate a rating that everyone can agree with.

Best you can do is trust your gut and get a little help on the side. So I’m going to conduct a little test here by comparing the ratings of the same movie given by five different websites.

Now this movie has all the makings of a sports classic, civil rights, baseball, underdog roles, overcoming adversity, Harrison Ford. On paper this movie looks like 10/10, of course that didn’t stop it from being garbage. So let’s see what the internet has to say about the Jackie Robinson story, 42.

1.) Rotten Tomatoes  79%

Rotten Tomatoes works by collecting movie ratings from reputable sources all across the web. It’s the first place check because I can take it as the average and work from there.

But this system leaves a lot of room for opinion. For example that score of 79% means that “reputable” critics were regularly scoring the movie higher than that.

I’ll argue that 79% down to a .05% all day long, but with years of experience and 1.72 million followers on Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes still definitely has my attention.

2.) Metacritic 62

With Metacritic you start to get a lot more specific reviews from reputable writers, which you can look up straight from the site. What I really like is they limit the size of their review pool from whom it believes to be a reputable critic.

Critics give their decision making behind the reviews as well. A common theme among this movies ratings is the critics liked the story. It’s hard to give Jackie Robinson a crappy rating, here the critics get a chance to explain that.

For the record Metacritic does reviews for literally everything on the face of the earth so check it out. It only has 45k followers on Twitter, but don’t let that sway you, it’s a good site to agree/disagree with.

3.) MrQE 73

The Movie Review Query Engine or MrQE (pronounced marquee) takes a similar approach to their ratings as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, but they force your eye towards long form reviews done by great newspapers.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty details of what makes any film good/atrocious, is is your site.

MrQE has actually been around since 1993, which is now surprising you because you’ve never heard of MrQE, but their trusted list of critics is what sets them apart from the other sites I’m comparing.

4.) IMDB 7.5

International Movie Database

The International Movie Database is the first place you’ll want to look for a full list of cast and crew, but I’ve never loved its rating services.

It just throws a number like 7.5/10 at you and tells you it’s coming from 63,000 people. It’s 63,000 random people who have seen the movie, and that 7.5 is pretty reflective of all the other scores I’ve compared.

I don’t dislike IMDB for its lack of accuracy but instead for its ambiguity. There aren’t 2,000 good movie critics in the world let alone 63,000, but me and the 3 million people following them on Twitter will still use it nonetheless.

 5.) Roger Epert 3 stars

805 thousand people follow the guy on Twitter. One opinion that reaches that many people, which is what makes his influence even comparable to Metacritic, IMDb, or Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s easy to get lost in the pot with 60,000 plus people screaming their opinions at you. Robert Epert takes you away from that by providing the opinion of just one dude, leaving you to agree/disagree.

I’m not really sure if Epert uses a five star system or a four star. I’ve never seen anything with more than four stars but I like to think he’s just saving the fifth star for something truly spectacular. Thankfully it wasn’t Spike Lee.

The idea behind this newsletter is to help expose people to the highly subjective world of movie critiques. It’s hard not to be opinionated when it comes to movies. It’s not my job to make an opinion for you, but to help you find the resources to make one for yourself.  


Bobcat weekend update

It’s hard to believe we are starting week six of the fall semester already. Don’t remember much about this weekend? Get caught up on what you missed in case it was a little fuzzy.

PG weekend in Athens

The bricks played host to the parents in Athens this weekend, leaving leaving many parents with grinning faces, a hefty hangover and a better understanding of our hOUme.

Parents weekend is a change of pace in Athens. Students take their foot off the pedal for a few days and coast through a relaxing weekend alongside their loving guardians. Studious bobcats turned to insightful tour guides showing off our picturesque campus.

Some parents may have enjoyed the visit so much they even decided to enroll at Ohio University themselves.

Court Street was beaming with activity this weekend. Freshly spoiled bobcats giddily walked along the bricks with shopping bags filled with new treasures in hand. The endless growling of stomachs subsided and bobcats everywhere welcomed the rare sensation of being full.

Unfortunately the time for leisure has past. It’s Monday, the parents short lived visit is over (probably in the nick of time, wouldn’t want to do anything too embarrassing for mom). It’s time to return to the class room and hit the books.

Blame Stephen’s for your favorite bar being crowded.

If you made your way uptown this weekend you might have noticed a serious influx of people at your favorite watering whole.

Blame Stephen’s.

After a mix up with the authorities, Stephen’s was giving a citation for a violation of their liquor license the bar was unable to serve alcohol for the weekend.

Stephen’s is a fan favorite among many bobcats. Without being able to serve alcohol the entire bar “food chain” uptown was thrown out of whack.

Long lines outside of the bars were the least of your worries. The massive crowds packed into bars like Courtside Pizza were intimidating. The narrow space between the two halves of Courtside became a major choke point that was impassible at times. Many patrons experienced intense claustrophobia and simply just left.

Don’t fret though, Stephens will be back popping bottle this Friday at noon and the balance will be restored to the force.

Country Night Lights

If your parents didn’t stop by this weekend, you very well could have found yourself at the Country Night Lights music festival Friday and Saturday.

We are all familiar with #Fest, the annual music festival that closes out the spring fest season here in Athens. Traditionally #Fest caters to music fans more on the hip-hop and EDM spectrum, giving no love to country music fanatics.

To cure country music fans’ FOMO (fear of missing out), Prime Social Group created Country Night Lights festival last year.

The two day festival featured 13 artists, including headliners Jake Owen and Brett Eldredge.

Too much of the surprise of the concert goers, Country Night Lights was a hodgepodge of musical genres.

Chris Lane performed several covers including chart topping hits by The Weekend, Justin Timberlake, NSYC and of course the Backstreet Boys. Frankie Ballard also changed it up. Ballard got in touch with his inner Elvis when he covered “Hound Dog” and “Heart Break Hotel.”

All and all Country Night Lights was a major success and will be circled on the calendar and penciled into the planners of many bobcats next fall semester.

The Browns did what they do bestlose

The Browns really took one on the chin this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Going into the game there was nothing expected of the Browns, but really when is anything expected of the Browns other than another tally in the loss column? However, this week the Browns were starting their fifth starting quarterback in five games, the rookie Cody Kessler.

Too much of the surprise of the Browns faithful, their team had a serious chance to win this week. Thanks a well managed game by the rookie Kessler and a breakout performance by the former Ohio State and NFL quarterback Terrelle Pryor Sr.

Pryor ate. He pulled in eight receptions for for 144 yards, along with four rushes for 21 yard and a rushing touchdown.

For once it wasn’t the Browns defense blowing coverage or giving up loads of costly penalties, and for once it wasn’t the offense puttering along at a snails pace that lost the game for the Browns. No this time it was special teams.

The blame has solely been placed on the shoulders of Cody Parkey, the Browns new kicker.

Yeezy taught us.

Many bobcats made the trip up 33 Sunday to Columbus for Kanye West’s stop on his awe inspiring Saint Pablo Tour.

The self proclaimed “voice of our generation,” Kanye West, took to the air Sunday night in the Schottenstein Center in front of a crowd of nearly 20,000.

The Saint Pablo Tour features a suspended stage that hovers above the crowd. The stage moves and tilts to different angels around the area giving each view angle equal face time.

Laser lights display at the Kanye West concert in Columbus (Photo: Eben George)

The tour features no opening act. It was just Kanye and 31 of the most popular hip-hop songs of the last 12 years. Despite being an area show there was a strong sense of intimacy between Kanye and the crowd.

He even had a personal conversation with a girl by the name of Bristol.

“…specifically to the girl with the ‘in loving memory of’ with the Runaway tattoo right here,” Kanye said. “You literally brought tears to my eyes, sweetheart what’s your name?” he said.

The fans were not only there to hear Kanye rap, but also to hear one of his iconic stream-of-consciousness rants. Kanye preached the importance of artistic freedom, a need for self worth, optimism and to never stop dreaming.

Kanye West took Columbus by storm Sunday night during his stop on the Saint Pablo Tour (Photo: Eben George)

Strong words coming from the hip-hop legend (21 Grammys), fashion designer and pop culture icon. It’s safe to say, we love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye.

Monday roundup: Today, tomorrow and yesterday around Athens

1. Parents Weekend
Week six of the semester brought the first special weekend of the semester, Parents Weekend. For many students, this weekend was the first opportunity they’ve had to lay eyes on their parents since they left home for OU six weeks ago. For soon-to-be graduates, it was their first “Last__weekend as a Bobcat” of the semester. Parents weekend brought many emotions and memories along with plenty of opportunities for Bobcats to show their parents a good time.

Outdoor pursuits gave students and parents plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors together with group ziplining and stargazing events throughout the weekend.

Other families opted to do what Bobcats traditionally do when a special weekend rolls around – hit the bars. Entrance queues for many bars were lengthy, leaving many patrons disgruntled. For those who could get in, throwback music could be heard coming out of speakers as opposed to the normal radio top 40 hits. Despite the crowds, many families found a way to entertain themselves with some opting to host controlled parties at off-campus housing.

2. Ohio Athletics
Ohio football and volleyball both held home matches this week to keep parents and students alike entertained. The football team played a very intense game against visiting FCS team Gardner-Webb and came out on top 37-21. The game was the first opportunity of the season for RS FR quarterback Quinton Maxwell to gain some playing time and he didn’t disappoint, throwing for 167 passing-yards and two touchdowns in his Ohio debut. The game was also coach Frank Solich’s 140th career win and the first home win of the season for Ohio.

Indoors, Ohio volleyball came out on top over Buffalo in a thrilling 3-0 win. The win put Ohio 2-0 in Mid-American Conference play for the season and featured Redshirt junior middle blocker Ali Lake lead Ohio with a match-high 13 kills. The match also saw sophomore setter Stephanie Olman distribute a match-high 39 assists for Ohio.

3. Campus Update
With another fun-filled Ohio University Parents Weekend behind us, students look forward to what’s coming up around campus this week.

  • Monday and Tuesday feature the Career and Internship fair in the Baker Center ballroom. The fair runs 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days. After Monday’s fair, there will be a “Night of Networking” event starting at 5 p.m. and running until 6:30 p.m.
  • Guest speaker and award winning author/writer Onyeka Nwelue will be in the Multicultural Center Multipurpose (Baker 219) to give a presentation on “What Young Africans Are Writing – An Africa Crossroads event”
  • The OU NAACP and Black Student Union organizations are organizing a plan of action to address what they feel is a lack of accountability when it comes to hate speech around campus following the Tuesday, Sept. 20 incident where the campus’ graffiti wall was defaced with disrespectful language and images.
  • Holzer opened a new clinic uptown last week. The clinic hopes to draw in university students along with anyone else in the area. The clinic is now the third Holzer location within Athens.

4. Feel the burn
This week offers several opportunities for students to get up, get out and get active – or at least watch other people sweat.

  • Ping Center will be hosting its final “Yoga on the Lawn” series on Thursday, Sept. 29 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event is free to Ohio University students and those with a Ping membership.
  • Outdoor Pursuits is holding a bouldering clinic for students to come out and learn how to, well, boulder across rock formations on Tuesday, Sep 27 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Ping Center.
  • Bird Arena will be hosting open skate on Tuesday and Thursday. Rec skate is set to begin at 8:30 p.m. and runs until 10 p.m.
  • Ohio Soccer takes on Western Michigan on Friday, Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. at Chessa Field
  • Ohio Field Hockey takes on Central Michigan at 5 p.m. on Pruitt Field
  • Ohio Hockey takes on Kent State in Bird Arena on Friday, Sept. 30 at 7:30.

(Daniel Kubus | Staff Photographer)

5. Tweet of the week

If you did something cool and didn’t tweet about it, did it really happen? Social media is everything nowadays and there’s no better use for it than to show off your friends. This week’s tweet of the week comes from Meryl Hadlock and features her friend Weidner doing something only slightly illegal.


Have a great week Bobcats!

Political events you probably didn’t notice this weekend in Athens

It may have been Parents Weekend at OU, but that didn’t keep Athens from getting as political as ever. Here are the top politically-driven events you may have missed while you were at the bars with Mom and Dad.

Tyre King Memorial

After 13-year-old Tyre King was shot and killed by a police officer in Columbus, a group of students and community members has set up a memorial on the courthouse steps. The memorial includes a variety of handmade signs to commemorate King, who was shot while holding a BB gun.

Continued debate over campus graffiti
In addition to the memorial, King-related graffiti has been popping up across campus, from the Civil War Monument to the graffiti wall. The graffiti wall was later anonymously painted to feature a hanged figure, although this was later painted around by students who wanted to express their disgust for the image.

Ohio mayors for Hillary

Chillicothe mayor Luke Feeney speaks with students. Photo by Ellen Bardash.
Chillicothe mayor Luke Feeney speaks with students. Photo by Ellen Bardash.

On Friday afternoon, the mayors of Chillicothe and Dayton joined Athens Mayor Steve Patterson and OU College Democrats in efforts to increase voter registration. The event, which was held in front of College Gate, was the last stop on an 18-city bus tour in which mayors from around the state met with Ohioans to discuss why they think they should vote for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump this November.

City Council Meeting

Photo via The Athens Messenger
Photo via The Athens Messenger

Today, Athens City Council will hold its second and final committee meeting of the month in the City Council Chambers. Council members are expected to discuss topics such as the ever-controversial pool. The Council will also hold a special session immediately after the committee meetings.

94th Ohio House District Debate

Looking forward, Ohio Student Senate will host a debate between candidates for Ohio’s 94th district House representative. The debate between Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) and Sarah Grace (D-Athens) is scheduled for this Tuesday at 7 p.m., although Edwards said he never actually agreed to this date.

Our parents may be hOUme but that doesn’t mean the parties will stop

Ohio University knows how to party so well parents don’t know if they should be mad or not. This weekend was filled with live music, dancing, and regrettable decisions for some.

  1. The Union sets the tone for this fun, music filled weekend.


Adam Remnant is a local folk artist on tour for his recently released EP, When I Was a Boy. He was the headline act for the show at The Union Bar & Grill. Breakers, and Smizmar shared the stage with Remnant Friday night. The show was an example of not only how good the music in Athens is, but also how there’s no typical “Athens band”.

2. Open Doors Casa Dance Party

The party is slayin' with DJ vampy kitty!!! @vampykitty @ouopendoors @casanuevaathens

A photo posted by Ohio University LGBT Center (@oulgbtcenter) on

Open Doors, an LGBT student group on campus hosted their first dance of the school year with a stoplight theme dance party. The dress code for the party was simple but interesting. Everyone was to wear stoplight colors but they each meant different things. If you wore green, you were single and ready to mingle for the night while red meant you were off the market or weren’t interested.

Saturday night was also DJ Vamptykitty’s first solo act.

3. Country Night Lights 


Hundreds of people gathered at The Venue of Athens this past weekend to enjoy two booze filled days of country music in their cowboy boots. Two days of up-and-coming musicians entertained this rowdy crowd. The bars weren’t going to pass up on an opportunity to offer a place to pregame before pregaming outside the venue.

4. Skeletonwitch returns to Athens

Athens, thank you for a killer, sold-out show last night. There is no better way to start a tour.

A photo posted by @skeletonwitch on

Skeletonwitch returns to Athens and play their show back at The Union Bar & Grill a year after it burned down. The Union was where former OU students began playing before gaining an international following in the metal scene. This show kicked off their five-week Curse of the Dead 2016 U.S. tour.

5. No matter what happened to you this weekend just be glad you didn’t end your weekend this way.

Everyone is told from day one to be very careful around the horse officers. After a night of drinking this man seems to have forgotten the sacred rule in Athens–always ask before petting a horse.

He took it a step further by actually mounting the horse when he saw there was no police around. Though no records have been found as of yet online his friends say he was arrested but is free and will have a trial on Monday.


You can be grateful you woke up this morning with just a simple headache.