5 songs you need to sing in the shower

Shower time is a very important time. After a long day or a long workout, it’s a nice way to refresh. Maybe it’s the time you use to prepare for the big date you have coming up. But it’s also the time you get to have a personal concert, belt out that song that’s been stuck in your head all day, or continue the concert you were having in the car on the way home. Whatever the case may be, here are five songs that you need to have in your shower set list.

  1. Hot in Herre | Nelly


Muhammed Iqbal (Flickr)

This song just craves attention. It’s a classic. Nice opening song to get things “heated up” for the rest of the set list.

2. Hollaback Girl |Gwen Stefani

From Flickr

After getting things started with an older song, Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl will really go well, acoustically, in the shower. Especially when you break to the bridge in the song and remember how to spell “Bananas.”

3. All Falls Down | Kanye West

Kenny Sun (Flickr)

Another throwback song to get you hyped after a good work out. As soon as the beat starts, you just can’t keep yourself from screaming, “It all falls down,” extremely out of key, as loud as possible.

4. Girl on Fire | Alicia Keys

Dagoberto Rodríguez (Flickr)

Another song that will do a number to your vocal chords. I dare you to fight the urge to yell, “THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE!”

5. Yeah! | Usher

Channellex (Flickr)

When it comes down to it, “Yeah!” should be sung at every occasion possible. It will always be relevant, including but not limited to the confines of your shower.

What Kanye West is really thinking

Kanye West- a modern mystery. Though no one can explain some (read: most) of his wild behaviors, here are some pretty good theories of what is really happening inside his head.

Photo by Hollyscoop via YouTube
  1. Kanye’s reaction when he asks Kim to stop at McDonald’s and she says “we have food at home”
Photo by realmusiq via Flickr

2. “Maybe if I wear these sunglasses indoors I’ll be invisible…”

Photo by Mathieu Lebreton via Flickr

3. Although it looks like Kanye may be having a good time, he’s actually genuinely worried about the planet’s future in regards to global warming “where are the polar bears going to go…”

via redfin.com

4. When someone is trying to call Kanye out about a public relations nightmare… “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead though.”

Photo by ORSVP NYC via Flickr5. “lfkjlarfa”

5.  Honestly, no one knew what Kanye was thinking here.

Photo by KimandKanye via Flick

6. While Kim seems totally ready for the picture, something seems to be bothering Kanye…. “Did I remember to close the garage before we left?”

6 pieces of avocado toast that will make white people care about the border wall

As many are aware, white people love their avocados. In fact, they seem to care more about most things when avocados are impacted. So, before Trump’s border wall makes avocados more expensive than ever, enjoy these photos of America’s favorite brunch.

1. Fancy avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Wow, look at that. Delicious. Did you know that Trump has proposed paying for his $14 billion wall by charging Mexico a tax of 20 percent on items exported to the United States.

2. Simple avocado toast

Photo by Kjokkenutstyr Net via Flickr

So simple, yet so beautiful. Yum. Guess what, 70 percent of vegetables and 40 percent of fruits consumed by Americans, come from Mexico.

3. Anti-vegetarian avocado toast

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

Avocado + Bacon = ‘Merica.  Here’s a fun fact for you: 93 percent of avocados sold in the United States come from Mexico. Who knows how many of those are actually consumed due to the very small window of ripeness avocados have.

4. Avocado toast with an egg

Photo by Katherine Lim via Flickr

See those tomatoes on there. Yep, there’s a pretty good chance they’re from Mexico. Seventy-one percent of tomatoes sold in the U.S. come from Mexico.

5. Avocado toast with watermelon radishes (?!?)

Photo by T.Tseng via Flickr

Does anyone actually know what watermelon radishes are? No. Did they come from Mexico? Very likely (if that’s even a real vegetable). Will they be more expensive after the border wall? Um, probably (looks more like Sour Patch Watermelons to me…)

6. “Fanciest avocado toasts. Period.”

Photo via Google Images

Quote courtesy of Sean Spicer (not really) Look at this little garden of avocado roses on toast. Oh and for the record, America imported over $1.3 billion worth of beer from guess who. That’s right, Mexico.


Spoiler alert:

White Americans make 16 times more than African Americans and about 12 times more than Latinos. So, this article might not mean much to them after all. Also, Sean Spicer did not contribute to this article despite attempts to contact him.


7 times you went, “aaaaargggh Jaden Smith”

Argghhh Jaden Smith. There are some dumb tweets in the world but his just might be the hardest to forget. It’s tricky to pin the guys angle. Does he intentionally take a new spin grammar because he is such an individual? I’ll let you decide.

For the record, there are no spelling mistakes here on my part.

1.) “There Is No Nutrients In Our Food Anymore Or In Our Soil OR IN OUR WATER.”

Photo via Google Images

Part of this is true.

2.) “The Great Gatsby Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Coachella.”

Photo via Google Images

Fitzgerald would have disapproved of Toby Maguire, although can’t speak for Coachella.

3.) “Just Watched Doctor Strange, Im Completely Blown Away, And I’m Going To Dedicate The Rest Of My Life To Those Practices. Thank You”

(Photo via Google Images)

Remember Jaden, it’s Leviooosa not Leviosaaa. You’ll need that knowledge for your next defense against the dark arts exam.

And good luck with transfiguration, charms and potions.

4.) “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.” 

(Photo via Google Images)

He has found his niche, and it is fixing this nations education system.

5.) “Education Is Rebellion.”

ugh (Photo via Google Images)


…unless you’re learning karate

6.) “If A Book Store Never Runs Out Of A Certain Book, Dose That Mean That Nobody Reads It, Or Everybody Reads It.”

(Photo via Flickr)

To be pondered on my next walk in the woods.

7.) “The Age Of Adaline Might Be The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen, Excluding Twilight.”

We’re all proud of you (Photo via Google Images)

aaaaarghh, but I hear the first one isn’t all that bad.

“Ill Never Forget The Blogs That Believed In Me Since The Begging.” J. Smith.

The building that teleports you

My first semester here at Ohio University wasn’t the easiest. I was indecisive about what I wanted to study, or if I even wanted to be in school at all. The classes I took weren’t very appealing so I needed an outlet. Every Thursday night I would hop on my bike and ride it to the Athena Grand to catch a seven o’clock movie. It was the best way for me to get away from everything. I loved riding on the bike path that parallels the Hocking river and seeing the beauty of Athens.

Adena Bikeway

The Athena Grand isn’t a unique movie theater by any means (except for the cheap $5 tickets),but that didn’t matter. I like to think that all theatres are like time machines. They are places from where we can teleport from our hectic lives for a few hours and see something else. Each screening room is an opening to a whole new world. It can take you back in time or to the future. It can allow you to see different viewpoints from different people. Seeing a different film every week truly opened my mind to think in a new way.

I saw Martin Luther King Jr. fight for human rights and lead a peaceful protest that changed the world forever (Selma). I watched as a Mathematician solved an important code that stopped the Germans from being able to communicate during World War II (The Imitation Game). I saw a war hero go through hell and back while fighting in a war he could never win, even when he went home (American Sniper). On a lighter note, I got to see Will Ferrell and Kevin Hear “kick ass” in the movie “Get Hard”.

My favorite place in Athens ended up becoming the major I wanted to pursue at OU. It inspired me to make content that will take people away from their lives and allow them to see life through someone else’s eyes. I still love going to Athena Grand and I will never forget how it changed my perspective on life.

Good tunes, better friends and the best coffee

I plop down in the sturdy wooden chair, prop my head up in the my arms and let out a long sigh. Week two was finally coming to an end and this was exactly where I wanted to be. Strings of tiny lights twinkle overhead and soft jazz songs play in the background. Donkey Coffee and Espresso is one of my favorite places to be to get the best coffee and live music.

My friends and I ask each other about the first days of class. We laugh and joke, complain and rave about new professors and fall into the old routine. We haven’t seen each other since before winter break and the spur-of-the-moment meetup is a welcome relief.

A vanilla chai latte and almond biscotti from Donkey Coffee and Espresso

After a moment I go and order my drink. Since its already 7:30 in the evening I decide on a vanilla chai latte, in a glass mug of course. I treat myself to a vanilla almond biscotti as well. After a bit of small talk with the cashier, I return to my friends, mug in hand. One of them is making flashcards, flipping them over and over again. Another is flipping pages in a textbook, skimming and jotting down anything that might be important. A girl at the table next to me unravels her scarf and grasps her cup of tea, warming her fingers.

The sounds surround me and replace the thoughts of lectures and homework. I pull a glossy magazine from my bag and open it to one of the dogeared articles and start to read. Eight o’clock rolls around and someone steps up onto the small stage at the back of the room. A few notes sing out from the piano, one is misplaced and the player begins again. He falls into a perfect rhythm and begins to sing, quietly, hesitantly. All at once, he is both afraid of being heard and afraid that no one is listening.

I hear him sing the first few lines and turn in my chair, the words are familiar and I match them to the tune of the piano. I recently heard this song, in the movie theater. “City of Stars,” I remember the name and hum along. The song is about dreams and the melody is equally dreamy.

He finishes his set of songs and another person hops up on stage with a guitar. Open stage night is the best at Donkey. It’s the perfect time to relax and allow your focus to stray from the stress of school. I love listening to the original pieces that people have written and chosen to play here. It’s always lively and full of people, sometimes it’s hard to find a spot to sit and you end up in a cozy little corner with a tiny table barely big enough to hold a laptop.

Around 10 p.m. I begin to pack up my things and finish the last bite of biscotti. As I push through the door and onto the rainy streets of Athens, a little bell signals my exits. The smell of brewed coffee clings to my hair and clothes. I’m already planning when I will return.

Punk, funk and everything in between. A journey into the Athens, OH music scene.

By Haadiza Ogwude


Haffa’s Records, a 30-year-old vinyl store and a staple in the Athen’s music community.

Located in the southeastern town of Athens, OH exists a thriving underground music scene where genres from across the spectrum are welcomed. From touring alternative bands, to local Pink Floyd tribute acts, there is no shortage of interesting music in this small town. With the collaboration of the Do It Yourself music community, the All Campus Radio Network, Haffa’s Records and more the music scene continues to be a prominent entity in the Athens’ community.

Want to know more about this independent music scene? Check out the video below.




Be nice to the dude sitting next to you, he could be a bouncer at your favorite bar

He sits next to you in class and you can’t remember why he looks so familiar. It’s because you drank until you blacked out last night. And also because he was your bouncer.

Ohio University located in beautiful Appalachian, Athens County, making it feel like it’s isolated from the rest of the world.

For the students lucky enough to have a car on campus most major cities are about an hour away. Unfortunately students who don’t have cars rely on GoBuses, a popular shuttle bus that goes between major cities, with a few detours in between which makes any trip longer.

So it’s no surprise when students pick the bars on Court Street as their main source of entertainment on any given night.

They’re the unrecognized heroes of the night, bouncers.

You see them every night, you just don’t recognize their faces. You don’t care about their names, unless being friendly will get you into the bar quicker.

Bouncers are the underappreciated heroes—or, pesky villains, depending on how bad your fake I.D. happens to be—of the night.

Three brave bouncers came forward and shared their experiences from their time on the job. This is what they had to say.
Photo of Julian with a friend inside a barJulian Pelfrey, formerly at Lucky’s Tavern

 It was the summer before senior year and I needed a job if I wanted to live in Athens over the summer instead of going home to work in a factory. I went to most of the bars on Court Street and applied.

It was something I always considered wanting to do when I started college. And I never regretted working there once.

If I wasn’t on a set career path I’d definitely do the job again. It was great while it lasted. You learn people and social skills because you must interact with nearly everyone that comes into the bar.

Every night you deal with at least one overly drunk person but they aren’t usually too bad to coerce out of the bar but it’s like at least once a month there’s someone trying to fight.

Once a patron threw a glass mug at the bartender. This was midday. Another time, a guy sucker punched one patron and ran out of the bar. Once someone even tried to fight the owner.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we would see at least 10-15 fakes per bouncer. Each state has its own holograms to set them apart. Some people would have sailboats on their holograms which no state has.

Other people don’t understand that height makes a difference, one time a guy, around 5 feet 4 inches tall, tried to use an ID for someone that was 6 feet 9 inches tall—someone I personally knew played on the football team.

August Oberdick in hockey uniform on rink Gus Oberdick, formerly at Jackie O’s

I found out about the job from one of my mod mates who was working there as well. He said they were hiring so I went in with him and talked to the manager who eventually invited me back for an interview.

The job was weird honestly. I loved the atmosphere but I didn’t enjoy the “bar life.” It was a different kind of world, the people who work jobs like this live a backwards life. You go into work at 8 p.m. and get off around 4 a.m. I’m an engineering major and I couldn’t make it work with my schedule and eventually just quit Jackie O’s.

I did like the job because the people at Jackie O’s are great. There’s not a lot of annoying underclassmen, no obnoxious music, and everyone is generally in a good mood. It just wasn’t the job for me.

At Jackie O’s you turn people away every now and then, it’s an older person’s bar so there aren’t as many underage people trying to get in.

The most uncomfortable I’ve ever been was when I had to kick out one of my TA’s because he had gotten into a fight with another patron. It was weird having that authority over someone who has some kind of “authority” over you.

Benny Lam with a friend at a party smilingBenny Lam, currently at Jackie O’s

I’ve always wanted to work at a bar and I knew Jackie O’s was a pretty established one so I called when they were hiring and they told me to apply online. I didn’t get a response until three months later.

Working at Jackie O’s is better than I expected. It’s a laid-back environment and the people who work with me are honestly down to Earth. Jackie O’s has a certain aesthetic when it comes to who works there and the patrons which is why it works so well as a bar.

I’ve had a few people get rowdy but it’s never gotten out of hand.

We do get fake I.D.’s, but fortunately because we have a reputation of not serving underage people like some of the bars on Court Street, it’s not a lot. Their fakes get denied and then it’s up to whoever is working to decide whether they want to take their fake I.D.

Before getting the job I frequently went out but once I got the job I had to cut back immediately. Working closing shifts every Friday and Saturday took a toll on me in the beginning because I had to sacrifice going out with my friends.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

What happens to our favorite Bobcat bands after graduation?

College is a chance to discover the real person that’s been cultivating under the parental units for the last 18 or so years. For some it’s exploring the vices their parents attempted to curtail, others it’s the chance to think differently how they were raised, but in general it’s a time for self-discovery.

A few braves souls chose to do this in front of crowds atop one of the many stages in Athens. The music scene in Athens is unique as the influx of new blood from the university allows for a large diversity of musical acts to form and flourish.

The constant flow of new musicians is sadly accompanied by the older generation leaving Athens as they graduate or decide to move on. While the desire to play may linger on, it can be extremely difficult to continue when members may be scattered across the country. As their time in Athens comes closer to the end Wes Gilbert of Smizmar and Evan Amerio of Apemode spoke of their personal experiences.

Passion Works Studios brings community members together for fall fling


Passion Works Studios hosted a “fall fling” Saturday, October 22, for community members to mingle with Passion Works artists and celebrate the autumn season. The fling consisted of live music, free food, pumpkin decorating and more!