5 cruise hacks for first time cruisers

A picture of a beach at Paradise Island from the Atlantis Hotel | Wynston Wilcox

One of the most important things we as humans should do with our time on this earth is see the world. Since I was young, my family would go on yearly summer vacations. We’ve traveled (by car because there’s five of us) as far as Miami, Fl. and been to D.C., Pittsburgh, Myrtle Beach and plenty of other places.

One thing I have learned is that traveling is awesome, whether that be domestic or international. I flew out of the country for the first time over spring break last year to Argentina for a study abroad trip. It was an amazing experience and opened up a new window or me to continue my new love for traveling.

This past spring break I went on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas. Me and one fo my friends cruised Royal Caribbean for our first cruise. For all you other first time cruisers, here is a podcast about five cruise hacks I learned after my first cruise!


The forgotten bookstore

Rich Purdy is the co-owner of The Little Professor Book Center on Court Street in Athens. He co-owns with his brother-in-law and the two have owned the store for 34 years. He first arrived in Athens in 1969 when his family moved here. The one thing he likes about his store in Athens is that it’s a prime location in a college town. The store sells books for classes as well as leisure reading.

The “other” bookstore

The Fullcourt Press

The Boston Celtics continue its hot streak coming off a fiery win at Dallas on Feb. 13. Here are some things that have happened in the past month that have led to the Celtics being on a roll and attaining the second spot among the east behind the defending Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Isaiah Thomas, the Saint

Thomas is by far, one of the top point guards in the east and even among the league. With his second-consecutive All-Star nomation to All-Star weekend, Thomas is fueled to continue building his image as one of the East’s best PG’s. On top of that, he was named Player of the Month in the Eastern Conference in Jan. Move over King James and Kyrie Irving, save room for IT.

No Bradley, no problem

Avery Bradley has been battling an achillies injury for the past few weeks. Last year in the postseason, the Celtics were struggling, trying to find a player that can fill the gap Bradley provides defensively. They couldn’t, resulting in a 4-2 series loss to the Cavs. This year, the Celtics have figured out a way to play without one of its more prolific defenders.

Boston Celtics v/s Washington Wizards April 11, 2011 | Keith Allison (Flickr)

Pierce’s last jab

For the last time, though he wasn’t in the right uniform, Paul Pierce walked into the TD Garden on Feb. 5 and played his last game on the Celtics court. No better way to end his last game in Boston than this…

Trade Rumors

Boston is about one franchise player away from becoming a championship contenting team. Serge Ibaka was looking for a new home after arriving in Orlando last season. Boston wanted him, but weren’t willing to give up a key young player to make that happen. So this happened… 

All-Star Weekend

The most fun weekend of the NBA season has officially arrived…ALL-STAR WEEKEND, BABY!!! Isaiah Thomas is the only Celtic represented in the events this weekend, but that’s all good. He deserves it. There’s plenty more years for the youthful Celtics to crowd the All-Star lineup.

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5 songs you need to sing in the shower

Shower time is a very important time. After a long day or a long workout, it’s a nice way to refresh. Maybe it’s the time you use to prepare for the big date you have coming up. But it’s also the time you get to have a personal concert, belt out that song that’s been stuck in your head all day, or continue the concert you were having in the car on the way home. Whatever the case may be, here are five songs that you need to have in your shower set list.

  1. Hot in Herre | Nelly


Muhammed Iqbal (Flickr)

This song just craves attention. It’s a classic. Nice opening song to get things “heated up” for the rest of the set list.

2. Hollaback Girl |Gwen Stefani

From Flickr

After getting things started with an older song, Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl will really go well, acoustically, in the shower. Especially when you break to the bridge in the song and remember how to spell “Bananas.”

3. All Falls Down | Kanye West

Kenny Sun (Flickr)

Another throwback song to get you hyped after a good work out. As soon as the beat starts, you just can’t keep yourself from screaming, “It all falls down,” extremely out of key, as loud as possible.

4. Girl on Fire | Alicia Keys

Dagoberto Rodríguez (Flickr)

Another song that will do a number to your vocal chords. I dare you to fight the urge to yell, “THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE!”

5. Yeah! | Usher

Channellex (Flickr)

When it comes down to it, “Yeah!” should be sung at every occasion possible. It will always be relevant, including but not limited to the confines of your shower.

Sports away from OU athletics


Get on Rt. 33. Drive toward Columbus. Watch out for State Patrol, follow the speed limit. Off to the left there is a street, Johnson Rd. Take it. Drive all the way until you see a school: Athens High School.

Now why would a 21-year-old Ohio U. student claim Athens HS as his favorite place in Athens? Well the first option I had was Sells Park, but I managed to lose the photos I took from my journey there. So Athens HS came second.

What makes Athens HS one of the best places in Athens to me is that it taught me a lot about being a sports journalist. I want to be a sports writer and this past fall was the first time I got to cover football; high school football.

Having expereience covering football out of college is huge for me, especially prep football because prep sports will be a large part of what I do at my first job.

The first time I had ever been to Athens HS was a mild late summer day in mid-August. Athens was scrimmaging against Trimble HS. I knew next to nothing about the team. I knew they went to the OHSAA State Championship game two years prior, but other than that, I was clueless.

After the scrimmage was over, I met the head coach, Ryan Adams. After the first encounter, I was skeptical about the remainder of the season. Not that he was a bad guy at all, he wasn’t, it was just the first time The Post, Ohio University’s independent school paper, covered the team; he was unfamiliar with me and the other beat reporter, we were unfamiliar with him.

But about four games into the season, things changed. It was the game at Alexander HS. The game concluded, his team victorious. But he wasn’t expecting us to show up to the game.  Most times, the other publication to cover HS sports in the area shows up to select games.

But our job was to solely cover Athens HS.

We had to track him down for an interview. At that point, he knew we cared. He began to understand that we are going to show up at practice and every game, home and away.

Throughout the season, me and the other beat reporter built a raport with the coach and our relationship with him changed.

It was something I looked forward to. Every sports journalism professional I have met, has a solid relationship with the head coach of the high school team. I always wanted that. I got it.

That made covering the team more fun and really helped me see how fun covering high school sports can be, depsite the stigma of it being an entry level job.

Obviously, I don’t plan on covering high school sports the rest of my life, but I went into the season biased against the fact that I didn’t want to cover high school football. But I came out of the season, with content I am proud of producing and a better sports journalist and a grown passion for writing about sports.