What to Do When…Dorm Edition

Living in the dorms is considered a rite of passage for college. It’s fun and something you’ll remember forever, but sometimes you have problems. Whether it’s a bad roommate, or you have Athens’ squirrels in your walls, follow these tips to solve any problems you may have in your dorms:

  1. You have water damage/mold/squirrels in your room: Yes, this may sound horrible, but it does happen. For example, I had squirrels living in my walls for months until someone came and trapped them. Through the fall, winter, and yes, even mating season. When this happens, make sure you fill out a work order. Maintenance usually comes within 5 days or so, so get on and get your room fixed. You also don’t want any charges at the end of the year.

  2. You have loud neighbors: Confront them. If your neighbors are so loud that you can’t even sleep at night, that’s a big problem. Don’t be scared to knock and tell them to keep it down. You are all sharing a space together, and everyone needs to be courteous of each other. If they still don’t quiet down after that, tell your RA. It should be fixed after that. No one should be sleep deprived because someone has to play Drake at 100% volume every night. giphy-1
  3. You have roommate issues: Talk to your roommate first. If they don’t respect your sleeping schedule, throw trash all over the room or always have their significant other over, TALK TO THEM. No one can solve this problem but yourself. But, if you talk to them and nothing changes, go to your RA. Most likely, you and your roommate had to sign a roommate contract, and she’ll get in trouble.

  4. Your room is too hot/too cold: If your room is too hot, shove towels underneath the floor vent heaters. It’ll prevent air from coming in them and make your room colder. Also, even if you have an AC unit, invest in a fan. It drowns out neighbor noise and makes your room cooler. If your room is too cold, tell your RA or Resident Director. They can put in a work order to fix it. If that doesn’t fix your room, usually maintenance will bring you a space heater to stay warm. giphy-1
  5. You have no space/storage: If you have too much stuff, living in a dorm is going to be hard for you. Before you come to school, make sure you downsize. Don’t bring all 12 pairs of your high heels (you won’t wear them), and shop for basic clothing rather than items that only go with one pair of pants. Your closet, laundry and space in your room will thank you. Also invest in plastic drawers. You can put them anywhere and they hold anything. Plus, when you move out, you can duct tape them shut and move with them.

The “Dos and Don’ts” of Dorm Bathrooms

Living in the dorms is an adventure that every college student should experience. You will have your good dorm days, and your bad, but those days are the ones you’ll remember most. But, before you move in, make sure you follow these bathroom dos and don’ts.

The Court Street Stories Dorm Bathroom Dos and Don’ts 

  1. DO wear flip-flops when going to the bathroom. The floors in bathrooms are only (poorly) cleaned once a week, so it’s a breeding ground for fungus. Unless you want nasty yellow feet, I suggest throwing on a pair of sandals. You don’t want hair stuck on the bottom of your feet, either.      

  2. DON’T make hair art on the walls of the showers. You know, those rorschach test-looking things? The clumps of hair that look like small rodents? Yeah, don’t put those on the walls. We don’t want your dead, old, long hair right above the shower handle. You may have gotten away with this at home, but you won’t here.

  3. DO get a shower caddy big enough for all your products. No one likes fumbling around with shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, body wash, etc. Get a shower caddy with drain holes and forget about the fumbling around. Also, who wants to set their stuff down directly on the shower floor? Gross.

  4. DON’T pour food down the sinks. Most likely, you’ll share a dorm bathroom with almost 20 people, and may only have 3-4 sinks. When someone decides to pour ramen down one of the sinks, POOF! It’s clogged and you can’t use it until maintenance decides to come fix it. That means at 9 a.m. wake up time, you won’t have a sink to use, and will be scrambling to get to your next class with or without your teeth brushed. Just don’t do it. And on another note, throw away your trash in your room, not in the bathroom trash can. It’s annoying.

  5. DO bring your own toilet paper. The toilet paper most schools provide is, well, a grade above sandpaper. If you rather not feel raw 24/7, bringing your own 2-ply toilet paper is good idea. Plus, you’ll always have some when the bathrooms run out during fest weekends (and trust me, they do).

  6. DON’T sit on your phone for hours on the toilet. There are only a limited number of stalls, and when someone has to go, they have to go. This isn’t your home bathroom where you can scroll mindlessly through Instagram or Snapchat. Get in, and get out. Most likely, people are waiting. Cute pugs can wait.

  7. DO make sure you flush the toilet when you’re finished. Sometimes the toilets in dorms don’t all exactly flush like they’re supposed to. So please, make sure before you leave that the toilet is flushed all the way. On another note, if you’re having a particular pungent time in the bathroom, do a courtesy flush. Your neighbors will thank you.giphy-1
  8. DON’T pee in the showers. You may do it at home, and hey, it’s even a good cure for athlete’s foot. But when you’re sharing 3 showers with 20 people and the drains don’t always work, peeing in the shower is a no-no. I’ve experienced the smell myself, and it’s not pleasant. So please, keep the pee in the toilets.

  9. DO cover yourself up. Most hallways are co-ed, so please put on a towel or robe on your way to the shower or bathroom. It may be easier for you to just do the naked dash to the bathroom, but just don’t do it. Save yourself the embarrassment of the nerdy boy screaming at your bare legs and just cover up. Plus, the cold walk back to your room won’t be so cold with a towel on. giphy-1
  10. DON’T make a mess in the morning. Your 8 a.m. might be horrible and you may not be awake at 7:30 when you go to brush your teeth, but please don’t make a mess. Toothpaste all over the sinks and mirrors is not a way to make friends with your neighbors. Just be courteous, and remember, if you’re clean, your neighbors will most likely follow suit.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to being the perfect neighbor (and not hated by everyone on your floor for being dirty).


The Whole: Your Daily Dose of News

Welcome to the Whole, your daily dose of news that you ACTUALLY want to read.

Here’s what you want to know:


via USA Today
via USA Today


Marco Rubio denies claim that the GOP is planning on a Rubio/Cruz ticket in 2016.


Rubio, during an MSNBC town hall on Wednesday, stated that the idea of a ticket with Sen. Ted Cruz to slow down Donald Trump wasn’t a realistic option. He even stated that the speculation “looks good on TV, it doesn’t ever work that way. Bottom line is, you know, this process is going to play itself out.” He did joke that the idea is similar to a very popular drama series. “I think that’s kind of House of Cards stuff,” said Sen. Rubio during the town hall. Later that day, Megyn Kelly posed a similar question to Rubio during a Fox News town hall. “I haven’t talked to anybody about that. I’m not interested in that,” he said to Kelly. He also made it clear that his home state of Florida is his focus for the next few days, as he continues to trail Trump in recent polls ahead of the winner-take-all primary on Tuesday.


With pundits and analysts beginning to state that Trump will most likely become the GOP nominee, the establishment is scrambling to find a way to slow down Trump’s popularity. Voters may be swayed by a ticket that appeals to moderates and tea-partiers alike in an effort not only to slow down Trump’s momentum, but for a chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. House of Cards fans may gawk at the idea of pairing the two biggest threats to Trump on one ticket before the convention. Frank Underwood might want to take some notes from this election cycle.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.26.03 AMBernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton face off in Miami for the 8th Democratic debate.


On Wednesday evening in an event sponsored by Univision and The Washington Post in Miami, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off for yet another screaming match on who has a better vision for the nation. After her unanticipated loss in the Michigan primary to Sanders, Clinton was busy playing catch-up all the while dodging questions about her email scandal and Benghazi. Clinton spent most of the night attacking Sanders claiming that he was not critical enough of former president George W. Bush, his defense of the Castro regime some 30 years ago and his opposition to the Auto industry bailout. Clinton even claimed that Sanders’ policies were too far left. “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is,” referring to his policy of free college education. One thing that both candidates did agree on, however, was that neither of them would deport children or non-criminal undocumented immigrants.


Clinton and Sanders, although both running on the democratic ticket, have very different views on the future of the United States of America. Since we are all going into the job field soon, it’s worth knowing who you’re putting in the White House, especially since the first 100 days of a presidency set the tone for the next four or eight years.




Sony is dropping Dr. Luke after reports of sexual assault with Kesha.

Kesha cries after the decision made in New York regarding Dr. Luke
via mirror.co.uk


According to Business Insider, Dr. Luke has “a great relationship” with Sony, and will not be getting dropped a year before his contract is up, much to our dismay. Sony has not officially released anything yet, but Dr. Luke’s attorney said that they won’t be giving him up yet.


Kesha recently sued Dr. Luke for ““sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused [Kesha] to the point where [she] nearly lost her life,” according to an article in Rolling Stone. Dr. Luke countersued her, and Kesha was denied a trial injunction to end her work with Dr. Luke. All she asked for was to not work with him, and this goes down? He should be fired.



This is a big deal. A woman claims she is abused, and some of the world denies it, and denies her of her freedom. I mean, look at that picture. Does she look like a liar? This is a big “FU” to females, and makes a woman keep working with her abuser. Messed up.




President Obama “just says no” to Nancy Reagan’s funeral in favor of the SXSW keynote address.


According to the A.V. Club, President Obama announced last week he would be the keynote speaker of this year’s South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. This year marks the festival’s 29th year showcasing upcoming musicians, budding technologies and really kickass food.

via salon.com
via salon.comSTORY:


Following Nancy Reagan’s death on Sunday due to congestive heart failure, Michelle Obama will be remaining in Washington for the funeral while the President goes and gets his groove on at the renowned entertainment and tech summit.


This is the second high-profile conservative funeral Obama has forgone this year, the first being Justice Antonin Scalia’s in February. Some conservatives may view this as a direct slight, given that Nancy was the First Lady of the Mecca-Conservative Diety Ronald Reagan.

In other Nancy news, there is currently a change.org petition to have Fetty Wap play last year’s smash hit “Trap Queen” at the late First Lady’s services.




Pittsburgh Steelers running back Deangelo Williams rips on recently retired quarterback Peyton Manning. Williams said that Manning sucked this past year many times via Twitter.


Peyton Manning was one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL last year. Williams really did not say anything false.

via imgur.com
via imgur.com


Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos beat Deangelo Williams’ Steelers during their Super Bowl run. Williams was hurt and did not play in the game. His replacement, Fitzgerald Toussaint, fumbled late in the game that cost the Steelers the game. If Williams plays, the Steelers will probably win.


Anyone that loves Peyton Manning to their grave thinks this is outrageous and stupid by Williams. Everyone else thinks this is hilarious.


Ex Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson retires from the NFL


Johnson, also known as Megatron, released a statement through the Detroit Lions saying “After much prayer, thought and discussion with loved ones, I have made the difficult decision to retire from the Lions and pro football. I have played my last game of football.”


Johnson is only 30 years old and many think he still has some good years left in the tank. This also isn’t the first legendary Detroit Lion to retire early. Barry Sanders, probably the greatest Lion of all-time, retired at age 31 in 1998. Johnson also passed up 24 million dollars to play next season in Detroit.


The poor Detroit Lions fan base cares. First Barry Sanders retiring early, now Calvin Johnson. Two of the best Lions of all-time choosing to walk away early, instead of giving the Lions a few more great seasons. Living in the city of Detroit and playing for the Lions must really take its toll and suck that bad.


Tutus, tango and twelve hours of dancing: How Bobcats raised over $40,000 for charity

For a full 12 hours on Saturday Feb. 13, Baker Ballroom was transformed into a discotheque of giving, receiving and most importantly, fun.

The second annual BobcaThon was held on Saturday (2/13) to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio. Over 180 students gathered in Baker to dance the day away to raise money for the charity.

The orange team does a line dance at BobcaThon
The orange team does a line dance at BobcaThon

This year, BobcaThon raised over $40,000 for the Ronald McDonald house through year-long fundraising ending with a 12-hour dance marathon. Dancers sign up throughout the year and look to raise money. The year-long fundraiser ends with a day of dancing and stories from people who have stayed at the house. The majority of the money is raised by the dancers.

“It’s very empowering to be a dancer,” Meg Sanders, BobcaThon president, said. “It’s life-changing for a lot of people.”

The Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, the largest of its kind in the world, is a charity that looks to give affordable housing to those whose children are in the Nationwide Children’s hospital for diseases and ailments. Without the charity, many families would not be able to stay close to their children while they are in the hospital. The house provides food, shelter and a supportive community to families who are affected by sickness.

Amber Fosler, a 2003 graduate of Ohio University, was the first to share her personal story about the Ronald McDonald House. Her son Elias was born without a bile duct. Because of this, his bile built up in his liver and caused deterioration of the liver. For months, Elias was in and out of the hospital with surgeries and illnesses related to his liver. For the majority of their overnight stays, the Fosler family stayed in the Ronald McDonald House.

The Fosler Family and their son Elias were residents of the Ronald McDonald House
The Fosler Family and their son Elias were residents of the Ronald McDonald House

“Other than having a clean and comfortable place to go, there was another benefit of having access to the Ronald McDonald House facilities,” Fosler said in a speech given to the BobcaThon participants. “Since birth, Elias has racked up more than $3 million dollars in insurance claims. We still had to pay out of pocket for our stay at the house. But, had we been forced to stay in a hotel, I have no idea how we would have been able to afford 60 nights. Because we had the house though, we had an amazingly affordable place to go.”

On average, it costs from $50-$100 per night for a family to stay at the house, according to Sanders. But families who stay are asked to make a donation up to $25 a night or do not have to pay at all.

“Not everyone can pay,” Fosler said. “But that’s ok; no one is ever turned down from Ronald McDonald house. And it’s only made possible by amazing people like all of you.”

With the exact amount raised being $40,473.01, families can spend over 400 nights at the Ronald McDonald house without having to pay. All thanks to the dancers and supporters of BobcaThon.

“We really all share one common goal: to put on the best dance marathon we can, and raise money for an amazing cause.” Sanders said.

A Guardian Alien

Black, White and the Meaning In-Between: The Ӕthelred Eldridge Mural

Part of the Eldridge muralBlack and white figures dance around the ceiling, telling me to come join them. They are almost taunting me, with their distorted limbs and smiling faces. Small sentence-like structures fence in the different humans, telling tales of writers past, greek mythology and music from different times. The wall that they live on stands so tall that I have to crane my neck to see the top, where the black paint ends and the plain ceiling starts. The air is crisp and runs through the opening to the psychedelic mural, whispering secrets to me from the artist, Ӕthelred Eldridge.

Athens is full of mysteries and places unseen by a lot of the student population. My favorite mystery resides on the side of the old Seigfred art building in a cove hidden from plain view. In 1966, the avant-garde artist and professor Ӕthelred Eldridge was commissioned to paint a mural on the side of the building in his famous style. His style is reminiscent of Mayan hieroglyphs mixed with Picasso-like figures, but he has his own twist that makes it uniquely his. Since then, some form of his work has been present on the side of the building, from almost all words to circular pieces to the now boxy figures that lie against the wall.

Æthelred Eldridge poses on scaffolding with his mural under the connecting bridge between two parts of Ohio University's art building, Siegfred Hall in 1966.
Æthelred Eldridge poses on scaffolding with his mural. Image: University Archives, Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Ohio University Libraries

When I first saw the mural, I had no idea what I was looking it. To me, it looked like a jumble of lines and nonsense words with no actual meaning. But after being assigned to write a story about the rededication of the mural for The Post, I found a new, deeper meaning for the hidden, sacred portrait of the thoughts of Ӕthelred Eldridge. Eldridge, who is a deeply complex, innovative and ethereal thinker, shares his thoughts on the morality and experiences of the world on the wall in a beautifully simple, yet complex way. If you were to know nothing about the man, the mural would be just another piece of art to you. But after studying him and his life, I found the meaning of the mural, which makes it ever more beautiful.

So if you find yourself meandering around campus one day, stop, sit and look at the mural of the tortured genius Ӕthelred Eldridge on the back wall of Seigfred Hall. You may just find your new favorite spot in Athens.