Saying goodbye to Athens

In college towns like Athens, Ohio every spring is the end of an era. Seniors say goodbye to their home and head out into the real world. Many people consider their time in college as the greatest years of their lives. College is a time for figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life, but it is also a time for some fun.

The memories made in college are priceless. The lifestyle on campus is something almost impossible to duplicate. This lifestyle is far from perfect but typically the highs outweigh the lows. Whether your time is spent climbing trees or taking a snooze in a library nap pod, there are sure to be things that will be missed. Hear what these Ohio University students have to say as they bid farewell to Athens.

Is Pokemon Go still a thing?

We are all wondering the same thing. Is that guy outside my house in the middle of the night casing my place for a robbery, or is he catching a Pikachu? Pokemon Go took the world by storm in the summer of 2016, but its popularity rapidly declined. The trend may be gone but the game lives on. Court Street still has a few trainers lurking around trying to catch’em all!

The Cannon Weekly

Arsenal Football Club is loved not just in London, but around the world. Arsenal related news is popping up all of the time and it is hard to imagine keeping track of all of it. Well here is your place to catch up on everything Arsenal that you have missed in this past week.

Ian Wright backtracks

Former Gunner Ian Wright had mentioned last week that Arsene Wenger “was near the end”. With speculation over Arsene’s future such a burning topic, this naturally sent Gooners everywhere into a frenzy. Since then Wright has backtracked a bit and said it was nothing that Wenger had said to him, just the impression he got.

Sign all the players!

With the winter transfer window now closed, rumors have started to disappear. Arsenal had a quiet window given that for the first time in a long time, the squad is deep. The typical cries for more signings were almost nonexistent. Although Arsenal did sign one for the future with young left back, Cohen Bramall.

Xhaka charges dropped

Our bad boy, Granit Xhaka, is now eligible to return to the squad since his 4 match ban has been served. The midfielder was unable to avoid punishment for violent conduct on the field but was able avoid criminal charges. The charges of racial abuse have been dropped and the player is back in training.

Arsenal Valentines

Still need a card to send to your valentine? Our favorite cartoonist “Poorly Drawn Arsenal” has exactly what you’re looking for with these Arsenal Valentine’s Day cards.


Mohamed Elneny is back! Elneny had a great run with Egypt at the 2017 African Cup of Nations where they finished in second place behind Cameroon. Great to have him back in the squad heading into a congested part of the schedule.

‪I'm happy to be back ‬?

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The Cannon Weekly  is a weekly newsletter pertaining to all things Arsenal. As an American, when I first started following Arsenal I never knew where to get my news. My hope is that this newsletter can be the one place where you can find everything you need to know to be an informed Gooner.

5 games that will make you lose all sense of time

Image result for ark survival evolved

A truly great video game masters the art of keeping you playing. These games are the ones that have you saying, “just five more minutes.” Here are 5 games that will keep you playing until you tomorrow.

5. Overwatch – This game was released in the summer of 2016 and has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. Aside from its competitive scene, Overwatch offers over 20 different heroes to keep you playing.

4. Rocket League – This sequel to the cult classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, has been a massive success since its release. Enjoy the game of soccer with a rocket powered twist.


3. Goat Simulator – The name speaks for itself on this one. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a goat? Well here is your chance to experience goat life to the fullest. Enjoy hopping around town in this open world simulator.

2. Ark: Survival Evolved – This game allows you to join a tribe in prehistoric times and work to survive. This game will keep you playing because even when you are not logged in, your character is still in game. It is possible to come home from work and your entire tribe has been wiped.

1. Minecraft – This game has been popular for years and for good reason. Minecraft does not have a “point” to it and never will. Just gather resources and start building. Build whatever you want it does not matter. This game tops the list due to it’s nature of not having an end. How do you stop playing something that has no conclusion?

My Happy Place

Everyday I wake up in my small 12′ by 8′ bedroom on E State St ready to start the day. As I walk out the door sometimes I’ll glance back and think “I’ll be back”. The moment I return to my room is always the most relaxing part of the day. A room with power like this must be full of amazing materialistic items, no?

My frameless twin bed rests on the floor up against the wall. My TV sits on a tote filled with cleaning supplies at the foot of the bed. I have had many opportunities to get an actual TV stand but the tote is perfect. The height is ideal for laying in bed and watching TV. Another huge perk of the tote is how easily it slides along the carpet. The AK Rocker gaming chair that I have had for 15 years now sits about two feet to the right of my bed. The tote slides over and can be angled to be perfectly inline with the chair.

I have been playing Xbox from that throne almost my entire life. I plop down in it, cross my legs and cover up in a Cleveland Browns blanket I have had almost as long. The TV would sit too low if it were on the tote alone, but I add a cardboard box the adds about a foot of height. This box places the TV in the ideal line of sight for me.

Conveniently I keep a coffee maker within reach from my throne so I do not even need to leave my seat for a refill. When I am in that chair, coffee in hand, and put the headset on I have reached pure happiness. I know that nothing that happens the rest of the night matters.

I do not start my gaming until I have finished all of my school work and my classes are over for the day. It would cheapen the feeling of being in my dungeon. It is an amazing feeling knowing that no one can bother me for the rest of the night. It is just me and a few posters for the evening. I have a couple posters lining the walls of some of my favorite athletes and video game characters to keep me company.

The closet houses my clothes quite nicely although sometimes the floor becomes a place for clothes to rest as well. I have a couple shelves for miscellaneous items but that mostly is used for snacks, and by snacks I mean Oreos.

I am a simple man, who seeks simple pleasures. Let me have my xbox, my chair, my coffee and my Oreos and I’ll be fine. I will actually be better than fine, I will be in my happy place.