Athletes in Action

Like many campuses across the country Ohio University has many clubs and organizations that can impact many students lives and help them enjoy themselves in college. One organization in particular has stood out at Ohio University for a long time now that has really impacted student life in a way many may not believe possible; Thorough faith.

The Athletes in Action program has had many big time, student athletes faces come through the program. A school very well known for being the top party school in America, on the other hand has some very faithful devoted athletes.

In the video you will get the chance to listen to some of the head figures of Athletes in Action talk about some famous names that have gone through the programs and some to just search for their faith in sports and what types of opportunities Athletes in Action can give to all of the students at Ohio University.

The Hidden Gem Within the Diner

For many local residents of the Athens area everyone know where Court Street is. It is in the main street of Athens that is full of local eateries and bars that many students go. One place in particular is the local Court Street Diner. Here in this interview a few students attending Ohio University will talk about the hidden gem the diner beholds and what it means to them.

Welcome to the Jungle: Your up to date Newsletter on the Cincinnati Bengals

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If you are a Bengals fan who wants up to date information on everything Bengals this is the newsletter for you. It seems like over the last few years the Bengals have been in the news a lot. But, rest assured this letter will cover many of the Bengals social media outlets, local news on the team, and some off the field information regards to community involvement and partnering with other local Bengals neighborhoods around the greater Cincinnati area. Here are this weeks Top 5 headlines that you should know about.

1. The Bengals eyeing free agency signings.

For the Bengals, one problem that the team ran into this past season was failing to sign the right people and dealing with departures for more money from other teams. This year the Bengals are looking for experience, veteran leadership, and dynamic athletes.


Reports close to the team say the team doesn’t plan to pay a lot in free agency this year. The big dilemma the Bengals are faced with is bringing back that veteran leadership. With players like Andrew Whitworth and Domata Peko who are in their 30’s many wonder how many productive years they have left to give? Both have been great leaders for the team on both sides of the ball but the front office is left to wonder if it is time to move on.

2. Bengals preparing for upcoming draft.

After 6 consisstant years of making the playoffs the Bengals ended the 2016 season 6-9-1. The first losing record in 7 years. The Bengals now have the 9th overall pick in the draft and are looking to draft big. The last time the Bengals had a top ten draft pick they got wide receiver from Georgia, A.J. Green.

In Todd McShay’s Mock draft on he has the 9th overall pick in the draft being Marshawn Lattimore a cornerback from Ohio State University.

3. LB Trevor Roach retires at the age of 24.

Roach reported that his reason for retiring early is because he says, “I didn’t love football like I used too.”


4. Bengals claim rookie wide receiver from Dallas.

Last week the Bengals decided to sign unrestricted free agent Chris Brown from the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals saw a lot of Brown at Notre Dame last year due to the fact the Bengals were looking at his teammate, Will Fuller, as a possible first round draft pick.


5. Get that special someone a Bengals Valentines Day card.

Hard to believe it but since today is Valentines Day the most popular traffic on the Bengals website and social media platforms are the really catchy Valentines Day cards.

I hope you all find this newsletter informative and insightful for all you biggest Cincinnati Bengals questions.





Top 5 Types of People you Don’t Want to Meet

On planet Earth we were all created different than one another. But when you begin to look around you will see that some people were just born to be completely different. Here are some groups of people who will probably live different than you and you never should meet.
  1. The over the top officer. Let’s be honest, when you are driving on the road a cop is the last person you want to see. From the one that people could tell you is rogue or doesn’t play by the rules to the officer that could give you a ticket for going 1 over the speed limit in a 35 zone. Trust me their out there and some are terrible to deal with.

    The crazy cat lady. Some of these people can be really nice and sweet. But they are also some of the weirdest people you will ever meet. From a women who has 3 to 30 cats and knows them all by name and way to much time on your hand, you are guaranteeing yourself a house that will make you feel claustrophobic and have the unpleasant odor of cat urine all over the place.
  3. The Workaholic. OK, so some of us have met these people. I’m just saying they can be very difficult to get long with. To a workaholic their job is everything. The toughest part about these people is the fact that when you talk to them they will go on about their work and nothing else. If they have a family, God bless the family for putting up with them.
  4. The Daredevil. These types of people can be some of the most energetic people you could have in your life. With the energy that comes from the adrenaline of danger. The danger though comes from you staying with them to long. Once they have their bewildering and possible life ceasing ideas they will try to include you in it. Don’t bother knowing them and this will never happen.
  5. The Sex Freak. Everyone likes sex in some sense. I’m talking about the people that have no filters and will come up to you and automatically make you feel uncomfortable. The people that can ask you, “Have you seen any good porno’s lately?” These people need to get a hobby or something to get their mind off things.

Now you know who to watch out for in this world. Some of you may even know some of the people I’ve named off here. It’s alright to know them but to really know when you need to leave their presence is key from this article. It won’t be rude to leave, it could be saving you from becoming one of these people yourself.


Union Street Dinner

One of the great specialties about living in a small town is the special dinners and restaurants everyone knows and loves. Athens, Ohio is no different. Many local eateries are located there. For those that like to go to the bars, they are in heaven as Athens has many famous bars that I’m sure the students and staff won’t complain about. But what about those just visiting that like a more family-friendly environment. I have 3 words for you; Union Street Dinner.

Union Street Dinner, or as it is often just refereed to as U.S.D, is one place that offers a variety of food all throughout the day. That’s right breakfast lovers, you too can eat in the evening or whenever you want and they will serve it too you with a outgoing attitude and personnel service. Not just that they serve All-American type dishes that I guarantee will not disappoint. It is ranked by trip to be the 5th most important restaurant to go to in Athens.

But enough about the soundbite, let me tell you why it is the best place in Athens. Union Street Dinner is not just a restaurant to me. It is not just one of my favorite places to go eat. It is a safe haven where I can gather my thoughts on my school work and life in general. They can give me a taste of happiness with their food and allow me to sit back, watch television in some very comfortable seats, and serve me to of my favorite refreshments; a milkshake and an Arnold Palmer.

For those that don’t know an Arnold Palmer is iced tea and lemonade mixed together. They are one of the few places that can prepare this drink and with that prepare it well. Some family friends of mine always have this beverage back in Cincinnati where I’m from and this can be a good reminder of the joy that I’ve had with them over the years. I actually first ordered an Arnold Palmer from U.S.D the day after Arnold Palmer died as a toast to one of the best and definitely one of the most classy golfers of all time.

Oh, and the milkshake, best I’ve every had! Coming from Cincinnati where there are great ice cream shops this one ranks up there with the best. They give you the shake in a mug with a spoon and a straw at your choice of which one you prefer. I have tried both and it taste great either way.

Location wise it is convenient for me living on South Congress Street. I can walk over and walk back to my house no harm done. It is also the place I go to do work on projects or some sort if my house is to noisy or flustered. You would be amazed at the ideas that can be sparked when you go to a public setting like U.S.D and try to brainstorm.

After reflecting I once again recommend it to any new faces that will be going through the city of Athens. Even for the usual “townies” that are from the Athens area I employ you to go there in with a lot of things going on in life. You may find some ideas on where to go from your current situation. Even if you may find yourself wanting to just escape the stress of life, what better way is there to make yourself feel better than with good service and great food!