Five reasons why you should care about OU Athletics

Most people that go to Ohio University think that the athletics are no good and should not be cared about. Yeah, Ohio University is not going to be like Ohio State or Michigan. Those schools have special athletic programs.

Does that mean that Ohio University Athletics suck? Not one bit. In fact, Ohio University Athletics should be cared about and here are five reasons why.

1) A ton of the programs have had recent success

Wait, schools in smaller conferences can be successful too? You don’t have to be in the BIG Ten or SEC to be successful? That is correct.

I will make it very simple for you: Ohio University Athletics have been very successful recently. Since football is usually the most popular sport on a college campus, I’ll start there.

Ohio University Football has been bowl eligible for seven straight years and has played a bowl game in six out of those seven years. That is some pretty good stability. Only good programs can sustain that.

Ohio University Men’s Basketball has had some major national success recently. The Bobcats made the NCAA Tournament in 2010 and 2012. They advanced to the Round of 32 in 2010 and to the Sweet 16 in 2012. In 2012, they lost to number one seed University of North Carolina in overtime. Yeah, the school where Michael Jordan went. We almost beat them on the biggest stage. Not bad right?

Ohio University Men’s Basketball upsetting Georgetown in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in 2010

Ohio University Baseball has made the NCAA Tournament 15 times including as recent as 2015. One of the best power hitters in baseball history in Mike Schmidt played baseball at Ohio University, too. He hit 548 home-runs in his career, which is good enough for 16th all-time.

The women have had some recent success as well. Ohio University Women’s Basketball made the NCAA Tournament in 2015 and won the MAC regular season title in 2016.

Last but not least, Ohio University Women’s Volleyball has been terrific. They have made the NCAA Tournament every year since 2003. In 2014, they were undefeated in MAC play.

2) MACtion is not that bad 

Former Miami of Ohio quarterback and current Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

The average fan thinks that the Mid American Conference, also known as MACtion, is garbage. Th average fan thinks that MACtion consists of bad teams with average players that will never be able to compete against the big schools.

That is completely wrong.

MACtion has produced some tremendous pro talent. Some former MACtion players include Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Julian Edelman, Khalil Mack, Jimmie Ward and Joe Staley. Ohio has two current NFL players in Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell and Oakland Raiders corner back TJ Carrie.

MACtion teams also have shown the ability to compete with the big schools. The University of Toledo beat the University of Arkansas last season. Arkansas plays in the SEC. That conference that MACtion teams “can’t” compete with.

3) A good MACtion team is better to have than a bad BIG Ten team 

Most people think that you have to be in a big conference like the BIG Ten to have a team that you should care about. However, that is not the case.

I have buddies that go to the University of Illinois, and their sports programs stink. Their football team has made it to just three bowl games since 2010. Their basketball team hasn’t made it to the Sweet 16 since 2005.

An University of Illinois student section during a 2013 football game vs Ohio State.

Do students at the University of Illinois care about these teams? NO because they suck.

Even though they get to play the really good schools like Ohio State and Michigan State, it does not matter. Most of the students do not care because they rarely win.

In fact, a few of my buddies from there have visited Ohio and were impressed by how many students seem to care about the sports teams. They thought it was pretty close and maybe better to what they see on their campus from students.

Also, they were jealous that our teams actually win a decent amount of games each year. Their not to happy with the four wins their football program gives them every year.

4) It can make your college experience better

The whole student body might not care about the sports programs, but there are plenty of students who do. The  student section at the games, called the O-Zone, is a very passionate group of students. 20020404-OZONE

The O-Zone is a great place to meet new people, too. Someone you meet in the O-Zone could end up being one of your closest friends in college.

Supporting the sports teams also gives you something to constantly do. You will quickly find out how much free time there is in college. It is nuts. I did not know what to do with all the free time. I still have trouble filling the time honestly.

You can only play so many hours of video games and watch so many hours of Netflix. Going to sporting events can spice up your day and make it much more fun and interesting .

5) Just give it a chance

Most of the games are free, so you cannot use the excuse that you don’t want to spend the money to get out of going to a game. There are usually tailgates that include free food for students. Yeah, free food. You will learn fast how crucial a free meal is. So, if you don’t like going to the game, you will get a free meal out of it anyhow. Win win situation no matter what.

See you at the first football game in the fall. Who cares, Go Bobcats.


Julie Goldman laughs the night away at Ohio University


Julie Goldman is one part Jewish, one part lesbian and all parts funny. The crowd at Baker Center Theatre on Tuesday night, February 9th, certainly seemed to agree, laughing early and often at the comedian’s humor.

Goldman started out by talking about her very Jewish mother. She described her mom as “very controlling” and “a typical Jewish mom” in many jokes that got the crowd laughing early and often. One of her best jokes on this topic was when she talked about how her mother sometimes compares Goldman and her brother.

Goldman thinks that she will and should always be thought of as the better child.

Her reasoning is based off a major event in their childhood.

Her brother was a big smoker. One day, thinking his cigarette was out, threw it under the front porch.

It wasn’t out. The house burned down. And Goldman was thereafter assured of being the better kid in her mother’s eyes.

Goldman went on to crack jokes about how things that guys typically do are kind of gay in a sense. One of her examples was how a lot of guys like to get together at someone’s house with only guys and watch guys play football on TV. “YA, not gay at all,” Goldman said.

She shared to the crowd an experience she once had at a Victoria Secret. She was just casually shopping and noticed that everything was in very small sizes. Goldman is not a big lady, so she figured the clothes should be in her size. She then asked a worker, who was of Eastern European descent, if there was anything in her size.

She cracked a joke about how it seems like workers at stores are always Eastern European that got a big laugh from the crowd. Anyways, the worker took her to the back to measure her. Goldman described being measured in a very entertaining way and, it turned out the measurement instrument being used did not fit around her.

There was nothing in that store that was her size. She went on a hilarious rant about her reaction to that.

Julie Goldman doing a q and a session after her performance.

Goldman finished up by singing a song about being a lesbian, while playing a guitar. There was constant laughter in the crowd throughout it.  After her performance, she had a question and answer session with the crowd.

Before it started, some people decided to leave and, Goldman heckled them as they left.  She received questions mostly about the background of some of her stories she told. One student asked if she has a good relationship with her mother. Goldman laughed and said that she loves her mom to death.

Goldman currently hosts her own show The Peoples Couch on Bravo. She has also performed on Comedy Central, E!, Rupaul’s Drag Race, LOGO and VH1. She was a star on Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show and was a comedy writer for E!’s Fashion Police.

My new friend at the library

Brasci working at her desk during her shift.

Brasci Cermack is a freshman from Columbus, OH majoring in RFPD. She has worked at Alden Library the last two months. “I like it, it is pretty cool. I can do homework while I am working, which is nice.” She plans to continue  working at Alden for the rest of the school year and possibly in her future years at Ohio University. Brasci was very polite and was more than happy to let me take her picture and ask her a few questions.  #PlanetAthens

The greatest late night gem in Athens: Big Mamma’s Burritos

I love food, especially late at night, so I was searching for a classic food place when I arrived in Athens. The gem I discovered was
Big Mamma’s Burrito located on Court Street.

According to their twitter account bio, Big

Mamma’s has been serving burritos late night since 2005. In the bio, it describes Big Mamma’s as having the “Best Damn Burrito Shop in Athens.”

The Big Mamma's menu
The Big Mamma’s menu

My two favorite things about Big Mamma’s are one the burrito,and two the experience inside Big Mamma’s. I have enjoyed almost every burrito I have ever gotten from there. It always hits the spot for me.  The experience of Big Mamma’s is what puts it over the top. There are always a bunch of characters in there late night that make for great laughs. Eating a tasty burrito and having good laughs is why Big Mamma’s Burritos is my gem.