Console Watch: PC Gamers talk Overwatch on Console

Hey everyone, thanks for listening. If any of you out there are fans of twitch you’ve probably encountered plenty of PC gamers out there, but what about console players?

Lets get rid of the notion that serious gamers only play PC and start talking about strategies you can employ to get yourself out of EloHell! I know I plan on learning a thing or two along the way from some pretty great players.

For my first episode I’d like to welcome my good friend Mitch Unger. Mitch is a platinum level player who recently switched over to PC. He is an avid consumer of Twitch streams and just about the most knowledgable guy I know when it comes to Overwatch.

Today we’re tackling an issue that most gamers have probably come across, why do PC gamers keep laughing at me for playing on console? What is the “PC Master Race”? Should you be worried?


Seniors say goodbye to Court Street

As I senior, I find myself wondering how I am going to reflect on my time spent in Athens. Specifically, how I’m going to reflect on the little half mile strip of brick that never failed to make Athens feel like the biggest town in the world.

I asked these seniors how they’d describe their time spent in the stomping ground of Ohio University. Watch as these seniors reflect on Court Street.

Critiquing the critiques

I have always found it difficult to lock down a good source for accurate movie reviews. People are so opinionated about film that it will always be difficult to generate a rating that everyone can agree with.

Best you can do is trust your gut and get a little help on the side. So I’m going to conduct a little test here by comparing the ratings of the same movie given by five different websites.

Now this movie has all the makings of a sports classic, civil rights, baseball, underdog roles, overcoming adversity, Harrison Ford. On paper this movie looks like 10/10, of course that didn’t stop it from being garbage. So let’s see what the internet has to say about the Jackie Robinson story, 42.

1.) Rotten Tomatoes  79%

Rotten Tomatoes works by collecting movie ratings from reputable sources all across the web. It’s the first place check because I can take it as the average and work from there.

But this system leaves a lot of room for opinion. For example that score of 79% means that “reputable” critics were regularly scoring the movie higher than that.

I’ll argue that 79% down to a .05% all day long, but with years of experience and 1.72 million followers on Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes still definitely has my attention.

2.) Metacritic 62

With Metacritic you start to get a lot more specific reviews from reputable writers, which you can look up straight from the site. What I really like is they limit the size of their review pool from whom it believes to be a reputable critic.

Critics give their decision making behind the reviews as well. A common theme among this movies ratings is the critics liked the story. It’s hard to give Jackie Robinson a crappy rating, here the critics get a chance to explain that.

For the record Metacritic does reviews for literally everything on the face of the earth so check it out. It only has 45k followers on Twitter, but don’t let that sway you, it’s a good site to agree/disagree with.

3.) MrQE 73

The Movie Review Query Engine or MrQE (pronounced marquee) takes a similar approach to their ratings as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, but they force your eye towards long form reviews done by great newspapers.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty details of what makes any film good/atrocious, is is your site.

MrQE has actually been around since 1993, which is now surprising you because you’ve never heard of MrQE, but their trusted list of critics is what sets them apart from the other sites I’m comparing.

4.) IMDB 7.5

International Movie Database

The International Movie Database is the first place you’ll want to look for a full list of cast and crew, but I’ve never loved its rating services.

It just throws a number like 7.5/10 at you and tells you it’s coming from 63,000 people. It’s 63,000 random people who have seen the movie, and that 7.5 is pretty reflective of all the other scores I’ve compared.

I don’t dislike IMDB for its lack of accuracy but instead for its ambiguity. There aren’t 2,000 good movie critics in the world let alone 63,000, but me and the 3 million people following them on Twitter will still use it nonetheless.

 5.) Roger Epert 3 stars

805 thousand people follow the guy on Twitter. One opinion that reaches that many people, which is what makes his influence even comparable to Metacritic, IMDb, or Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s easy to get lost in the pot with 60,000 plus people screaming their opinions at you. Robert Epert takes you away from that by providing the opinion of just one dude, leaving you to agree/disagree.

I’m not really sure if Epert uses a five star system or a four star. I’ve never seen anything with more than four stars but I like to think he’s just saving the fifth star for something truly spectacular. Thankfully it wasn’t Spike Lee.

The idea behind this newsletter is to help expose people to the highly subjective world of movie critiques. It’s hard not to be opinionated when it comes to movies. It’s not my job to make an opinion for you, but to help you find the resources to make one for yourself.  


7 times you went, “aaaaargggh Jaden Smith”

Argghhh Jaden Smith. There are some dumb tweets in the world but his just might be the hardest to forget. It’s tricky to pin the guys angle. Does he intentionally take a new spin grammar because he is such an individual? I’ll let you decide.

For the record, there are no spelling mistakes here on my part.

1.) “There Is No Nutrients In Our Food Anymore Or In Our Soil OR IN OUR WATER.”
Photo via Google Images

Part of this is true.

2.) “The Great Gatsby Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Coachella.”
Photo via Google Images

Fitzgerald would have disapproved of Toby Maguire, although can’t speak for Coachella.

3.) “Just Watched Doctor Strange, Im Completely Blown Away, And I’m Going To Dedicate The Rest Of My Life To Those Practices. Thank You”
(Photo via Google Images)

Remember Jaden, it’s Leviooosa not Leviosaaa. You’ll need that knowledge for your next defense against the dark arts exam.

And good luck with transfiguration, charms and potions.

4.) “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.”
(Photo via Google Images)

He has found his niche, and it is fixing this nations education system.

5.) “Education Is Rebellion.”
ugh (Photo via Google Images)


…unless you’re learning karate

6.) “If A Book Store Never Runs Out Of A Certain Book, Dose That Mean That Nobody Reads It, Or Everybody Reads It.”
(Photo via Flickr)

To be pondered on my next walk in the woods.

7.) “The Age Of Adaline Might Be The Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen, Excluding Twilight.”,_2.jpg
We’re all proud of you (Photo via Google Images)

aaaaarghh, but I hear the first one isn’t all that bad.

“Ill Never Forget The Blogs That Believed In Me Since The Begging.” J. Smith.

A View and Some Joe


You’ve been in class for three hours straight and you haven’t even had breakfast. You just got an email from your history teacher who has decided to add another book to the syllabus, what’s a few more hundred pages on inequality and the Renaissance anyway? My point is the days can get long around here and we all need a place to put our feet up. Jerid’s Porch makes it easy for a 20 minutes break to seem like an hour.

Located just above Court Street Coffee, Jerid’s porch boasts its proximity to some of the most delectable bean based beverages and pastries this fine town has to offer. So go grab roast and a scone and take a load off.

Once your loaded up on grub it’s time to sit down and take a breath. Here at Jerid’s porch it is most certainly possible. Completed with semi-fresh pine wood and furnished with four partially functioning camping chairs, you can be sure every one will be relaxing in comfort.

Too much caffeine to sit down? No problem. If you can manage to find the missing bean bag you’re welcome to play a game or two of cornhole. But seriously, if you do find the bean bag we would all be super pumped about it. Being honest, you’re probably not going to find the bean bag.

I used to live down on Mill St. where I had two porches overlooking the street itself and the East edge of the valley. Something about a misty morning and a cup of coffee always put me in a good mood. It also may have been the most poorly constructed house in Athens, which is saying something. But damn do I miss those porches.

Jerid’s porch isn’t my own but provides a similar comfort. Perfect for forgetting about the day if only for a few minutes.

There may not be a view of the valley from Jerid’s porch, but there are other things too look at besides a hillside. From up there you can watch the bustling of the day as students and professors make their way up and down Court st.

You can wonder to yourself, hmm I wonder where they’re off to. Well they’re probably going to class but you’re welcome to wonder.

It’s amazing what a chair and a cup of coffee can do. Honestly I don’t know how I’d get through the day with out these two necessities.

I should probably tell you now that you can’t just go walk up the porch and plop yourself down like I do, as it is a private place. I’m sure by now I’ve overstayed my welcome, well that’s too bad Jerid.