Things finally looking up for Duke, but will the Blue Devils be ready for March


Entering mid-February of a rollercoaster season, the Duke Blue Devils are finally starting to embody the full potential of the preseason No. 1 team that was the favorite to win this year’s national title.  Duke seemed to have all of the components to piece together a national championship team early on- a great pool of freshmen talent, 4 returning veterans including lead scorer Luke Kennard as well as three 2015 national championship players, and a world-class coach returning after winning his third Olympic gold medal in Brazil.  However, injuries, suspension, and lacking in team cohesiveness has caused an unpredictable season for Duke.

The Blue Devils began their season without freshmen Jayson Tatum, Marques Bolden, and top recruit Harry Giles, all of whom suffered early injuries.  Duke and head coach Mike Krzyzewski were adamant about waiting until players were back to 100 percent before returning to the court. Even without these key players, Duke managed to start their season 9-1.  Duke played their first full roster game with the return of a healthy Harry Giles, who made his college debut, December 19th with a 65-55 win over Tennessee State.

Duke’s full roster team did not last long.  Following their win over Tennessee State, preseason favorite Player of the Year junior Grayson Allen came under scrutiny for tripping Elon’s Steven Santa Ana.  This was Allen’s third offense in one calendar year, with blatant tripping offenses last season against both Louisville and Florida State.  This incident took the media by storm, mostly incited by the angered tantrum Allen threw on the bench following the incident.  The preseason player of the year favorite was subjected to countless harsh tweets, articles, and internet memes.  Mike Kryzyzewski imposed an indefinite suspension on Allen as well as stripping him of his captaincy as punishment.

That indefinite suspension, however, resulted in a mere one game suspension for the junior, which led to even more backlash in the media on Allen, Duke, and Krzyzewski.  Allen struggled in his early games back and faced extreme hate from opposing teams and fans, including getting booed any time he touched the ball.  It seems though that Allen has finally accepted the situation he has placed himself in as college basketball villain and begun to play to his full potential.  Allen is a leader on the court and has come up big in recent wins, serving as a key playmaker to his team. Duke needs the consistency Allen has been providing in recent games to remain a top contender in a fierce ACC conference.

Freshman injuries and Allen’s suspension were not the only setbacks Duke has faced this year.  It was announced in early January that head coach Mike Krzyzewski would undergo back surgery, leading the five-time national championship coach to miss 4 weeks for recovery.  Assistant coach Jeff Capel served as interim head coach for 7 games, which the Blue Devils finished 4-3 with Kryzewski’s absence.  The injuries did not stop with the freshmen or coach-during Kryzyzewski’s absence, Duke also played without their co-captain Amile Jefferson for 2 games, who was out with a bone bruise to his right foot, the same foot that caused him to miss 27 games last season.

But now things are finally starting to look up for Duke- they’re playing with an almost full roster (sophomore Chase Jeter currently out due to herniated disk), Coach K has returned from his absence following back surgery, Grayson Allen has taken reigns as a team leader, and the Blue Devils are on a 5-0 winning streak coming off a win against Clemson.  CBS has released 2017 NCAA bracketology predictions with Duke a current 4 seed. With this team the healthiest they have been all season and the return of their coach, the question is if the Blue Devils have enough time to prepare for March to be a national title contender.

This is a team with nine McDonald’s All-Americans and all of the right talent to win a national championship. After numerous setbacks, things are starting to look up for the Blue Devils. But with March quickly approaching, will Mike Krzyzewski be able to mold the cohesiveness this team has lacked all season when it counts?

What Kanye West is really thinking

Kanye West- a modern mystery. Though no one can explain some (read: most) of his wild behaviors, here are some pretty good theories of what is really happening inside his head.

Photo by Hollyscoop via YouTube
  1. Kanye’s reaction when he asks Kim to stop at McDonald’s and she says “we have food at home”
Photo by realmusiq via Flickr

2. “Maybe if I wear these sunglasses indoors I’ll be invisible…”

Photo by Mathieu Lebreton via Flickr

3. Although it looks like Kanye may be having a good time, he’s actually genuinely worried about the planet’s future in regards to global warming “where are the polar bears going to go…”


4. When someone is trying to call Kanye out about a public relations nightmare… “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead though.”

Photo by ORSVP NYC via Flickr5. “lfkjlarfa”

5.  Honestly, no one knew what Kanye was thinking here.

Photo by KimandKanye via Flick

6. While Kim seems totally ready for the picture, something seems to be bothering Kanye…. “Did I remember to close the garage before we left?”

Cloud 9 – my home away from home

9 South Congress Street, Athens, Ohio

From the outside, 9 South Congress Street looks just as any other typical student-rented house in Athens. After years of new groups of students consistently moving in and out, the walls of 9 South Congress Street have many stories to be told.  With the numerous memories created and relationships that have blossomed within this house, I am one of the lucky bobcats to have been able to call this place my Athens home. It has quickly become my home away from home.

The girls of 9 S. Congress Street outside of our house for SantaFest

9 South Congress, or Cloud 9 as my roommates and I like to call it, currently has 8 girls, a Siberian Husky, a cat, and a fish residing. Visitors are immediately greeted in our entryway leading to the living room which serves as the main hangout area for all of our r
oommates. With 2 couches and 3 chairs as well as plenty of floor space it is a great place for everyone to gather to play board games, play Mario Kart, watch movies, or simply sit and talk with each other about anything and everything.  The living room is filled with labels in case anyone forgets what the ceiling, floor, lamp, mirror, or other items may be. Our connected dining room hosts are wall of “fine art” consisting of an outdated llama calendar, university posters warning of meningitis, a plastic face, and more unique décor.

Tito the house dog sitting on the porch of Cloud 9

Luckily, all 8 roommates have their own bedrooms that are personalized to everyone’s preferences and lifestyle.  The bedrooms serve as the more personable spaces for smaller and more intimate conversations. Some of our greatest bonding sessions have come from small gatherings of 2-4 roommates and friends in each other’s bedrooms. The bedrooms also host great sleepovers among roommates to make us feel like we are 12 again.

Numerous delivery eateries around Athens know 9 S Congress Street very well. It is a house of 8 girls that eat like 20 men. Food is delivered to our house multiple times a week, and sometimes, even multiple times a night. Embarrassingly, some delivery drivers from the same place come to our house multiple times in the same night, our record being 5 separate Jimmy John’s deliveries in one night (even though we live a brisk walk through an alley away).

Cloud 9 has allowed the relationship my best friends and I have held over the years to flourish into something even greater.  My roommates have become my second family- my home away from home.  After growing up living with just myself and my parents, sometimes the crowd makes things extremely challenging, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I am so thankful for the memories I have from living in 9 South Congress and am so excited for the next groups of lucky bobcats that will be able to call this magical place home in the future.