7 reasons why one of the most feared creatures is also one of the best college pets

Meet Dr. Ervin a veterinarian at Ohio Valley Animal Clinic, “Serving the Southeastern Ohio Region since 2011.”

1. Adorable tininess

Source: flickr ArtBrom
Source: Flickr, ArtBrom

Smaller than dogs, larger than hamsters, these little guys can curl up in your hand, or sit on your shoulder, just as long as you can keep them from scurrying away. They take up a lot less space in any room so they are perfect for cramped college quarters.

Bonus: Many landlords, who charge for other pets, omit the charges for rodents.

2. Loyalty

Source: Melanie Foster

After the interview, Dr. Ervin said he had removed a tumor from a rat and when the little guy was waking up, he heard his owner’s voice and that helped him regain consciousness and recover faster. Rats are also curious about what you’re doing and will come find you to say “hi” upon exiting their cages to play.

3. Cleanliness

Source: Youtube

Did you ever see a dog give himself a bath? Rats are very hygienic. Rats spend several hours each day cleaning themselves! Which is way longer than the average college kid.

4. Intelligence

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

5. Snack time

Melanie Foster via imigflip
Source: Melanie Foster via imigflip

While 80 percent of their diet should come from their fortified food, the other 20 percent can come from fruits and veggies that humans, like us, eat! They can even have chocolate, in moderation…like on Valentine’s Day and after a breakup.

6. They’re just so misunderstood

Okay, they did help spread The Black Plague during The Dark Ages. That fact combined with the masses’ general fear of rodents probably keeps rats out of the running for world’s cutest pets.

7. Fame

From Ratatouille to The Tale of Despereaux, rats have made appearances as cute, loveable creatures that largely come off as talented, smart and adorable. Speaking of famous, celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Rupert Grint have rats as pets!

Back to school again, parents at OU relive their younger days

Every year, hundreds of Ohio University parents prepare for a weekend throwback to their college days. One of the many, many, weekends geared towards families. The University ensures that there is plenty to do around campus to keep the elders busy by things other than booze.

So, what were parents up to this weekend?

Many families opted to check out the football game. Some students stayed to watch the whole thing, even after they saw Marching 110 perform. If you missed the game, never fear, tons of reporting was done because everyone loves sports. In short, OU won and Garden-Webb lost.

Ohiobobcats, a CBSi affiliate do an excellent job of serving up exactly how the game played out and offers readers a chance to go in-depth or just stick with the basics.

Sticking with some outdoor fun, Outdoor Pursuits offers students and their families activities such as zip lining, and campfires!

Some families prefer nightlife at Ohio University choosing to check out special events and shows. The Union featured Athen native musicians, check out some cool photojournalism done by WOUB’s Joe Votaw.

Maybe, you were looking for a laugh or wanted to see a professional illusionist, parents weekend was filled with shows right on campus. Including a magician from Broadway and a famous improv group from Chicago. Ohio University event services break down all the events on an easy to use calendar. So, no excuses missing anything else that’s coming up!

For a complete list of events that occurred this week the best site, is actually the most generic coming straight from Ohio Universities Compass. Listing loads of events, prices, and details it’s easy to find what went on this weekend.

Of course, some parents still opted to relive their rowdy college days and ignored all school functions…

If you’re like me your parents probably didn’t even know it was their weekend. Don’t worry, there’s three other designated weekend for family fun. Up next, dad’s weekend (Nov. 4-6)! In 2017, siblings and moms are invited up during February and March respectively. Luckily, no planning goes into these weekends because OU won’t fail to have plenty to choose from.

Not just a room for your bed anymore: why bedrooms are the best rooms

Have you had a long day of back-to-back classes? Do you have to pull an all-nighter for an exam tomorrow? You’re not only exhausted but simply cannot face changing out of your sweats or even taking a shower. Once your day or week is over, you simply need a place to go and relax and not worry about anything at all. This personal oasis is right under your nose, your bedroom.

I’m sure you’ve been through the phase of shutting yourself in your room for hours on end and if your mom is anything like mine she got tired of that real quick. But, maybe your “angsty” teenage self had the right idea because, bedrooms rock.

My bedroom/living room/study
My bedroom/living room/study

Now featuring your favorite colors, blankets, clothes, pets and you get to decide who’s in and who’s out. So cuddle up, buckle down and get comfortable.

Need more proof?

  • They are filled with your favorite things, like your bed
  • Wear anything you want to…or do not want to
  • You’re the boss, you decide who stays, and who goes
  • “Netflix and Chill”
  • Your favorite four-legged creatures
  • Two words: alone time

Speaking of alone time, a Huffington Post article shared that there’s more to alone time than not having to interact with strangers. Being by yourself can get your creative juices flowing, and clear your mind when you need to destress. If that’s not enough to convince you, alone time can even help you work harder. All of that can really help clear school work off your plate so you have even more time for the important things in life: TV and sleep.

Being in college can be tough so alone time is important, BUT, so is sleep. Sleep improves memory, so if you want an A on your next exam go ahead and hit the snooze. Do you find yourself falling asleep during your 8 a.m. class? Rest up, sleep can even help improve your attention.

Photo from Flickr, Phalinn Ooi
Photo from Flickr, Phalinn Ooi

Bonus points for not having to walk home, because you’re already there! Did I mention the soft, cozy, comfortable bed yet? Locked away in your personal castle, you are surrounded by anything you might need. Sweat pants, better grades and being close to a kitchen, life does not get any more restorative than your bedroom.

15 S. High Street
15 S. High Street

6 ways living in a dorm is like being in jail

Sometimes, living in a small space with multiple people can get a bit difficult. No one wants to clean, food goes missing, sharing showers is a pain, and never having alone time gets old…the real question is are you shaking up with other college students or are you doing some hard time behind bars?

1. Tiny Living –

Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghan
Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghlan

The average living space in a dorm, according to The Register-Mail, is 228 square feet. You can go ahead and cut that number in half since you will have at least one roommate. So, 114 square feet for all your stuff. Luckily, criminals do not have a lot of clothing because they live, on average, in 48 square feet. So a little under half the space, but with A LOT less stuff.

2. Mess Halls

Via Youtube
Source: Youtube

Having no place to cook, both college students and jail birds are forced to eat what they are served, at specific times, in a specific place. So, grab a tray and eat up. It may taste a little funky but it is FOOD!!!!

3. Tip: Never Trust ANYONE

Via pixabay, public domain
Source: pixabay, public domain

Random room checks? You bet ya! Do not worry, criminals go through this too. Any contraband items will be taken. You may be an adult, but you still have to play by the rules “the man” makes.

4. So you have to pay the bills….

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Also, if you want a job, you’re pretty confined to university gigs. Although you will probably have more options than the men in orange, who pick from carpentry, sewing, working in the dining halls, dealing with metal. Wait, honestly, those are good life skills, where can I sign up?

5. Grounded for life

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 07.06.29 pm
Source: FlickR Joe C

I hope you were not planning on driving anywhere this weekend because if this is your first year, no car for you. Don’t worry you’re in good company, inmates are not allowed on weekend getaways either.

6. Back to school again…

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Finally, the reason you’re even in the dorm room, education. Lots of jails allow their prisoners to study and take college courses. I bet a study buddy system between the prison and your school would be pretty popular!