This Is CLE: Rowing

In the city of Cleveland, Ohio, people’s lives often revolve around the sporting scene. Whether it is the Cavaliers, the Browns, or the Indians, many Clevelanders are die-hard fans. But underneath the main sporting layer lies a quiet competitor: rowing.

The Cuyahoga River courses around the city with it’s five different S-curves, proving to be a force in and of itself. Normal people would look at it, remember how it caught fire not long ago, and avoid it completely. But a brave few will go to the Burning River and use it to their advantage. These are the rowers that make up the different crews. This is CLE: Rowing.

Readheads gone wild: Athens addition

With the semester officially half over, a little family time is a necessity. Maddie and Spencer (who are not siblings I promise) live in Indiana and decided to come stay the weekend for a little family get together. And as college students/recent graduates, food is obviously close to their hearts. So on this edition of “Redheads Gone Wild,” here is us taking on Athens

Parents, retreats, and careers, oh my!

As Ohio University’s Parents Weekend draws to an end, the week ahead hold potential for the students who spent the weekend out to get a jump start on their professional lives.

Ambassadors soaking up the sunshine before doing more team building

Ohio University’s Career and Leadership Development Center hosts two Career Fairs, the first of which occurring Monday and Tuesday, the 26th and 27th. The Career Fairs are specifically designed to help students of all ages find jobs, whether they are freshmen looking for summer internships or seniors in need of full time jobs. The CLDC also offered assistance for students before the fairs, so that the students who come will have all the skills necessary to get the jobs they want and make a great first impression.

To help prepare for the fair, the student ambassadors who work in the CLDC went on a retreat for the majority of the day Saturday. This retreat was designed to help them build a cohesive unit amongst them, reinforcing the connections they have as they go into the busy week.

Just one of the team bonding exercises, the ambassadors wrote what they find most inspiring about the other students around their hands

With activities like kayaking, Pictionary, and other team building exercises, the student ambassadors were able to build their team spirit for the fair.

Student Ambassadors after a day on the water

With the new week rolling in, students can start the week off with success, and possibly a new job opportunity after going to the Career Fair, lead by the staff in the Career and Leadership Development Center.

The calmest place on Court


img_6491Many coffee shops in Athens are similar: typical menu, some treats for those with a sweet tooth. Donkey Coffee and Espresso, however, is in a league of it’s own. The atmosphere itself just radiates calm and a sense of tranquility.

When you walk into Donkey, the first thing you notice is the lack of noise, save for those nights they have bands or poetry readings. The coffee maker chugs along and the rooms smell like baked goods and a spice that you can’t quite put your finger on. The coffee list covers everything from teas, to foreign concoctions, to frilly creations that only a man in a kilt and half shaved head could perfect.

The baked goods are out of this world. Mainly organic, some made in house, they are perfect snacks for a college kid who has no actual time to get dining hall meals. The seats are like being back at home: just broken in enough to make them possibly the most comfortable seat to catch up on the work that all students procrastinate.

The people who frequent Donkey Coffee are usually the same. They are the people who are friends with Kenny, the man in the kilt. They are college students looking for a quite place to do work away from campus but close to Court Street. They are the people who live in Athens, not just frequent to bars. They know the ins and outs of Court, the best places to find adventure, and the best place to get a good, organic cup of coffee.

Donkey is my place of calm. When I need a good cup of tea like my mama used to make and a chair that feels like home, I go there. It is like my hug from home without having to make the drive.


7 reasons why dolls are actually the worst


Dolls are universally known as being horrifying. There is a very good reason why B-list directors base their horror films off these little lifelike creatures.  Sure, they can be all cute and super fun for kids. But there is also a huge reason why a large portion of them are haunted or just flat out creepy.


1. Like this doll who is definitely going to watch you sleep.

You know that if she were on your nightstand, her head would turn.


2. This lil’ fella who will laugh at you at the creepiest times.

There is literally a horror film (Dead Silence) that is all about these ventriloquist dummies that kill people? That right there is enough to make any person, no matter how brave, run for the hills.


3. And this one that probably has a purpose besides being the worst, but is not doing it properly.

Why can you take the organs out? Is this really necessary for anyone to use? I do not think so.


4. This doll that has black eyes very unnecessarily.

This young lady looks like she is the reason an entire house was abandoned in the middle of dinner because she walked in and asked for a bowl.


5. And her eyes actually move because she is alive and totally horrifying.

Her face is cracked because something was trying to get out and you know this is totally true and probably one of the worst things ever.


6. This one who’s smile gets bigger, and scarier, the longer you look at her.

That’s either a smile or a grimace and it is unknown which, but whichever it is, everyone knows that it is what nightmares are made of. And can we talk about the incredibly lifelike eyes? And the wrinkles that have occurred because she neVER CLOSES THOSE SCARY HUMAN EYES.


7. And finally, this army of dolls that can’t wait to meet you.

There is one looking directly into the camera and into your soul.


Dolls are the worst. There is no way around this fact.

Good luck sleeping tonight!