An Ohio Bobcats Football Season Recap

With an 8-4 overall standing after a monumental victory over Northern Illinois University on November 24, the Ohio Bobcats are finishing the season with their best record since the 2013-2014 season. The Bobcats arrived at an NIU that upheld a 22 game winning streak for the month of November and left as the team who would not allow the streak to reach 23.

Now fans and officials alike are left to wonder not if the ‘Cats will be participating in a bowl game, but exactly what game they will be attend. According to ESPN, it is likely that Ohio will be participating in the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The 2014-2015 season put an end to a bowl-visiting streak that lasted for five seasons, so this is the team’s chance to reclaim the running number.

Before coming out on top, the Bobcats battled a mid-season struggle. Injured players including the team’s first and second-string quarterbacks Derrius Vick and JD Sprague and a MAC Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Quentin Poling, contributed to a three game losing streak against Western Michigan, Buffalo and Bowling Green. A combined score for the three games totaled at 152-55. Many of those points came from the Nov. 4 Bowling Green game that left the ‘Cats trailing behind the Falcons at 62-24.

Both sides of the team seemed to regain strength for the Nov. 10 game against Kent State. The dominating win against the Golden Flashes at 27-o carried the ‘Cats into two more victories against Ball State and the NIU Huskies. According to a report from Ohio Bobcats, Coach Frank Solich was proud of his team for making a comeback. “You just don’t always bounce back. You can go into a downward spiral and just keep going down. But to their credit, they pulled themselves out of that downward spiral and they started playing the kind of football they were capable of playing,” Solich said.

Some overall season statitstics — A total of 41 touchdowns were scored and an average point value scored per game reached 27.4, compared to that of the opponents at 24.8 points. 270 first downs were made with an average rushing yardage of 187.1 and an average passing yardage of 238.4. 14 out of 20 attempted field goals were scored.


How are OU Students Watching Professional Sports?

As an upperclassman living off-campus who can’t afford over-priced cable packages, my boyfriend and I found ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wings on Union St. watching game three of the MLB World Series. Not to mention, beer and wings are always welcome while enjoying America’s favorite pastime. Now as the NFL season is in full-swing and basketball season approaches, students everywhere are getting creative when it comes to finding ways to watch their favorite teams.

Online streaming has become a very popular way for students and people everywhere to access professional sporting events. For students whose ride-or-die teams are out of the homestretch of Athens, OH, streaming services especially come in handy. Depending on the service students choose to use, some even have the option to stream on their smartphones at any location.

I watch (the game) on my phone and scare my roommates,” said passionate Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Kelsie Malloy. 

635748128968195773-NFLSundayTicket.TV-UDirecTV has created a promotion package that makes it easier for college students away from home to watch their home teams play. This promotion is called NFLSundayTicket.TV U and offers a discounted subscription for students to watch a full season of games via any streaming device of their choosing. The subscription requires students to be attending  a four-year university and confirms student enrollment by finding potential subscribers under student record. So, there’s no way anyone can pose for a student discount.

Although streaming is convenient, most quality services cost a fee of some sort. That doesn’t stop some students from finding the game.

“I download live stream links along with multiple computer viruses,” said Allyson Clifton, Ohio University junior and Cincinnati Bengals fan.

So it’s important to be careful when trying to (illegally) stream a game online.

The off-campus residents who actually pay for cable are few and far between. However, those who do have it for the main purpose of watching sports. These passionate fans bite the bullet of pricy cable packages out of love for their teams, although they’re still not happy about the bill that arrives in the mail box.

“I do watch them at home,” said Cleveland Browns fan Ben Rottersman, “the fact that I have to bundle to get what I want is outrageous.”

Some students say that a football game isn’t complete without a bar full of fellow fans surrounding them. Others disagree and think that groups of drunk football fans are too extreme and overwhelming.

Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

Although Rottersman watches most football games in the comfort of his living room sofa, he still joins other Browns fans at Cat’s Eye Saloon on Court St. every Sunday. “It’s an official Browns backer bar, part of the Browns organization,” he said.

Even though she’s also a Browns fan, Allison Danielle said the bars are always too crowded. “I watch ESPN on my computer,” she said.

Most people who do go Uptown to watch football, find a bar and stick to it. Many of the bars are known for being representative of a certain NFL team. So when game day nears, be sure not to stumble into the wrong bar with the wrong name and number on your back.

Uptown Athens welcomes Heady Beans Coffee to its food truck family

The bricked streets of Uptown Athens, Ohio, would never be the same without the many food truck businesses lining the way, ready to serve up unique cuisine at all times. A new food truck business has joined the club and has been parked on Union St. across from Schoonover Center since the week of Halloween.

Heady Beans Coffee Espresso Bar & Smoothies is the first of its kind Uptown, as a fully operative coffee shop and smoothie bar for students and Athens locals on the go. Unknown by many, Heady Beans Coffee started as a storefront in Loveland, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. The company then decided to expand to the festival scene in order to grow its business.

“This is our mobile trailer, which we typically take to other festivals, and now that Festival season is over we decided to throw it up here and see if we could dig into this business,” Heady Beans employee and operator of their food truck, Travis Gates said.

As the first mobile-only coffee cart close to Court St., Heady Beans wants to build a coffee niche within the Athens food truck industry. “Our goal is to supplement the coffee scene and bring it something that it doesn’t have,” Gates said. Athens does keep quite a few coffee shops close to its heart, but OU students gladly welcome any caffeine source they can get on their way to campus.

“I plan on stopping there on my way to class from now on since it’s right across from Schoonover, and the coffee was fantastic,” Taylor Maple, third-year journalism student said.

Because Heady Beans is new to the area, business has gotten off to a slow start. However, Gates has hope that his Heady Beans family will grow here in Athens. He said that Halloween may not have been the best weekend for the grand opening because people were more into slowing down then getting amped up on coffee. But he also said that people saw them in action and that business is gathering steam.

Heady Beans puts a lot of time and effort into finding the best coffee beans available for its customers. All coffee that is brewed under the Heady Beans name is fair trade and is customarily roasted by a roaster in Cincinnati. The beans are then sent to Athens, where the company is headquartered, and the roast is tweaked to perfection. Anyone can purchase his or her own bag of Heady Beans at the food truck location in Athens.

No matter the time of day, Heady Beans is most likely available to provide a caffeine fix or a smoothie break. It’s open from 7 a.m. to “darkish,” Gates said.

5 Athens restaurants suited for a romantic date night

More options than any one person can name come to mind when talking about drunk food in Athens. However, if a couple of love birds are planning a fancy date, the options are surprisingly narrowed. Although the pickings might be slim, the few Athens restaurants that are fit for Date Night are well worth a visit.


Athens restaurants | Athens Ohio romance
Presenting the perfect balance of fancy and comfortable, Zoe is the perfect place for a first date.

Located at 24 1/2 East State St., Zoe’s French-American cuisine offers the ideal fine-dining experience for a romantic date while maintaining a  comfortable and local asthetic. Zoe is known for it’s friendly wait staff and exceptional food presentation, fitting for any couple of bobcats in love.

Cutler’s Restaurant

Athens restaurants | Athens Ohio romance
There’s a piano player, too. Remember, the fork is always to the left.

Looking to play dress-up and really get fancy with dinner? Cutler’s is the place to go for super-special occasions. Located inside The Ohio University Inn, the restaurant provides a private dining area for couples on Valentine’s Day. It’s a black-tie affiar complete with red table cloths and a single rose for the lady. However, if a special dinner is nearer than Valentine’s Day is, Cutler’s is still a great option for a classy night out.

Thai Paradise

Athens restaurants | Athens Ohio romance
This exquisite interior decor makes you wonder how this place is located between The Smiling Skull and Union Street Diner.

If you’re in the mood for oriental but don’t feel like settling for takeout, Thai Paradise is an oriental cuisine paradise within walking distance for any OU student. The eclectic, little spot offers moonlit seating when the weather allows, complete with a cocktail named after dragons and a pad Thai dish that is to die for.


Athens restaurants | Athens Ohio romance
Sol’s dishes look too pretty to eat.

If the upcoming winter tries to freeze your love life, keep the heat alive with Sol Restaurant’s Caribbean cuisine. Sol aims to make its customers feel as though they’re vacationing on a beach somewhere.

What’s more romantic than a beach?

Also, a couple of brunch lovers won’t regret visiting Sol’s Court St. location on the weekends for brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The best part? Bottomless mimosas.

Purple Chopstix

Athens restaurants | Athens Ohio romance
Many don’t know that Purple Chopstix is a BYOB establishment. Yes, please.

Although some may be disappointed by the lack of actual purple chopstix at this neat little restaurant, the elaborate dishes made with fresh local ingredients in a cozy dining environment will make up for it. Ed fisher opened the joint on Richland Ave. in 1989, and now, he and his son work together in the kitchen to provide customers with high-quality meals and experience. The outdoor dining bridge seats a couple in the perfect romantic setting for a date night.

The next time you think that the only eatery for a date is Big Mama’s Burritos, think again. But if Big Mama satisfies your romantic date night needs, I’m not one to judge.

Bluetique Athens offers a positive experience to shoppers and employees

What once was an independently-owned photography shop on West State St. in Athens, is now a trendy and student-friendly boutique where fashion meets fun. Known as Bluetique, the shop opened this August and is a sight for sore eyes when it comes to the shopping market in small town Athens, Ohio.

Exposed brick and antiqued display tables mimic a New York stationed Urban Outfitters, but the Ohio University bobcat green still holds a place on the floor. After the loss of Kismet, a beloved local fashion boutique to last year’s Union St. fire, Bluetique offers Athens fashion enthusiasts a breath of fresh air with a variety of styles to explore.

Bluetique's chic atmosphere is unlike any other Athens fashion boutique.
Bluetique’s chic atmosphere is unlike any other Athens fashion boutique.

After having opened multiple other locations in college towns like Oxford, Ohio and Bowling Green, Kentucky, the owners decided it was time for Athens to become a part of the Bluetique family. “They thought Athens was a neat little town, they really liked it and they wanted to put a business here,” said Athens Bluetique Store Manager Marissa Whaley. According to Whaley, the couple of owners scoped out the perfect location in Athens for a few years before deciding to land the new store next to O’Betty’s Red Hot on West State St.

In the short time that it has been open, Athens Bluetique set itself apart from other shops around town. “It’s the perfect mix, you see every one of all ages come in,” said Jodie Gipson, Bluetique employee and OU student.  While working, Gipson has witnessed middle-aged women shopping for sweaters, and has also helped a 5-year-old pick out jewelry. Other Athens fashion boutiques are smaller in size, which tend to limit their ability to offer a variety of options. “I think we offer more of a selection,” said Gipson. “We have everything from preppy business clothes to fringy boho jackets.” Bluetique can also personalize just about anything with monogramed initials or a bobcat paw print, which is another element that makes the store unique.

Each Bluetique location is set up and run a little differently. According to Manager Whaley, based on her knowledge of the other stores, Athens Bluetique is different from the others in that it is more accessible to students. “You have to drive,” said Whaley, referring to the Lexington, Kentucky store.

It’s safe to say that all of Whaley’s employees are college students, some of whom are pursuing degrees in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development. Both Whaley and Gipson agreed that working for Bluetique will help student employees in their future careers. Gipson is a fashion student herself, and made it clear that the workers aren’t there to solely fold clothes and operate cash registers. They are asked to collaborate with all branches of management for Bluetique as a whole. Authority figures from multiple locations within the company visit Athens on a regular basis to check on the store’s progress and talk with the Bluetique girls. “It gives them an aspect of what we do,” said Whaley.

As someone who has worked for many different retail companies including Express and Justice, Gipson made it clear that Bluetique is a great company to work for. “Everyone’s so connected,” said the OU senior, referring to the owners and their relationship with each individual Bluetique location.

Bluetique keeps up with the college students by interacting with them via social media. The company is well established on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and also has created separate Instagram and Twitter accounts for its different locations. The accounts keep followers informed of sales and provide fashion inspiration, all in hopes to shape some avid Bluetique shoppers.

Every customer who stops into Bluetique has the chance to leave appearing more glamorous than before visiting. A free pair of pearls is offered to every customer who stops by, along with free customized bottles of water to keep a serious shopper hydrated, and impressively sized candy jars for the occasional sweet tooth while snatching up a sale. Without a doubt, Athens Bluetique has something enjoyable for everyone.


*All photographs used in this article are property of Court Street Stories.

10 reasons to visit Athens’ newest shop: Honey Lingerie and Sex Store

Honey's walls are lined with a diverse collection of lingirie, varying in sizes, colors, and fashions.
Honey’s walls are lined with a diverse collection of lingerie, varying in sizes, colors, and fashions.

13 West Union St. of Athens, Ohio is sexier now than ever before. Honey Lingerie and Sex Store is owned  by Meredith Allan, former store manager of Kismet, a fashion boutique lost in the fire that struck West Union Street this past November. According to an article published by The Post, Allan opened the store with her boyfriend as a start to a new chapter in life, and to provide an empowering and comfortable environment for women to explore their sexual sides. These are only 10 of many reasons to stop in and experience what Honey has to offer.

1. Body Positivity

Empowering her customers and promoting body positivity is very important to Allan and her store’s image. In fact, every time a customer looks in the mirror she receives an encouraging message painted on the mirror frame  – “Hello, gorgeous!”

2. Style Variety

From vintage high-waisted lace pin-up panties to contemporary chic, Honey caters to the fashion needs of all honeybees.

3. Internationally Made Products 

Allan special orders product from all around the world to sell in her store. Just in, the best of Polish bras and lingerie.

4. Green Goddess Friendly

According to an announcement on the company’s Facebook page, Honey also provides its earth-loving customers with panties made from all organic cotton, handmade in the United States.

5. Jewelry

Nothing steps up someone’s fashion game, lingerie style or not, like accessorizing. Honey knows this far too well and has a display full of jewelry just waiting to be paired with any purchase.

6. Hooping Honeys

Honey supports other local business and the inner hula-hooper of all Honeybees by selling locally and handmade hula hoops that will accompany any outfit put together there quite nicely.

7. Wild Honey

Honey encourages all customers not to be ashamed of their inner wild honey, but to embrace it by checking out all the adventurous sex toys that are available at its location. Of course, Honey maintains a classy boutique environment by keeping the adult toys behind the wild honey partition.

8. Unique Fashion Selection

Shop Honey not only for nighttime attire, but for the little black dress every woman needs as a part of their wardrobe. Beyond the racks of corsets and lace panties are some classy fashion pieces that any woman would love to add to her closet.

9. Customer Service

It is important to Allan that women of all body types are able to shop at Honey and feel confident and sexy in anything they might purchase. With that being said, Allan is more than happy to specially order any size or design of lingerie for her customers if they can’t be found in store.

10. Comfortable and Safe Environment

Most importantly, Honey strives to be a place where women don’t have to be ashamed to shop for their sex life. Furthermore, Allan encourages women to shop for lingerie out of love for their own bodies. “It should be something that you can shop for and not feel shameful,” The Post said.

Since opening in July 2015, Honey has sparked an interest in many students and Athens locals alike, and continues to do so. Allan and her co-owner are still working on a set schedule for the hours of operation, but for now, don’t hesitate to join the honeybees Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 6 p.m. as well as Friday and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 8.

Honey is located at 13 West Union St. next to Uptown Grill.
Honey is located at 13 West Union St. next to Uptown Grill.