No update on investigation of suspicious note

oupd email screenshotAbout two weeks ago, Ohio University Police Department, OUPD, sent an email to students and school employees containing a message from Chief Andrew Powers regarding a suspicious note they found “mentioning a violent act”.

Even though the note didn’t mention a specific place or person, it was enough to make the Police Department express concern being only six days removed from the tragedies in Paris.

Chief Powers later described changes in security measures that recently happened as a result of “world events” (likely meaning the attacks on Paris and elsewhere) and advised that university employees and students “be attentive to their work spaces and observant of their surroundings.”

Although there was no threat expressed in the note and the risk was “very low”, OU police still investigated it. However, since then there have been no announcements or updates and Chief Powers could not be reached for comment on the OUPD investigation.

In all, there’s no reason to believe that anyone was or is in any danger, but this just goes to show the effects that acts of terrorism have on the mindsets of everyone all over the world, regardless of place of residency.

Halloween costumes are serious investments for those attending the block party on Court Street

DSC00002Re-selling Halloween costumes is not a popular option for attendees of HallOUween. Plenty have bought their unique costumes (sometimes with future use in mind) and are planning on keeping them if not to use again, then at least for the memories.


Hannah, 24, bought a yellow jumpsuit from an adult website to complete her version of The Bride from the Kill Bill movies, but she has no plans to sell it, saying, “On, it was either this or an $80 display costume.”
Chad, dressed as Indiana Jones, says he would consider selling his costume on eBay or Craigslist only if he had to.DSC00004


Garret says he’s never going to sell his WWII style bomber cap which he got from Athens Underground in “one of the best deals I’ve come across in a while.”DSC00007


For Jacob Solether, his Stormtrooper costume is going to continue being useful by the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and he plans on wearing it at baseball games. The only place he would ever consider selling it, however, would be at comic-con.

For many, dressing up for the block party on Halloween is a valuable investment that is not taken lightly. For these few, it’s one they’ve made for most of the foreseeable future.

Reviewing the best pizza in Athens

Staying healthy is a hard task in college. Students are either eating too much junkfood or just not eating enough. Either way, the fact that pizza is so readily available on campuses (including this one) is both a blessing and a curse. Regardless of whether you’re healthy or not, pizza is essential to surviving the stress of college. Here are what I thought of the pies from three different venues in Athens.


GoodFella’s is the only regularly by-the-slice pizza in Athens (unless you count the dining halls, and I don’t). And I don’t know who would want to compete with them. Pizza for lunch may not be ideal (though it’s easy to see the competitive advantage GoodFella’s has) and it’s a little expensive, but it is worth it here.

Crust: the pizza at Good Fella’s is made in a square pan-style and the crust is very thick. But it’s also soft and quite tasty. It’s actually a little sweet. It still tastes like pizza crust, though. And it’s good. A

Sauce: the tomato sauce is bright red and has a light, pure taste to it. The only problem is that there isn’t enough of it, possibly because of how much space the crust takes up. B

Cheese: The cheese is decent. It’s nothing special, but it’s not cardboard tasting stuff that many small pizzerias depend on. B

Toppings: There isn’t much offered here outside of pepperoni, but every day there is a different specialty pizza available which can be anything from bacon mac-and-cheese pizza to pesto style. Also, the pepperoni is pretty good. B

Overall: Good Fella’s is not a world class pizza joint. It is a place where you can get a simple slice of pizza for lunch. And that slice might not fill you up, but it will taste good. B


Courtside Pizza (which does offer pizza by-the-slice on designated nights) is a solid option for delivery if you’re bored with chains.

Crust: The crust is a little crunchy and not too dominating. It also tends to get really greasy. That definitely has its upside, though. B

Sauce: The sauce at Courtside Pizza is rich and red. There’s also plenty of it (which, in my opinion, results in a better pie). This can make a slice messy, but I think it’s worth it. A

Cheese: As with the sauce, there is no shortage of cheese on a pizza from Courtside pizza. But again, I think it’s justified. The cheese is messy, but it tastes great and complements the sauce perfectly. A

Toppings: Courtside Pizza has all the regular toppings, but is also willing to make pizzas with anything from buffalo chicken to potatoes. A

Overall: Courtside Pizza is a number of things. It is messy, greasy, and stuffed with ingredients. It is also delicious. A


Plus-1 Pizza is the closest you can get to a national chain in Athens without patronizing a national corporation.

Crust: The crust at Plus-1 is either thin or hand-tossed that is intriguingly close to pan-style. The hand-tossed is tasty, but it’s also greasy and a little hard to chew. It does deserve credit for creativity thanks to the “topper seasonings,” such as garlic herb, butter cheese, and ranch that are available, though.  B

Sauce: The sauce at Plus-1 isn’t great and it’s not terrible. It’s just kind of there. It’s got some taste, but it’s really just filler between the cheese and the crust. If that doesn’t appeal to you, though, you might prefer to choose a different one from the seven others that are available. B

Cheese: The cheese was really impressive. Instead of just using mozzarella, Plus-1 uses a blend of both mozzarella and provolone. If that’s not enough, delicacies like smoked gouda and asiago are also available. The asiago was unique and that set it apart for me. A

Toppings: As far as toppings go, Plus-1 offers a number of interesting options, ranging from the normal with a twist (three different pepperoni types to choose from) to the bizarre (rib-eye steak). For me, though, it was enough to stick with regular pepperoni and it worked out well. After that, you can even choose to have sauce on top of the pizza such as garlic or ranch. B

Overall: Plus-1 was definitely the most interesting of the pizzas I tried. But interesting doesn’t always equal great. While it’s certainly doesn’t hurt to take risks, the ones Plus-1 took don’t help the pizza enough to ensure an A grade. B

Pizzas are served in multiple different tastes and shapes. Pizza is hard to screw up. Bad pizza isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s a good thing most of the pizza in Athens, a college town, is good. And Courtside Pizza is the best (at least, out of the three that I tried).

Reviewing the best cheeseburgers on Court Street

Breaks in between classes are usually only good for one thing: eating lunch. But sometimes, the normal fresh fruit or salad gets boring. Sometimes a greasy sandwich with beef and cheese is the best thing to quell your hunger. But where are the best places to get cheeseburgers around Court Street?


Wendy’s has, by far, the greasiest cheeseburgers. This is especially true if— like me— you enjoy bacon on them.

Hamburger: The “Always fresh, never frozen” patties served at Wendy’s are tender, yet hearty and tasty. Watch out for grease dropping as you take bites, though. A

Cheese: Wendy’s uses pretty basic sliced yellow, processed cheese- nothing too bold or tasty for the international chain. C

Toppings: A Wendy’s cheeseburger comes with all the usual toppings, such as lettuce, tomato and onion. Or you can get one without any toppings. You can even get some OK bacon on your sandwich. B

Buns: Wendy’s doesn’t use sesame seed buns on their cheeseburgers, but theirs are OK for what they are. B

Overall: There is not much wrong with a Wendy’s cheeseburger and there shouldn’t be, considering it’s designed by a billion dollar corporation. But the high quality of the grade-A hamburger meat is not helped by its merely above average supporting cast. It’s still a good sandwich, though. B


The Uptown Grille, just a little ways down Union Street, cooks several different sandwiches for customers who are on the go, but its real value lies in its cheeseburgers.

Hamburgers: Uptown Grille’s hamburgers are lean and good. However, they’re on the skinny side so toppings are a must. B

Cheese: The cheddar that Uptown Grille uses complements the saltiness of the burger perfectly and is best when paired with a sauce like A1 or barbecue. A

Toppings: The bacon isn’t lean enough for my taste, but Uptown Grille is willing to put different sauces on your cheeseburger from buffalo sauce to, as previously mentioned, A1. B

Buns: Uptown Grille uses pretty standard rolls for buns, and they are not durable for the amount of grease that comes from the burger. Grease and any additional sauce added to the sandwich saturate its paper wrapping. If you’re eating on the go, make sure you have some napkins because you may have a mess. C

Overall: The ingredients in an Uptown Grille cheeseburger are not all perfect, but the sandwich tastes really good and is ideal for eating between classes. B


Now I would never promote day drinking (never!), especially if you’re underage. If on the off chance you want your cheeseburger at lunch to be served on a plate (but not—I repeat— not with a beer) in a relaxing atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with The Pub.

Hamburger: Tender, thick and juicy, The Pub’s quarter pounder is everything you’d want in a burger. A

Cheese: A simple slice of American melted just right is enough to complement the patty perfectly. A

Toppings: The bacon that The Pub uses is top notch and cooked to perfection and they don’t put an excessive amount of it on the cheeseburgers. In addition to the bacon, there is a variety of other toppings to choose from as well, including blue cheese and onion rings. The Pub can be forgiven for not offering many  sauces. A

Buns: The cheeseburgers at The Pub have standard buns (no sesame seeds), but the quality lies in the fact that they don’t suffer from being wrapped up in paper or used by a chain restaurant. A

Overall: The Pub has the best cheeseburgers in Athens. It’s impossible to think of anything wrong with them. They are by far the most impressive and that’s saying something because there are plenty of good burgers on Court Street. A+

So, follow this guide if you want to indulge in a cheeseburger for lunch or if you don’t want to settle for microwave sliders anymore. Eating a burger at one of the locations uptown will be worth your time and money.