7 Most Wanted Gifts for the Fashionistas

Holiday seasons are always full of joyful things and this year should be no exception. We have tastefully put together a list for you to shop for the wonderful fashionistas in your life! Everything on this list can be found in the boutiques on Court Street. So let’s peek into it!

1. Those that say you will never be complete without a pair of TOMS. Now it is a perfect time to get them for the seasonal colors are hard to come by!

$49.99 At Figleaf

2. Who doesn’t need a pop of red to stand out in the dead of winter when everyone else around you is wearing dull colors? This multicolor wool beanie has a protective inner layer of fleece that will add extra warmth to your body when the snow is blowing on you.

The Other Place
$11.99 at The Other Place

3. Starting to see the trend going on here? Bet you are! Burgundy, magenta, and just very intense, bright, saturated reds are the most sought after this season. Get them for the ones you love before they are gone, who doesn’t need an extra pair of leggings anyway?

The Other Place
2 for $16 at The Other Place

4. Flannel scarves are always going to be in trend whether or not you decide to move to mars one day. The color-block ones are especially guaranteed to make your fashionistas smile because they are highly versatile and will add more texture to your look.

The Other Place
$16.99 at The Other Place

5. Now some really fun things. This would probably be the cutest hat you would find on Court Street. CVS is now carrying Christmas hats and there are a few other options that you could choose from. $5.99 at local CVS.


6. These puffy earmuffs could be perfect stocking fillers. They are popular for the fun colors and the portable sizes. $25 at The Other Place


7. Finally, some treats! Ghirardelli never fails to come up with the most festive packaging designs that you just could not walk away from. Chocolate is the most chic and delightful gift of all time.

Left $4.99 Right $6.99 at local CVS


Athens County Food Pantry needs donations, volunteers

Editor’s note: In a nod to the Thanksgiving holiday, reporters for the Shopping section of Court Street Stories have decided to “shop” for a local charity. What better way to say “thanks” than to find an organization worthy of a donation or volunteer work?

33364_oh_45701_athens-county-food-pantry_acvThe Athens County Food Pantry is a non-profit organization that provides food for people in need. The organization is supported by volunteers and has no paid employees. The donations mostly come from individuals, groups and local churches in the Athens community.

According to Frank Hare, who works at the organization, students like to donate peanut butter, canned soups, vegetables and candy, but money is the most efficient when it comes to a donation.

“Money always helps the most because we use the money to get food from food banks where we can get a large amount of food with cheaper price,” Hare said.

The Pantry’s hours vary, and they suggest calling in advance before coming in for assistance. According to Hare, most food pantry organizations have a three-day emergency food supply service where people can get three days worth of food, three meals a day.

“We have to have some sort of limit on how much people can take. The three-day emergency service is limited to once a month and it usually works pretty well,” Hare said.

Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to donate or volunteer, call (740) 448-4041

For food assistance, call directly at 1-800-338-4484


The notorious Palmer Fest

Whether you are a partygoer or not, you are probably aware of the annual Palmer Fest if you are an Ohio University student or live in the Athens area. This fest has become one of Athens’ most recognizable events. On that note, let’s review some of the notorious instances that have taken place in recent years.


student being arrested
student being arrested

In 2010, Ohio University’s Student Senate set up “hydration stations” where volunteers passed out water to people who attended the fest, but this safety act did not prevent intoxicated people from lighting things on fire at the fest. An OU sophomore, who was 20 years old at the time, burned a couch at the fest. The student was charged with aggravated rioting and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges brought against him.




poster for safety campaign
poster for safety campaign

In 2011, the University Communications and Marketing designed a poster for the fest’s safety campaign. The poster featured a Las Vegas-style sign with the words “What happens in Athens stays on,” followed by the logos of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google, Myspace and YouTube. The idea behind this poster was to not only promote safety, but educate the students about the power of social media and how their actions could impact their careers, especially for seniors who were applying for jobs. In the meantime, OU Student Senate decided to work with Students Defending Students to make sure everyone knew about the difference between Halloween, a city-sanctioned street festival and the Spring fests, such as Palmer Fest, which are not city approved. The senate targeted on-campus students rather than off-campus students

Most recently, in 2012, a fire broke out at Palmer Fest and caused the evacuation of thousands of people who attended the fest. The fire was later ruled as arson, and all accidental causes were excluded by the investigators.


Video: 2012 Palmer Fest house fire

53d7e50fe4e54.imageAfter the fire, a five thousand dollar award was offered by the Athens Police Department to anyone who had information about the identification of the person or persons responsible for the fire.


The disruptive behaviors at Palmer Fest triggered Athens officials and law enforcement to reintroduce an old law in August 2012, which was the “Nuisance Party” law. The law was originally passed by the City Council in 2009 to give police the right to arrest people who continue to engage in disruptive behavior after a party has been shut down. More police manpower was enforced on the weekends to implement the nuisance party code.


fire truck at the Palmer fest
fire truck at the Palmer fest

Although things may seem out of hand at Palmer Fest, it is likely to remain as one of Athens’ most celebrated fests in the spring. Mayor Paul Wiehl said in 2012 after the fire that banning the fests would actually be “unconstitutional.” Instead, the city should do as much as possible to secure the fests.


A brief look at the Journalism buildings

Back of Scripps Hall
Back of Scripps Hall


“Scripps” is a familiar name to many students who attend Ohio University for it has been home of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism for 27 years. But did you know that prior to 1985, the building was named Carnegie Library, and later on changed to Carnegie Hall? Andrew Carnegie, whom the building was named after, was a Scottish multimillionaire, he contributed $30,000 toward the construction of Carnegie Library and it remained as Ohio University’s library until 1930.

In 1985, the building was renamed Scripps Hall in recognition of 1.5 million endowment established for the journalism school by the Scripps Howard Foundation to honor its founder E. W. Scripps.

Video: More about Scripps Journalism School

Schoonover Center for Communication


Schoonover Lounge

Now the Journalism school has moved to a brand new building, Schoonover Center for Communication. Faculty and staff finished moving into the building at the end of 2013. The building is named after Steven L. Schoonover, who graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from OU in 1967. Schoonover Center now houses WOUB Center for Public Media and all five schools of the Scripps College of Communication.

Authentic menus no longer a secret

Athens may be the smallest town you’ve ever visited, but when it comes to food diversity and authentic menus, it is not a place to overlook.

If you are a frequent eater at the various non-American restaurants uptown, you may have noticed the exotic-looking dishes that many foreign students had on their tables. They might have seemed somewhat exclusive in the past. Some people like to say that there are “secret menus” out there, but now all you have to do is ask for those menus. All of the Chinese restaurants on Court Street have updated their menus to both English and Chinese, and only the seasonal dishes that correspond to certain holidays in China will not be translated to English.

“Normally when we have seasonal dishes, we would promote them on the whiteboard outside, but we wouldn’t add them to the menu because they are not permanent dishes. It would cost a lot of money to update our menu every season,” said Kenny, owner of China King.

One of the reasons that most restaurants like China King don’t feel the need to make a separate menu for the seasonal dishes is because the only people who buy seasonal dishes are those who are already familiar with the food and grew up eating it. Only in a case like this would the menu not be translated to English.

Peking on North Court Street has just updated its full menu to both English and Chinese. It has a menu entirely in English with traditional “American-Chinese” meals and an authentic menu that has both Chinese and English on it, which used to be only in Chinese.

Bilingual menu at Peking
Bilingual menu at Peking
English menu at Peking for Americans
English menu at Peking for Americans

“Our buffet is popular for American people because that’s what Chinese food is to them. But, obviously it’s different for the Chinese students here. They want the real taste of home,” said Yu, co-owner of Peking. “We import some of our ingredients directly from China, some from China towns in New York and Chicago to ensure the original flavors. Sometimes people complain that the entrees are too expensive, but that’s because the ingredients and spices are hard to come by.”

While food options are becoming more open to all, the Chinese restaurants are keeping some of their services exclusive to those who order from the authentic menu. I noticed a very small delivery sign in Chinese at Peking that reads “Delicious home-style food from Peking is only a phone call away, varieties and flavors of your choice!”

This sign reads “Delicious home-style food from Peking is only a phone call away, varieties and flavors of your choice!”
This sign reads “Delicious home-style food from Peking is only a phone call away, varieties and flavors of your choice!”

According to Yu, the co-owner, he decided to make the delivery sign only in Chinese because he didn’t want delivery to be a regular service.

“The thing with our food, once it leaves the restaurant, it loses its freshness. And it’s the same with most Chinese food. So we don’t think it’s a good idea for people who order from the authentic menu to take it to go. That’s why our delivery starts at 30 dollars. And since very few Americans order, they only do the buffet; we decided not to translate it to English,” said Yu.

You could go on to Peking’s Facebook page for more details.

Like the Chinese restaurants, Star of India on West Union Street also provides both a buffet and a menu to order from. The only difference is, the food there has not been Americanized.

“We don’t do American style,” said Amar Jit, the owner. “Everything we have here is authentic Indian cuisine, including the buffet.”

Authentic imported Indian spices from Star of India
Authentic imported Indian spices from Star of India

Amar said that all of the spices they use at the restaurant come from Toronto, Canada, where a very large Indian population resides. They import naan, spices, tea, and other traditional Indian food essentials directly from India.


3 low-calorie lunches you’ll love

With London fashion week in full swing, the images of runway models may have succeeded in making you self-conscious about your weight. If so, you are not alone. Being a college student with an overloaded schedule isn’t always that hopeless when it comes to healthy/low calorie eating.

Let’s take a quick glance at the most accessible options that there are on Court Street within just a few steps of class. If you are smart about your choices, a quick low-calorie lunch under 500 calories is easily manageable.

Here are three recommended combinations:

image2Option 1
Kellogg’s cracker chips are probably the most satisfying when it comes to keeping the calories low. For example, some serving sizes include 25 chips for 120 calories in the Sour Cream and Onion flavor, and 28 chips for 120 calories in the Sea Salt flavor. With normal potato chips, you only get 14 to 15 chips for the same amount of calories.

Progresso’s Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup is a simple, 5-minute microwave meal that has only 200 calories in one can, which is two servings worth. Statistics have shown that adding a soup-based dish to your meal can ease your hunger and help you eat less.

Finish your quick lunch with a 100-calorie pack of pistachios, which provides just the right amount of healthy fats your body needs, and it will also keep you going for an extra couple of hours. Just a side fact, eating a handful of nuts every day significantly reduces cravings for greasy junk foods like fries and onion rings.
Total calorie count: 420

Option 2
Progresso’s Rich and Hearty Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables: 220

image4VITA coconut water, 120 calories, contains 920 milligrams of potassium, which will provide you the hydration you need and boost  your metabolism to another level.

1 pack of freeze dried mixed fruit, 150 calories, with no sugar added. You can get all the vitamins you need for the day from a natural snack like this, which could also ease sugar cravings if you have a sweet tooth.
Total calorie count: 490

Option 3
GLOBAL’s Salted Crackers

You may not have discovered this amazing Indian brand for crackers. These crackers are made with simple ingredients and they are bite size. For 45 crackers, you are only getting 140 calories. I personally don’t know how they made it possible, but as the label printed, 5 grams of total fat and 3 grams of sugar in those 45 crackers. Pretty amazing. What’s even better? You can find them in CVS for a dollar, and they have 8 servings per jar! They are simply a dream come true for people on a tight budget like us.

image11 cup of Chunky Chili Beef and Bean Roadhouse Soup are 220 calories. This would be a cheat meal if you are trying to shed those extra pounds. Beans contain mostly carbs (which we don’t want), but the chili sauce can kick your metabolism into high gear. The beef is a good source of protein that will keep you full throughout the day.

2 servings of Beef Jerky will add a flavorful touch to your diet with only 140 calories. Why not?
Total calorie count: 500