Activities to do in Athens other than party at Fests

Weekends in Athens are comparable to other college towns, the students spend most of their free time going to parties. The spring in Athens is full of parties outside houses and are what everyone talks about as the better weather encourages students to party outside instead of in small houses. Are you a student, prospective student or parent and want to know what other than partying you can do at OU? Here is a list of a number of other activities that you can do other than partying and the reasoning why you should do these.


The Ash cave at Hocking Hills. (Photo Credit: Always Shooting)

College is about learning to be efficient with your time and combining working out with being outside through hiking is a prime example. Athens is surrounded by parks and hiking trails that offer different experiences. All these parks have great views and are easy to hike around. Hocking Hills is the one most people go to but there are many others that are awesome to go to including Stroud’s Run State Park and Sells Park.

The Ridges

The Ridges (Photo Credit: )

The most haunted place on campus is The Ridges where there are many types of activities to partake in. The main building there used to be the mental health hospital Southeastern Ohio and is on a hill just across the Hocking River from the main part of OU. It is usually really busy right around Halloween so the best time to go is in the spring. There is an old cemetery there that is nice to look around and the whole area is a great place to explore. You might find something new every time you go!!!

Kennedy Museum of Art

The inside of the Kennedy Museum of Art (Photo Credit:

The Kennedy Museum of Art is part of The Ridges but deserves its own point as it is very different than the rest of the area. From the outside, you would not know that a museum is inside the old hospital as the outside is nondescript. The museum is very modern and houses exhibitions from students in the area that vary depending on the time of the year. Going once to see the exhibits is not enough as they are constantly changing.


The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is a great way to explore other areas without needing a car as it is a 21-mile long bike path between Athens and Nelsonville. You can also walk parts of the bike path if you want to. If you begin in Athens and go the full distance you end up in the Historic Square Arts District in Nelsonville that is a great place along with the whole town to check out.

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway in the spring (Photo Credit:

Organization Events

With so many university organizations there is always an event to go to that have such have such variety in what they are about. That means there is something for everyone to go to and most of these events are on weekends or when students are free as the leaders of the organizations are all students. One of the main events of the year is the International Week, which culminates in the International Street Fair put on by the International Student Union.



Most students do not have much money to spare while at college but if they are not spending the little money they have on partying they can use it for other activities. That money can be used to go shopping at local clothing stores that have very interesting clothes and not that expensive. These stores are a perfect example of what Athens is and are a great place to meet like-minded people while looking through clothes.


The Athena Cinema at night. (Photo Credit: Katherine Egli)

There are a few movie theaters in Athens and they are a good place to go in the evenings or if you want to take your mind off whatever for a few hours. The Athena Cinema is the most known as it hosts many events and has movies and documentary shown for a couple of days. Sometimes the filmmaker comes also and has a talk about the movie.


Most sporting events cost money but being a student you get in for free. Well, you pay for it in your tuition and student fees but you aren’t losing any money out of your pocket when you go to the events. Baseball and softball are the two teams around in the spring that are often playing in Athens on the weekend. Saturdays are usually the days these teams play most of their games so you can be watching sports for most of the day instead of partying. Always good to support teams that bring glory to OU.


The activity that costs no money at all is hanging out with friends and just relaxing on weekends. During the week, everyone is very busy with schoolwork so there is very little time to hang out. There are so many possibilities to do when with a group of friends that don’t include going out and partying. Some of those include playing board games and video games along with just sitting around talking to get to know everyone better. There are also activities that you can do by yourself like watching movies and sports on TV.

As you can see there are other activities to do other than partying and you are not the only one that does not party. The town and university are known for their big parties but some of the other activities are more fun and you can learn from them. Go out and explore all that Athens offers you!!!!



The newsroom: not just a place to write

If you walk the opposite way down Court Street of all the people heading to bars you will come to John Calhoun Baker University Center, which inside is where The Post newsroom sits.  Going to the newsroom is not just about a place to write article but where your friends are located. Food is another factor that attracts people and  most days there is food around the room that people eat that someone else brought in.

Giants Bulletin: Spring training underway

Spring training begins today and the San Francisco Giants are looking strong with almost every spot on the 25-man roster already solidified. Even though it is not an even year the Giants are on of the favorites to win the World Series. Here are the main stories going into spring training.

World Baseball Classic

How will three Giants participating in the World Baseball Classic affect the team and will it change how often Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford are rested in the middle of the season. Read about it here.


The Giants have one major question mark coming into the season and did very little over the off-season to address it. They are hoping the answer is in their minor leagues. Read about it here.

Cueto Missing

Don’t worry that Johnny Cueto will not be at the start of spring training as his father has health issues. The question is how this will affect Cueto’s preparation as he will miss parts of spring training.

Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day the Giants posted a tweet about all four players who got married during the off-season:Hunter Pence, Derek Law, Joe Panik, and Denard Span.


Former Ace

Matt Cain was the ace when he signed his current contract and is now competing for the fifth starter. This is Cain’s final year of his contract and he will need to show great improvement if he want to stay with San Francisco past this year.

The Giants Bulletin is a newsletter published daily with all the news about the San Francisco Giants. If you are a hardcore Giants fan then this is the newsletter for you. It is published by Eric Walker.

Top 5 baseball stadiums in the US

Baseball stadiums hold a special place in my heart as it is my favorite sport and has brought me great happiness in my life. Judging a baseball stadium depends what each person values and there is of course going to be some bias. Debates about sports topics are awesome because each person can have different opinions and it makes for interesting discussions.

Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 30, 2010 (Photo Credit: James Clear)

Honorable Mention: Great American Ballpark

The other Ohio MLB team brings its own charm with a river just over the right field that can be reached on a home run. My favorite part of the stadium is the firework stands in center field because fireworks are awesome and even better when they occur at a baseball field. It is a beautiful view from the stadium and is worthy of an honorable mention.

A clear day at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio April 29, 2012 (Photo Credit: Jeremy Burgin)

Honorable Mention: Progressive Field
Since I am in Ohio I probably should include a baseball stadium in this state. When a stadium is different than the most others there is something awesome about it and that is what the Indians’ stadium is. Having a tall wall in left field is awesome because it makes it a little difficult to hit the ball over the fence and can make the ball hit off the wall in weird ways. The right field fence is short enough that there is the chance that an outfielder can rob a home run. It is a beautiful stadium with a huge video board in left field.

Evening in Houston, Texan at Minute Maid Park April 6, 2015. (Photo Credit: Brian Reading)

5. Minute Maid Park
The home of the Houston Astros is the only one on the list that has a retractable roof. On the field, they have a little hill in center field so it is always interesting if the ball is hit up there anything can happen, it could be an inside-the-park home run or a highlight-reel catch. The best part of the stadium is above the left field stand with train tracks that have a train go through when an Astro hits a home run which is made easy by the short left field stands.

A sunny day at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 10, 2011. (Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz)

4. PNC Park
A bridge just over the center field wall makes the Pirates’ home awesome along with the view of downtown Pittsburgh. There is just a charm in this stadium that sets it apart from most of the other stadiums. I love stadiums with water just outside the park and PNC park is on the river’s edge with an occasional player that can hit a home run into the water.

Clouds over Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. May 22, 2009. (Photo Credit: Werner Kunz)

3. Fenway Park
The reason why it is one of the best stadiums can be described in a couple of word, the Green Monster. Seeing players hit the ball over the 37-foot wall in left field is awesome and if it hits off the wall it bounces back to the infield and the batter possibly can be thrown out if they are too slow. In right field, there I a very short wall so it is awesome to see player robbing home runs while falling over the wall. The tradition of the Red Sox makes the stadium even better but if the team was not that good the stadium would still be one of the best.

A day game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois July 29, 2009. (Photo Credit: Jauerback)

2. Wrigley Field
If people only know one baseball stadium it is most likely the home of the Chicago Cubs. The charm of the stadium that has been around since the early 1900s with is what makes it appealing. The wall around the outfield is covered in ivy so sometimes baseballs will get hit into the ivy and disappear. There are places around the stands where there are metal poles that block the view of the field, oh the charm. Being surrounded by a neighborhood is so cool with stands on top of some of the houses that can see the field and is the only stadium in the baseball that is in a neighborhood.

Night game at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California Aug. 1, 2006. (Photo Credit: Daniel Schwen)

1. AT&T Park
Even though I am slightly biased there is no doubt this is the best stadium in baseball. The field is beautiful but the best parts are outside of the playing field. In the left field stands there is a giant Coke bottle with a slide inside of it and a glove that sometimes players come close to hitting during batting practice. There is also the McCovey Cove right outside of the right field which is a place where you see diehard fans sitting in kayaks and boats waiting for home runs to be hit out there. Having the best team in baseball since 2010 with three World Series championships is just an added benefit.

Happiness and memories thrive in newsroom

What makes something your favorite place? Do you feel happy when you are there? Does it make you most comfortable? Does it help you achieve your dreams? There are so many different questions that could be asked about someone’s favorite place in Athens?

Every person takes into factor different things but for me my favorite place in Athens is John Calhoun Baker University Center Room 325. This is the location of the place that I feel happy and most comfortable.

Students work in The Post newsroom. (Photo Credit: Eric Walker)

In that room is located the newsroom for The Post, the independent student-run newspaper of Ohio University. There is not much glamour in the room as it is filled with computer and papers lying around.To me happiness is one of the most important things due to events happening in my life that had me have less value in it so know it is what I value over most things. That is why the newsroom is my favorite place as it makes me happy and if I ever am in a bad mood when I go in it will immediately change.

This is the place where I met most of my friends and helped me grow as a person along with some awesome memories. You really do get to know someone after midnight when you work together on editing the paper. One of my favorite memories in Athens happened in the newsroom after 1 a.m.It was my day to do the late night editing with a few others and OU President McDavis announced in the afternoon that he was going to leave OU after his current contract ran out. We had an idea this was going to happen but were not positive so the layout of the paper was changed greatly and meant that all the stories would come in late.

As usual everyone was late on sending in their stories so we all spent the first couple hours of the evening talking as there was nothing to do. Once midnight stories started to come in and as we all became more delirious the more important stories started to come in. Even though it was a lot of work to make sure everything was correct it was fun to edit the stories and see how each person had slightly different styles of writing that all worked.

I do not have a single memory of ever being sad when I walk into Baker 325 as even if you are not “great” friends with some of the people in the newsroom there are always things in common and everyone is in it together.

The place where my friends are and makes me happiest should be anyone’s favorite place but for me it is. Room 325 is my favorite place for many reasons and it has brought me my favorite memories.