The Dynamic Duo of Steel City


As a Pittsburgh girl, I’ve had the terrible towel waved in my face and a jersey on my back since i can remember. But who are the two that made the biggest impressions for my many years of fan-girling? Easily Big Ben and AB. Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback, and Antonio Brown, wide receiver. Their chemistry on the field is something a girl who knows only the basics of football can recognize immediately.

Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike, an ESPN radio show, is one of many outlets that has taken an interest in Ben and Antonio. They broadcast all things sports several times a day, so when they chose the topic of Roethlisberger’s relationship with Brown, the quarterback had nothing but positive things to say about his partner.


Hugs. #TouchdownTuesday

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The verified Instagram of the steelers doesn’t care if it’s football season or not – they continue to show the bond of their star teammates year round. Using their hashtag as a clue, its reasonable to believe the wide receiver and quarterback embraced after what was probably another scoring pass from Roethlisberger to Brown.

The Steelers aren’t the only Instagram account showing love. Brown posted a video of the two celebrating a touchdown that led to victory over the Baltimore Ravens.  His caption speaks for me.

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Their chemistry on the field might have something to do with their friendship off the field. Roethlisberger and Brown are all smiles attending events with each other.


The star wide receiver stays up to date with the latest trends on Twitter. On National Best Friend Day, he posted a collage of photos with his buddy Ben. The two are undeniably the best duo in the NFL and show their constant support for each other whenever the chance is given. Brown’s “Best Friend Day” tweet was something that a Steelers girl like me thrives off of.


The Dynamic Duo of Steel City is a newsletter by Emily Finton containing links to the social media accounts that refer, or are of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. These references are used to show the relationship between the players on and off the field.

NBA players that easily relate to college students


College students have a reputation as more or less a walking struggle. From loans, midterms and hangovers, we rock at needing help. NBA players on the other hand are in quite the opposite situation. Money, in great physical shape, career made and healthy dieting, (which most of us are probably lacking). Whether its shown on the basketball court or on Court Street, NBA players are doing a good job at representing several college enounters.


                                                        when you hear a freshman complaining about “how hard their required general education class” is….




“The exam will not be curved.” Enough said. Thanks, James Harden.








When your team KILLS the group presentation.

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When you get home from your exam and hear your roommate ask “Did you do as bad as you thought you were gonna?”

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….. And after convincing yourself you failed, you check blackboard in awe because you at least received a C, and C’s get degrees!


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An Athens gem worth climbing for


A walk-in waterfall at the lowest point of Old Man’s Cave

Athens, Ohio is a small town full of life and character. Even one street alone, Court Street, can hold a million memories. But when stumbling home at 2 a.m. isn’t attractive, or hopping from bar-to-bar gets old, a real hidden Athens gem can give a person experiences of a lifetime.

It’s scenic and it’s worth every step. Even if you can’t make it to the top of the climb to reach the view above a waterfall, Old Man’s Cave has beauty no matter where you decide to stop your hike to take a breather. Nature surrounds you every where a person may look, while they follow the dirt path winding through narrow rock walls. No matter how far you make it on your journey through Old Man’s Cave, each section has a view that is worthwhile.

The middle section of Old Man’s Cave gives tourists a chance to take in the scenery

My freshman year I took a trip to Old Man’s Cave with several of my friends during the spring. It was the perfect time to visit, as nature was blossoming around us and the weather was great. It was ironic, as soon as my friends and I made it to the top, we were only more excited to get back down the narrow path to the bottom of the cave.

After several swindling and dusty steps, we traveled back down leaving the marvelous view we had came for. But at the bottom was sand, where you could take off your shoes and play in the water. Hiking for the view was great of course, but now we could be involved underneath a waterfall. Taking those first steps in, we could feel the sand beneath our toes and the water was fair. Giant rocks paved a path for us to hop under the waterfall where we felt sprays of water on us while we took advantage of the photo opportunities.


A small bridge over water gives tourists a great view from a far distance

The great thing about Old Man’s Cave is you dont need a fake ID to enter, or a debit card to swipe. Any age of any gender can truly enjoy what is hidden deep in an Athens trail. The adventure of getting there is part of the fun, I anticipated every step that led to the giant cave and the water beneath.  Little kids played in the water while mothers and grandmothers also took their turns. Photographs at almost every level of the hike were necessary to capture what you never want to forget, unless you are like myself, who visits as often as the weather allows.

I have never went and been surrounded by only college students doing college student things. The atmosphere is respectable and the people are genuine. From the time you pull in to the rocky driveway until the time you are standing at the highest point above all of Old Man’s Cave, you feel thankful that such a hidden gem is in Athens for those who need an escape.

Parents weekend, Siblings weekend, or either mom or dads, this is the perfect place to show them if you dont want them around a drinking and partying area. There is so much more to offer at Old Man’s Cave. If you are interested in more details, they have a website with all they offer, and the experiences you can enjoy as well.