What happens to our favorite Bobcat bands after graduation?

College is a chance to discover the real person that’s been cultivating under the parental units for the last 18 or so years. For some it’s exploring the vices their parents attempted to curtail, others it’s the chance to think differently how they were raised, but in general it’s a time for self-discovery.

A few braves souls chose to do this in front of crowds atop one of the many stages in Athens. The music scene in Athens is unique as the influx of new blood from the university allows for a large diversity of musical acts to form and flourish.

The constant flow of new musicians is sadly accompanied by the older generation leaving Athens as they graduate or decide to move on. While the desire to play may linger on, it can be extremely difficult to continue when members may be scattered across the country. As their time in Athens comes closer to the end Wes Gilbert of Smizmar and Evan Amerio of Apemode spoke of their personal experiences.

Building community through art with Honey for the Heart

For the last month local artists, both townie and student have collaborated making puppets for the annual Honey for the Heart parade. This year the various projects had to work around the central theme of birds, with each project taking on a different interpretation. Each puppet is unique not only in look, but how it operates, what it’s materials, and overall theme itself. Honey for the Heart is done on a volunteer basis where even the artistically challenged can help. This week anyone can stop by to help finish the puppets from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this week before the parade at 6 p.m. this Saturday at Central Venue on Carpenter Street.

A weekend of victory in Athens

Fall is truly here, the leaves are starting to change and sport season in Ohio is in full swing. While Athens was bursting at the seams with the influx of parents this weekend, the Bobcats reaped several home victories across several sports.



Visitors from John Carroll were thrashed this weekend as the Bobcats kicked off the hockey season. The Bobcats won both of their games by a heavy lead winning 7 – 0 on Friday, and by 13 – 0 on Saturday’s game. Only allowing four shots on goal during Friday’s game, the Bobcats showed both an impressive offense and defense in the new season. THopefully they can continue their domination into next week’s match against Kent State.


The Bobcats won their Parent’s Weekend game against Gardner-Webb, tying for first in the MAC East Division. With over 200 yards rushing and over 300 yards passing resulting in 37 points, Ohio’s offensive game was on point this week after a loss last week to Tennessee in Knoxville. A strong comeback for Ohio as they look toward next week’s rivalry game against Miami.

Women’s Volleyball

Ohio’s Women’s Volleyball team strung together a double win this weekend, stomping both Akron and Buffalo this weekend. Playing both games at home the Bobcats won big by beating two conference competitors. Both games the Bobcats went without their opponents winning a set, an impressive display following a close win against Virginia Tech last week and a loss to Radford the same weekend. Next week they have back to back away games at Miami and Bowling Green.


Field Hockey

This week in field hockey the Bobcats clinched a 3 – 2 overtime win against Ball State. Winning goal fired by Junior Maria Russell ended the match shortly before the end of the first overtime. This win came after almost 90 minutes of play, and before the Bobcats have had a chance to play an conference opponents.

The Bobcat's snagged a close victory this weekend. Photo via Ohio Athletics
The Bobcat’s snagged a close victory this weekend. Photo via Ohio Athletics

Back from the ashes the Union open again

     Resurrected from that destructive blaze in 2014 the Union has opened its doors again. A landmark of not only the Athens music scene, but that of the greater Ohio area. Inside its walls sits more than a bar, or a venue to see shows, the Union is a place where the people of Athens can come together and enjoy the town’s nightlife.
The Union is one of the few places in Athens that actually hosts live music, and the only place in Athens, that is not university affiliated, that can pull in bigger acts that the others can’t. This led to the Union grabbing some talented acts, some of which eventually move on to preform bigger venues. The Union gives bands a place to show off their talent and bring their music to Athens.
Famous acts like the Black Keys and the White Stripes have played their stage before they got big enough to sell out larger clubs. While they’re able to find some of the acts before they’re too big. While the Union likes to show off the talent they’re able to bring in, the Union is truly a place where anyone who wants to show off their talent can come and perform on decent stage.
On top of their music endeavors the Union will host performance pieces too. The open environment of the Union allowed for many groups to showcase their work without going through the university or leaving the Athens area. The local production of Rocky Horror Picture Show once had a lines around the block until the fire forced the local theater group to move locations.
When the Union caught fire in the early morning of November of 2014, with most of the roof gone with the fire, the situation looked grim for the Union. They weren’t the only ones affected by the fire, being in the middle of the fire’s path which took out several other neighboring businesses, forcing many to relocate and for others to shut down permanently.

A view of West Union today.
A view of West Union today.

     After a lengthy period being closed, the Union is finally back. Walking in it’s hard to tell there was ever a fire there to being with. The bar’s owners took care to not only restore the damage done, but to improve from what they were before, while keeping to their punk rock roots. When the fire took most of their roof, the Union sadly lost most of it’s music equipment to the combined efforts of water, smoke, and fire. However, this gave them the chance to seriously improve the sound quality in the venue upstairs.
The owners of the Union went through great lengths to make a nicer bar, but with the same feeling they had for decades. The Union is more than just a bar or a place to play music, it’s a center point for the local culture of Athens to show itself, while being exposed to acts from around the country. Deep down it’s still the same old bar, just with a much fresher look to it now.

5 Reasons Why We Live in the Future

Despite the fact we still don’t have Marty McFly’s hover board and our cars still can’t fly we are very much living in the future today. For example, millions of people have constant access to the entire collective knowledge of the human race by simply typing a few words into Google, so long as their phone still has a charge. Everyday our world gets a little closer to the chrome covered future our grandparents dreamed of in their youth.

1. Delivery Drones

Via Daily Mail, YouTube
Via Daily Mail, YouTube

It’s Friday night, and that trip you were going to make to the grocery store has been postponed for the third time. Submitting to the basic need to eat you order a pizza, but instead of a delivery driver fumbling their way to your door, picture a drone dropping it off at your window.

2. Robot Walking Companions

Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube
Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube

One of Boston Dynamic’s most impressive creations, the Atlas brings us one step closer to having mobile robot sidekicks. A bipedal creation reminiscent of our own image, this robot can walk, get knocked down and get back up again.

3. Virtual Reality

Via Nan Palmero, Flickr
Via Nan Palmero, Flickr

With VR headsets anyone can immerse themselves in whatever digital media they please. This immersive experience allows for a whole new world of entertainment.

4. 3D Printers

Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer
Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer

While not an incredibly new technology, uses for these machines range from medicine to entertainment. There ability to make raw material into usable products has implications for almost every industry and soon could be even more involved in everyday life.

5. Advanced Prosthetics

Via Flickr, U.S. Navy
Via Flickr, U.S. Navy

Life like artificial limbs are close to being an accessible reality. Now those who have suffered injury or came into the world with a disability may soon have a remedy. While still years away the progress that’s been made recently gives hope to many who need it.