How do you make the perfect sandwich?

Hello! My name is Cullen and like you, I was once a clueless college student desperately trying to land an internship.

After finally receiving a call from a media company that I was thrilled to potentially work with, I immediately began to research anything I could get my hands on about the company to be prepared and well rehearsed before my upcoming interview.

However, to my surprise, nothing was about to prepare me for one of the most bizarre interview questions I had ever received.

With companies like Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon asking candidates off the wall interview questions, it’s important in today’s journalism field to be prepared because companies like The New York Times, Comcast, FOX, and The Walt Disney Company are catching on.
So, let’s dive in. What’s your answer to “How do you make the perfect sandwich?”
You may be questioning the correlation between preparing sandwiches to journalism and your future career, but actually, the answer does lie within the kitchen.

I’m dreaming of a Court Street Christmas

Yesterday, for some odd reason, I was completely in the Christmas spirit. I had an insane craving for cookies that was easily satisfied by my box of Girl Scout thin mints. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” blasted through my headphones. Personally, my mood was more chipper than usual however quickly subsided into a nostalgic hangover.

It may be March, but the true Christmas spirit lives on Court Street in Athens and I couldn’t resist soaking in the memories. Just in case you needed a little reminder:

Do you even lift, bro?

“Well I tried, sorta.”

Listen, I totally get it. New Year’s resolutions are difficult and although you have yet to actually visit the gym in 2017 to get that ‘dream bod’, I’m sure today you’re feeling really motivated!

It’s time to put down that piece of bread, put on those brand new tennis shoes you swore you’d try on eventually, and find some fitness inspiration. Let’s walk around the neighborhood once and see if the guilt of ordering a pizza before the walk wears off before you get home!

For today’s newsletter edition, we are going to dive into an exercise craze that boarders on the line of a cult and an addiction: CrossFit. Finally, a workout routine you may stick to this time.

Here’s a quick CrossFit online guide to check out before you decide that you’ll start working out tomorrow:

1. Facebook

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

Since it’s probable that you spend too much time on social media and too little time at the gym, I know the perfect solution. Follow the CrossFit Facebook page to clog your Facebook feed. Not only will you be bombarded by motivational videos, global testimonials, and wooed with CrossFitters who seemingly look just like you, but it will be the perfect way to get yourself annoyed enough to go offline and go join CrossFit!

2. Instagram

If Facebook’s 2.8 million ‘likes’ weren’t enough to entice you, maybe Instagram’s 1.7 million following will. Nothing screams #fitfam quite like posting a video of yourself lifting heavy stuff on social media. You’re obsessively stalking CrossFitters online and though self-doubt looms, you want to be them. By now, CrossFit is becoming more appealing, enough so to even follow them on Twitter.

3. CrossFit’s Official Website

Flickr | CrossFit Fever

One of your friends or coworkers yesterday was going on and on about their ‘box’ and how great yesterday’s ‘WOD’ was and you stared back blankly. Apparently there’s an entire CrossFit vocabulary you need to learn before starting. Is CrossFit expensive? Are the workouts as excruciatingly hard as they say? Will you really be flipping tires? There’s really only one way to find out, and that’s to check the official website.

4. CrossFit’s CEO & Founder

Wikimedia Commons | jblumenthol

Learning about the man behind it all can suffice through this article. Greg Glassman is quite extraordinary and your opinions on his business empire are practically useless. I know that whenever I start something new, my curiosity begins to creep in. It may seem odd how many people you know are joining CrossFit. It’s an odd hype that practically came out of nowhere. Yesterday seemed to be anything and everything about P90X but now it’s CrossFit, CrossFit, and more CrossFit. If the CEO can look like this and make millions on a fitness empire that he may or may not participate in, maybe CrossFit is worth a shot.

Wikimedia Commons | Rose Physical Therapy Group

5. The Red Flags

CrossFit can be dangerous, no doubt about it. Even if you watched the glamorizing 60 Minutes special regarding CrossFit, are you really convinced? Half of your friends give you insane looks at the idea of trying CrossFit while the other half gives you a lackluster response of encouragement. The thought of doing one pushup is horrifying but 30 of them in a row? And for how long? Some doctors praise the CrossFit benefits while others strongly criticize. This is a great reference to understand that behind every successful business are some flaws. CrossFit at your own risk.

Today’s friendly reminder: Become the type of person who can ask, “Do you even lift, bro?”

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Elderly tourists that are #goals

In a sea of Millennials who are known for their desire to experience life through traveling vacations, the elderly Baby Boomers are somewhat overshadowed.

However, it is these elderly tourists who prove that you can still enjoy vacations and rock a pair of Depends. Not only are they smiling with few to no teeth, they seemingly make the most of their vacation experience as they joke that they’re almost dead anyways.

With a fanny pack, glasses larger than life, and the struggle of traveling with close to zero knowledge of how to work their smart phone, they feel more alive than ever.

It may be easy to mock their ways, yet, they are the very people that we someday aspire to be. 

So meet some of elderly folks who will serenade you with a, “Back in my day…” while snapping selfies at tourist hot spots to send to their grandkids.

1. Dorris and Earl

“Old tourist couple | Cascais, Portugal | Flickr| By: pedrosimoes7”

They’ve been married for 42 years and Earl still refuses to ask for directions. Repeatedly, Dorris has recommended they call their grand-daughter Lacey to help them use this thing called “Google Maps” but Dorris struggles with understanding what an app is.

Earl has been complaining for 15 minutes that he can’t figure out where they are in relation to the art museum but he remains persistent because Dorris will ignore him at dinner if she doesn’t get to see her favorite Monet painting.

2. Eugene

“Geography – Wikipedia | By: Beyond silence”

Eugene is a retired computer engineer who has picked up a knack for photography. Though the camera he’s using has been considered obsolete for 9 years now, he insists that it takes the best photos out there. He has plenty of film that he intends to develop one day, but for now it just sits in his suitcase.

He may never impress his ex wife with his new found hobby, but he sure does have something new to talk about at his upcoming golf outing once he returns from vacation.

3. Eileen 

“File: Tourists on an open-top bus tour of Paris, France.jpg | Wikimedia Commons | By: zoetnet”

Eileen did not live her entire life to have her view of the Arc de Triumph blocked by other tourists. She’s got her bright pink jump suit on despite the dismay of the travel agent who warned her of attracting the attention of thieves.

She’s frustrated the French speak French when she’s certain they know English and don’t even get her started on how ridiculously warm today has been.

Oh, and next to her is John, her husband, who has learned that after many years, it’s best to let her be.

4. Joan and Murray

“Free photo Driver Auto Tourists Mini Car | Google Images | By: hurk”

When approaching this couple to get some insight on their life story, the lady barked that her name was Joan telling me that I interrupted her conversation with her boyfriend Murray.

From the looks of it, he likes when she gets feisty. 

5. Pearl

“File: Granma Granma.jpg | Wikimedia Commons | By: Granma”

She’s 82 years old and her dream has always been to visit Ocean World. Pearl still giggles at the sound of the word ‘cowabunga’ and loves the memories of visiting the beach as a child.

She may be widowed but is surrounded by her loving family of three children and 7 grandkids. This photo was the highlight of her vacation because she got up on the surfboard all by herself. And of course, she’s wearing her favorite floral sweater.

She keeps reminding everyone that complaining about the heat is a ‘you problem’.

As you can see, old age takes #goals in a variety of forms, wrinkles and all.

It’s perfectly practical

I know you’re looking at this picture and wondering how somewhere so unspectacular could be the sole place I find as a hidden gem in Athens. Welcome to my RiverGate apartment go-to spot. It’s bland, completely the opposite of awe-inspiring, and for a lack of a better word, practical.

In retrospect, these are the qualities that I find wonderful about it.

But why?

You see, I’m an extrovert with 95% of my day constantly deriving from interacting with others. I love social gatherings, meeting new people, and striking conversation when I deem someone or something interesting. I thrive on undivided attention and garnering that stimulation all day can become very exhausting.

So here’s my IKEA looking dinner table and white chair. It’s shoved in the corner of my kitchen apartment with no decorations, no unique positioning; all in all it’s nothing fancy. And it’s perfect.

Having a space so extremely un-stimulating is an escape. It allows me to recharge and lose focus on my surroundings.

A look into my daily surroundings.


I understand that many people find that their favorite place is somehow attached to a relationship with a friend, a set of fond memories, or an association with something they desire.

Not to go against the norm, but my favorite place doesn’t fulfill any of those things. It simply supplies an outlet for being stagnant temporarily during my essential morning routine.

Every morning, I go to a CrossFit class over on West Union starting at 5 in the morning. Upon returning home an hour later, I shower and throw on my robe to meander into the kitchen to prepare my typical breakfast: two pieces of peanut butter toast with an accompanying fruit and a bottle of water.

Once breakfast is prepared, I plop down in the white chair to sit in utter silence, sometimes even in the dark. I prefer usually no cell phone, and enjoy watching the sun rise diagonally from me as I bite into my toast.

You know, there’s comfort in knowing that I wish the sun good morning and not the other way around.

During the day, I rarely sit at the table as I’m still in my active state of mind. Frequently I eat lunch standing up in my kitchen and seem to pace partly due to my natural anxious nature and because I’m seemingly too busy to hit pause.

It’s typical for me to not revisit my favorite place until Friday night around 7 to 9pm. It’s the perfect location to hang with friends or to sit alone, blasting music and sharing a drink before heading out to the unmatched nightlife of Athens. My favorite place is the calm before the storm that allows me to take on the social intoxication that the night will soon provide.

I know some people favor restaurants and bars, university buildings, or outdoor excursions found throughout town. And though I am ultimately a fan of these places as well, I learned that sometimes the simple spots in your home are the most valuable.

As I’ve gotten older, I seem to have become very fond of locations that allow me to get lost and enjoy the 5% of down time during my day.

And for me, sometimes all I need is a simple table, a chair, and a quiet place to eat my peanut butter toast.