FC Cincinnati podcast: FCC goes unbeaten in three-match homestand

So often with Futbol Club Cincinnati, the biggest storylines surrounding the second-tier soccer club have focused on everything off the pitch.

What’s the latest with a soccer-specific stadium? Is promotion to Major League Soccer actually realistic?

Well, not to say the questions have been answered, but the spotlight has finally focused on what actually matters: play on the pitch.

FC Cincinnati had more than 23,000 fans at its home opener. USL’s average attendance last year was less than 4,000. | Pic by Charlie Hatch

In its first home stand, FC Cincinnati went unbeaten with a win and two draws from three matched in eight days at Nippert Stadium.

More impressive, though, were the results compared to the strength of the opponents. Cincinnati entered all three matches against the team that was then top of the league.

Here’s a quick podcast breaking down the matches, the club’s first month and analysis of the offseason summer signings.


Andrew Gillis: OU athletic’s second-most knowledgable person

Working as a college student and newspaper editor can be tricky. It can be even worse when there’s no recognition.

Meet Andrew Gillis, the Assistant Sports Editor of The Post, who’s life is devoted to class, improving his writing and the work of others.

The chirping canary — Norwich City FC newsletter

As City prep for a promotion campaign to sneak back into the English Premier League, we bring you a few stories with all content you need to stay informed — and ahead.

Let’s be ‘avin’ you

Miss the weekend clash with Nottingham Forest? Well, you missed the match of the season. Norwich pummeled the visitors 5-1 to pick up another massive three points, now two points off the two point a play-off spot. Here’s Paddy Davitt’s review of the match, via The Pink Un.

Goal(s) of the season

Less than a dozen minutes into the match midfielder Jonny Howson scored the goal of the season — and arguably the best goal in Carrow Road history. The Yorkshire man volleyed a headed clearance into the top corner with style.

Match highlights

Obviously Howson’s goal was a stunner, but what about the others? Wes Hoolahan followed up with his best goal this campaign, while Josh Murphy added another and Alex Pritchard bagged a brace. You be the judge of your favorite goal with Saturday’s match highlights.

What this means…

Norwich’s downtime is seldom, as the Canaries welcome league-leading Newcastle United on Tuesday night. The last time they played City conceded twice in stoppage time to lose 4-3. Here’s a live look at the Championship table, with City on the verge of creeping into the top six.

Norwich v. Newcastle updates

With a midweek match, here are a few updates for the match as it kicks off. Follow the Eastern Daily Press’ Michael Bailey for match coverage and post match analysis of City’s biggest home fixture this season. On the ball, City!

The Chirping Canary is a midweek newsletter that aggregates Norwich City new, highlights and more. Follow for more updates.

Five musicians who’d piss off Donald Trump if they were still alive

“What’s going on?” It’s a question still relatable in 2017.

Since Donald Trump won the U.S. national election in November, plenty of notable musicians that’ve come out and denounced the newly-elected president.

With political protests becoming the norm, here are five dead singers who’d piss off Trump (and make kick-ass music) if they were still alive…

1. Marvin Gaye

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Released in 1971, his album “What’s Going On” is critically-acclaimed as one of the best all-time. Written during the Vietnam War, Gaye openly protested the draft, the Far East-conflict and further social issues.

2. Woody Guthrie

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

The guitar says it all. In protest to “God Bless America,” Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land.” According to the guitar, Mr. Trump, his political agenda and his followers might not do so well in with Guthrie and a few four-chord tunes.

3. John Lennon

Taken from Flickr

“Imagine there’s no countries/It isn’t hard to do…”

4. Bob Marley

Taken from Flickr

The world’s first Third World superstar, the late Bob Marley was not only the king of reggae, but a political revolutionary who helped united a politically-torn Jamaica in 1976 on the brink of a quasi civil war. As he sang in 1974, “Never make a politician, grant you a favor.”

5. Joe Strummer

Taken from Flickr

Originally the lead singer of The Clash, an English punk band, Strummer was instrumental in writing songs about the working class, political upheaval and equality. Perhaps his quote “Don’t write slogans, write truths” feels timely today.

My chair, my desk and my past

My chair is crooked, and the seat cushion is stained with years of ass sweat. It probably smells, but I’m so used to it I’ve become immune. My desk is empty, other than the desktop I never touch and the calendar I never flip.

Photo by Pete Nakos

On my right is a barren desk of cluttered paper, filled with previous newspapers and miscellaneous papers that should’ve been disposed of weeks ago. On my left is a bulletin board packed with engaging pictures and fascinating stories, but most of the items are old. Nothing noteworthy has happened recently.

As for the inside of my desk, it doesn’t get anymore excited. Other than the dirty mugs and South African teabags, the only tenants are charger wires, a blue pen and a handful of my business cards. Are you hiring?

This is the newsroom, and this desk and chair are supposed to be coveted by The Post Sports Editor. That’s me.

It’s a strange position. For every optimistic and promising moment on my staff, there are a dozen other stories that I’d like to forget. I’ve had good moments here — four years of hard work to improve my dream of being a professional sportswriter.

I’ve had late nights that have spilled well past early mornings. I’ve watched friends come and graduate, only for a new batch of freshman to come in and try to make an impression.

A lot of times, that sucks.

But the constant transitioning has propelled me to the top. And for better or worse, I’m midway through my second year overseeing the best sports staff of any student media outlet at Ohio University, and maybe even the state.

The thing about growth, at least in this newsroom, is the constant requirement to change and adapt. Sure, writing well is important, but what about filming and editing my own video off my phone? What about the podcast I need to produce later tonight after I write my basketball game story. Oh, and I forgot I still need to meet with the executives to find a time for plan a new radio show.

This keeps me busy. Keeping busy is nice, but sometimes it’s easy to slip behind — either in writing or in class — and suddenly feel as though I’m suffocating to survive. Three weeks in and already needing a Reading Day is hardly an indication that life is going swimmingly.

Yet I keep coming back to this chair. This desk. This stuffy newsroom with no jaded faces and no windows. I’ve grown and matured a lot the past three years. Perhaps the easiest way to see that comes from daily trips to my newsroom desk.

Daily, not much changes. Our stories still seem subpar and I still feel like I’m falling behind in class.

But the mood is changing.

I’m a few weeks away from a fresh start, where daily budget meetings to discuss indoor track and field previews disappear and pay stubs and loans start to matter.

I’m looking forward to that. My current view — my reflection on the dusty desktop screen — has long lost is lure.