What you need to know about formal sorority recruitment

Deciding whether or not to join a sorority during college is something that a lot of young women struggle with. This is a breakdown of what to expect if you sign up for formal sorority recruitment here at Ohio University. This guide will take you through some common questions and concerns that freshman women have about the process. You will hear from sorority women from all different backgrounds and affiliations.


As of Fall 2015, Ohio University has ten social sororities on campus.
As of Fall 2015, Ohio University has ten social sororities on campus.

You can find a link to all ten sororities’ websites here!

A few things you should know before we get started, is that you will have a Rho Gamma throughout all of the recruitment process to help you.

A Rho Gamma is a carefully selected counselor for women participating in recruitment. They are an unbiased volunteer guide that takes incoming participants step-by-step through the process. They are there to answer any questions you may have and support you during this very exciting time. They work closely with the Women’s Panhellenic Association which governs sororities on campus.

Now let’s hear first hand from a young woman who has a hand in planning recruitment.

It’s important to note that formal recruitment may not be for everyone, and that’s okay! If after going through a few rounds you decide it’s not your thing, it is perfectly fine to withdrawal from the recruitment process. Hopefully you met a few new people along the way.

Let’s go over some FAQ’s that freshmen women ask about recruitment.

It’s natural to have worries and doubts about this new experience. Don’t be afraid to ask your Rho Gamma anything! It’s her job to make sure you have a fun and comfortable recruitment experience.

Now let’s hear about the benefits a few sorority women have gained from their organizations.

Each woman has a unique experience within her organization. No two chapters are alike, and that’s what makes Greek Life so amazing. As long as you follow your heart, you will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. You don’t need to be intimidated, because these women want to get to know the real you and make connections with potential future sisters.

For more information, or to register for formal sorority recruitment, visit Ohio University’s Greek Life page.

Also, follow their Twitter handle for updates on what’s happening in the Greek community.

Good luck with your decision, and we hope to see you in the fall!

Warm Up with Pi Beta Phi as temperatures drop

Sweet treats served an even sweeter cause during Pi Beta Phi sorority’s two-day philanthropy event to fight illiteracy. Pi Beta Phi promotes literacy both nationally and locally with “First Book” and “Read. Lead. Achieve.” through multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

On February 10th and 11th, 2016, members of the sorority took turns working shifts on the first floor of the Baker University Center where they sold homemade sugar cookies and hot chocolate. Students and faculty members alike who supported “Warm Up With Pi Beta Phi” expressed gratitude for the steamy beverage as the temperature dropped lower and lower.

Although some customers commented that it was far too early for sugar, many children walked away with smiles on their faces and cookies in hand.

The women had fun joking with students on their way to class and attempting to persuade them to support the worthy cause.

Take a cheat day from your spring break bod to eat some handmade Pi phi treats & help fight children's illiteracy

A video posted by Ohio Alpha Pi Beta Phi (@ohioupiphi) on

Above is a post by Pi Beta Phi’s official Instagram account at Ohio University. Cookies and hot chocolate sold for $1 each.

Megan Girvin, the spearhead of the event, is the vice president of philanthropy for the organization. She baked all of the sugar cookies for the event and then enlisted the help of other members to decorate them as a way for the women to bond and spend some time all together.

The women of Pi Beta Phi decorate sugar cookies for the upcoming philanthropy event.
The women of Pi Beta Phi decorate sugar cookies for the upcoming philanthropy event.

“We raised a little over $175, but being one of our smaller events, it was more about getting the girls involved,” said Girvin.

Leaders in the organization take every opportunity they can to promote member participation. Not only did Pi Beta Phi use this event to give back to the community, but it was also a way for new members to contribute and get to know more upperclassmen. The $175 will go toward supporting local schools in Athens County.

Girvin stated that Pi Phi will hold more philanthropies in the upcoming months. These events will earn significantly more money than Warm Up with Pi Beta Phi. The sorority will also hold “Knoodles for Knowledge” and “Pi Burger Phi” to support its campaign against illiteracy.

To find out more about the Ohio Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi, the organization’s website provides detailed information about its philanthropy and the chapter as a whole.


The Crystal: All Are Welcome

The "Stal" is one of my favorite places to socialize with friends, day or night.
The “Stal” is one of my favorite places to socialize with friends, day or night.

Come one, come all to a place that doesn’t discriminate. Just came from the gym? Perfect. Leaving straight from the library? Even better. Craving some salty late night popcorn? Grab your beer money and stop by one of Athens’ gems: The Crystal.

A video by Henry Weber said it best, The Crystal is the number one bar in Athens, Ohio. This may seem like an exaggeration, but there are hundreds of people on campus willing to backup that statement. Whether you refer to it as Stal or Crusty Crystal, to many it’s called home.

This establishment might seem like just another hole in the wall, but once you’re inside with a $3 drink in hand, it’s nearly impossible to have a bad time.

The Crystal works to build a family atmosphere where a familiar face is always just around the corner. This bar attracts such a diverse crowd of people that almost guarantees a run-in with someone you know. It could be a guy who sat behind you in freshman English, a friend you haven’t seen since high school, or maybe an old TA who stopped by for a drink. Anything is possible at The Crystal.

As you walk by this bar on a typical Saturday night, large front windows reveal a crowd of people laughing, dancing and seemingly having the time of their lives. I am normally one of those people. Your shoes might stick to the floor when you walk. There’s probably a couple making out in the corner. More often than not there’s a girl who’s had one too many dancing on a table. But I wouldn’t want to spend the night (Or day. No discriminating, remember?) with any other group of weirdos.

The Crystal is one of more than twenty bars in Athens, but it will always be number one in my heart.