You have fantasy sports problems? We have the answers!

In 2015 over 56 million people world wide were involved in a fantasy sport. That was almost a 37 percent jump from 2014. In 2013, Forbes listed fantasy football alone worth 60 billion dollars. If you can find the right sport to fit your liking and knowledge you can make some serious money.

I caught up with two of my closest friends and picked their brains on their fantasy mastery. Take a listen and see if you can steal an idea or two to help you and your future teams.


A parents weekend to remember.

The last weekend in September, always has high people traffic in Athens, as the parents of the young scholars’ flock back to have a fun time with their kids.

It all started on Friday night where the Ohio Bobcats took on Akron in volleyball. The parents were in for a treat as Ohio opened up their Mid-American Conference play with a three game sweep against the Zips.

Saturdays might be for the boys, but this weekend they were for parents. It started after a long night out on the bricks at 2 o’clock. Ohio took host Gardner-Webb. The Bobcats sent the parents on their way with a great performance.

my parents are in Florida so my sister and I rented our family friends from Columbus parents for Saturday

After the game, or after the Marching 110 at halftime… the parents and their families made the trek up to Court Street for some happy hour drinks at the local bars.

not all kids had their parents come down so some had to share like Max O’Bryan did with Kristen Rossi’s (not pictured) mother

After a couple of cheap drinks and some great food to fill up the empty stomachs, the families made their way to the Athena Cimena for a great comedy show in “The Monty Python.”


Hopefully next years’ parents weekend can be as great as this past weekend. Have a wonderful week

The College on the Hill

It is the first sight you see on the college application next to the great bold words of Ohio University. It’s as old as the place gets, College Green to me makes me feel at home. Between the endless old brick walkways sit beautiful Cutler, McGuffey and Wilson Halls. They have been the foreground to this university since it was referred to as “the college on the hill”.

When I first arrived at Ohio University of course I got that homesick feel as this was the first time ever being away from home for an extended time. The part that made me realize that the change was for the good, were the friends I could tell I was making and the memories I was creating.

“The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” – Mark Twain

Walking to my classes everyday through College Green, in that first fall semester, I could hear the leaves crunch under my shoes as they started to change colors and fall to the ground. That same cool homey feel you had growing up as a kid walking to your bus stop. You could tell winter was coming because you had to put an extra layer on to keep warm. I got the same comfort walking back and forth that first semester which made me settle in very nicely.

“Sometimes in life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find the joy in the journey”- someone on a journey

Through the years College Green has taken a new form in my life. Every time I see a commercial come on for Ohio University and I see the walkways and trees as old as the University itself I get that feeling of pride. Not the same pride feeling as you get when you study all night and ace a test but that pride feeling of knowing you were apart of something bigger than yourself. Learning about the old traditions of this great university and realizing that only a selected few will ever get to experience something as great as the time you had here makes it feel special and well worth it.

The 7 faces coaches have when they realize they have to play Ohio State

When Urban Meyer came to Ohio State in 2012, the Buckeyes fell out of the perennial powerhouse conversations with the Alabama and Florida States of the world. Meyer’s record with Ohio State is an amazing 50-4 after four seasons. Most players on opposing teams have the Buckeye game circled on their calendars because it will be the biggest game of their season.

Here are the 6 faces of head coaches when they realize they have to play the Ohio State Buckeyes.

  1. Bob Stoops
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The Oklahoma Sooners lost week one to the Houston Cougars 33-23. Expect the same but worse this weekend in Norman, Oklahoma.

2. Paul Chryst

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The Wisconsin Badgers might have upset LSU week one 16-14 Unfortunately, for the Badgers the last time Ohio State played Wisconsin was two years ago in the Big Ten championship where the final score was 59-0.

3. James Franklin

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Penn State has been in a rough place since the Joe Paterno situation. The Nittany Lions haven’t beaten the Buckeyes since 2011 and it doesn’t look promising this year.

4. Mark Dantonio

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Michigan State is the only team with any sort of success in the Urban Meyer era. The Spartans were Ohio States only loss last season. Unlike the Buckeyes winning the national championship when they got in the final four two years ago. Michigan State got annihilated on national television 38-0.

5. Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines were favorited in last years meeting between their arch rivals Ohio State. The Buckeyes embarrassed Harbaugh 42-13, if I were in Harbaugh’s khakis I would run over anything to get away as well (not shirtless).

6. Urban Meyer… the G.O.A.T

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Being the coach of Ohio State must be such a nice job. When you get the best recruits in the nation year after year and are ranked consistently in the top 10…

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