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Sports costumes get KO’d at HallOUween

We thought it would be easy to find sports-themed costumes at the Athens Halloween Block Party.

Not so much.

We found several. But we also found a lot of folks who thought tossing on their tattered team jersey was all it took to create a Halloween costume.

It seemed as if more people dressed as things they want to eat than people they want to be.

We saw more hot dogs, pizzas, fruits, and lattes than Manziels, Elliots, and Bradys. Hollywood themes also were prominent, like Janice Ian from Mean Girls or Ellen DeGeneres. Even at the bars, there were more TV-themed and political-themed costumes than we’ve seen since the 2012 block party.

When a woman walked into a party in a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey, our Chicago-native reporter was elated.

“Oh, that a sick jersey!” our reporter said.

“I know. I love the Cleveland Bulls.”

“Do you know whose jersey you’re wearing?” our correspondent asked.

“Yeah. LeBron,” she said.

That pretty much sums up the sports themes we encoutered.

“The only other sports-themed costume I saw was a FEMALE dressed as Ray Rice,” our reporter said. “I about lost it. If you’re a female and decide to dress up as an NFL player who abused his fiancee, you’re the reason female sports fans are not taken seriously. Do some research before you look like an idiot.”

All that being said, we did stumble across a few local attempts at team spirit.

Soccer may not be the most popular sport in America, but you can still find fans in Athens. Two seniors, Rob Berry and Andreas Olivari showed off their devotion to the sport this Halloween with makeshift soccer uniforms.

Rob Berry

“I’ve been a soccer player for the last three years. I love the game,” Olivari said.

Andreas Olivari

While they were showing off their footwork, one girl decided to put an emphasis on her hands instead, dressing as a boxer for the evening.

“Not too many girls go with boxing costumes so I’m glad I picked it,” said Alexis Smith, a visitor from Uhrichsville, Ohio.

She was very vocal about including her friends in the picture. Those same friends jokingly referred to her as Alexis “Stonehands” Smith to go along with her costume.

Alexis Smith (right)

Russell Wilson came all the way from Seattle for some Athens fun. It didn’t seem to affect his performance on Sunday in the 13-12 Win over the Cowboys.

I would have given the ball to Marshawn ??#HallOUween #RussellWilson

A photo posted by Calvin Holloway (@calhollow) on

   Another of our reporters went to Walmart before the festivities began to get a last-minute fanny pack. While walking the aisles, she saw these two best friends, Audrey Coyne and Courtney Greer. Coyne dressed as DeflateGate while Greer donned a Serena Williams costume. It was good to see dedication (from the hats down to the shoes) after seeing so many mediocre costumes.  image2 This random guy was dressed as a referee, though not a very clever one we must add. (Jeans, really?) When asked about why he decided to dress up as a referee, his response every time was, “Athens happens.” He then decided to bash Ohio University by saying that he went to “THE best damn school in the land OSU.” Naturally, that was the end of the conversation.  image1   Johnny Manziel made an appearance in Athens. He tried to get that money but failed as he usually does getting the starting position.

Mario & Luigi dress as basketball players. An interesting vibe for a Celtics Luigi to be paired with a Bulls Mario

Mario and Luigi… Because we’re brothers

A photo posted by James Richard Gollon (@jamesgollon) on

Ezekiel Elliot made a pit stop after his game against Minnesota on Saturday. He even got a picture with his favorite animal.

If you didn’t know @ezekielelliott was at HallOUween…he Got a picture with his favorite animal #InCropTopsWeTrust A photo posted by Zarine Giardullo (@zarinegiardullo) on *** This story was reported and curated by Karli Bell, Kim Oswald, Tony Wolfe and Austin Erickson.

LeBron’s not the only star getting his Halloween game on

By now we’ve all seen LeBron James posing as Prince. But he’s not the only sports star who got his game on for Halloween. Here are a few other sports stars who went above and beyond with their costumes …

Deron Williams gave a nod to another “athlete” by dressing up as “Macho Man” Randy Savage, one of the late great professional wrestlers who won championships on the WWF and the WCW.

“You rang?” There are several photos of Dirk Nowitzki from this Halloween in his Lurch get-up, and all feature the same bulgy-eyed look you see here. It’s terrifying. Good for the 7-foot-tall NBA veteran for not slacking on his Halloween effort, and also for finding something that suits his stature so well.

  Tony Stewart showed up Tony Gibson, a NASCAR crew chief, when he showed up to a party in drag. It’s safe to say Stewart doesn’t cut corners in driving or in dressing up.

And finally, here is Rob Gronkowski on Colbert …


This story was reported and curated by Karli Bell, Kim Oswald, Tony Wolfe and Austin Erickson.