Beside the busy bricks of Athens is a prayer box.

Nestled in between the busy brick roads of Athens, Ohio and the college crowd is a place where you can take the weight off your shoulders. Located on 2 S College St., First United Methodist Church offers a prayer box that is mounted on a cross beside the church’s entrance.

Paster Robert McDowell joined the church’s staff in June 2015. After reading an article about other churches that have utilized a prayer box, he thought First United Methodist Church had an ideal location to start a prayer box of their own.

The prayer cross, which the church’s boy scouts troop helped build, received 20 prayer needs the first week it was available for use.

“It seemed like the perfect church to do it because of the amount of college students, professors and business people that walk by the church every day,” said Paster McDowell. “I thought that would be a wonderful symbol of our church and an innovation for people to let us know of any prayer needs.”

The prayer cross has a black box mounted on it. Under the black box is a small container with index size cards and pencils for people to anonymously write down any prayer needs.

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30AM, the morning prayer group meets at the front entrance, collects the cards and prays for any needs left in the box.

Due to Athens being a college town, many prayers involve social struggles faced by college students.

“Most of the prayer needs are related to relationship struggles, and dealing with vices like drinking,” said Paster McDowell. “Finding a direction in life is another category of prayers we get, and that relates to things like grades and finding the right major.”

The prayer box is more discreet way for college students to receive spiritual support. Being away from home along with the pressures of college can make a student feel vulnerable. The prayer box is symbol to show a person that they are not alone.

“It lets people know there’s an anchor there, and that there are people pulling for you,” said Paster McDowell.

Behind your favorite bagel at Bagel Street Deli

Located at 27 S Court Street, Bagel Street Deli is home to all things bagel. There’s something for everyone on the menu, and they can even create your own personalized bagelwich. With its cozy brick walls, high top tables and loud music, it makes for a lively atmosphere to enjoy those comforting carbs.


Keepin’ up with Kenny Chesney

Keeping’ up with Kenny Chesney is home to all things related to the beach bum by day, musician by night. Chesney finds a way to connect with every fan out there. The lyrics of his sixty- one singles will take you somewhere. Whether the words help you drift away into a palm tree paradise or make you reminisce on summer love, you can count on Kenny to bring you back to some of your favorite memories. Here’s what’s going on with the island lover.

The Latest on Chesney’s Music 

Setting the World on Fire“, Chesney’s twenty-fifth Top 40 song, earned a Best Country Duo/ Group Performance nomination at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Blue Chair Bay Brand

Want to have a taste of the islands? Grab a bottle of Blue Chair Bay,  Kenny’s brand of rum. With seven other tropical flavors, you’re destined to find one that satisfies you.

Kenny’s Whereabouts 

Super bowl with dad. #SB51

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Football has always been one of Kenny’s deepest passions. His love for the sport can be heard throughout some of his songs such has “I Go Back” and “Boys of Fall.” The singer never forgets to remind his fans of his glory days on the field. It something he shares with many, because just like music, he knows how the game brings people together.

Kenny Chesney will perform a benefit show for the “Amazing Race” fundraiser on April 8 at the House of Blues in New Orleans. This collaboration between Brittany & Drew Brees (Brees Dream Foundation) and Camila & Matthew McConaughey (just keep livin Foundation) works towards providing funds for fitness and wellness programs for inner-city public schools in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region.

No Shoes Nation: Kenny’s Fan Club 

No Shoes TV will give a viewer a taste of the Kenny concert experience.

The one thing guaranteed at a Kenny Chesney concert is fun. Chesney will take you on a trip with him through his songs as he pours his heart out on stage. His stage presence exudes charisma and energy unlike any other concert performance. His soulful commentary and easy, breezy tunes have a way of capturing the audience; he’ll make you never want to leave the sold-out stadium.

Keeping’ up with Kenny Chesney is a newsletter written by Anna Strayer that is geared to inform fans on Chesney’s free spirit lifestyle, latest accomplishments, and career involvements. Check it out weekly because you’ll never know where the wind will take him next.

7 dogs that are better at life than most Americans

Many dogs are looked at as “A man’s best friend.” However, it never seems to occur to anyone that dogs live life better than most people. Not all  dogs care to play the role of the “best friend”. Here are some images of dogs being “The Man”.

  1. George
Photo via Google Images

Most Americans complain about finding the time to workout. Instead of talking about it, George decides to be about it. He squeezes in cardio while the kids take their afternoon nap.

2. Max

Gif via Google Images

Unlike most Americans, Max researches both sides of political issues and keeps his opinions to himself. Instead of posting a status on Facebook for his 367 friends to not read.


Photo via Google Images

Many people refer to America as the land of opportunity; a place where dreams come true. But so many Americans give up on their dreams. Not Ryan though, he took surf lessons for six months before moving to Florida so he could spend his weekends doing what he loves.

4. Michael

Photo via Google Images

In today’s world, people can’t seem to put down the phone. However, Michael can’t relate. His car has a blue tooth car stereo that is voice activated. When he passes people texting while driving, he laughs as he sees them risking their own lives. “What stupid Americans,” he thinks, all the while never taking his paw off the wheel.

5. Ron

Photo via Google Images

The kids were begging Ron for a pool. Instead of buying a crappy, above-ground pool, similar to the one in their neighbor’s yard, Ron decided to rent an Excavator and do the job himself. He plans on the in-ground pool being done in a few months. What a good dad.

6. Tim

Photo via Google Images

For all the women who complain about their boyfriends not doing enough nice gestures for them, find yourself a new man. Tim holds down the water fountain button for this girl. Chivalry is not dead.

7. Mark

Photo via Google Images

Mark came across “couple goals” on social media the other day. He saw so many posts about boyfriends taking pictures of their girlfriends, a thing Americans refer to as “candids”. Mark decided to up the ante. He went and bought a complete set of film equipment to video tape his wife doing every-day things. He only shoots the best angles of her in the best lightening. Only a dog can be so thoughtful. Talk about goals.

The heart of campus



The essence of College Green remains the same despite the changing colors of the leaves each season. There’s always some kind of action going on inside the tree tree filled quadrangle. During the Fall and Spring, you usually can see people laying in their back pack hammocks and reading books. Other times, you can be entertained by watching people try to walk on a tightrope that they have attached between two tree trunks. However, when it’s Winter, most of the action consists of people walking through the Green on their way to class bundled up in scarfs and hats. However, no matter what season, you can always count on seeing a dog, or two, if you’re lucky.

For me, it’s a place that no matter what time of year it is, it always brings me the same feeling. I get a sense of nostalgia when I walk through the Green towards the shops and restaurants on Court Street. It reminds me of who I was when I came to Ohio University, and how far I’ve come.

As a Freshman, I was someone who was amazed by the amount of people in this place. I was excited by the fact that I was only one of five people from my high school in Athens. The campus felt like it was all mine. I had a fresh start to everything. But I also remember being scared. I didn’t know where things were, what buildings were which, and who I would become my new best friends. However, I sometimes miss that nervous, anxious feeling because I had fun with it. I loved getting out of my comfort zone and taking a risk. I loved discovering new things and meeting different people. I loved everything that was new to me. It was a time to experience the world and figure out what I liked while being completely unapologetic about it.

Now when I walk through College Green, along with the nostalgia, I feel hopeful and comfort. I know who my friends are, and I’ve set goals for myself. I look at the brick paths that cut all over the ground throughout the Green, and I realize that I’m on a different one now than the path I started on. I am more excited about my future and preparing for it than what is going on at J-Bar uptown on a Saturday night. I am motivated when I see the Schoonover Center of Communication while I’m walking through the Green because it’s the building that I have the most meaningful and helpful classes targeted towards my major. When I am in the quadrangle lawn, I also can’t help but notice how big the tress are. I’ll look up and see the sunlight peaking through the branches above me. It makes me think about how big the world really is, and that I still have so much more to experience. Athens is just the start of the journey.

Sunlight beating down on the Schoonover Center of Communication, a view from inside College Green.

College green reassures me that I made the right choice. Ohio University is where I belong.

A calming picture of College Green taken during a late August afternoon.