Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a senior at OU? Here are some memories

When I graduated high school, friends and family encouraged me to have the best time at college, and live it up.  They told me college was going to be the best four years of my life.  I think it’s safe to say I had fun.

Coming to college, I honestly couldn’t tell you how scared I actually was.  I had never been away from my family or friends for that long of a period, I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t know how long it was going to take to make new friends and get adjusted to life away from Cincinnati, but I knew if I didn’t think about it too hard, I could make new friends pretty easily.  Luckily, I was rooming with a friend from high school and it wasn’t long before I made, arguably, the biggest and best decision in college – joining a fraternity.

Many students adapt to the new environment and figure out what their favorite places on campus are sooner rather than later…especially in Athens!

As my time at Ohio University is running out, it’s hard not to look back at my four years here on campus, and think about all of my friends that I have met.

When I look back at my time here, there are so many different memories, good and bad, that pop into my head.  There are some that make me want to stay in this little town forever, and some that make me glad I’m leaving.  I’m going to remember strolling all the way back down to west green freshman year after a night uptown and grabbing some chicken and waffle, then only eating half of it and waking up to the other half the next morning.  I remember sophomore and junior year living in my fraternity house.  Honestly, there are too many stories to even reminisce on.  But, what I will say is some of the best memories I had were sitting in a friend’s room on a Saturday or Sunday morning trying to figure out what exactly happened the night before.  Senior year was probably the most interesting year I’ve had in college.  For the first two weeks of school I had no interest in being there, I actually wanted to go home a few times.  I don’t know why I was feeling like this, but I was.  Maybe it was because deep down I knew it was my last year, but I don’t know.  But it turned out to be the best year I’ve had on campus, but it comes with a price.

Being a senior, you get asked the same two questions about 10 times per minute.  “So, are you going to miss Athens?” and, “What are your plans after graduation?” Honestly, I can’t answer the first question with a straightforward reply.  In my four years, I haven’t been away from Athens long enough to know whether I’m going to miss it, besides Christmas break and summer. But will I miss hanging out with friends every weekend? Absolutely! What I won’t miss is having the same routine every weekend, going to the same bars every Friday and Saturday night.  To me, it just gets old after a while.  I also won’t miss the politics on campus.  I was never a very political person until this year.  It’s safe to say it brought out the worst in me.  But I think I get more annoyed with the second question.  I’m in a complicated situation right now.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do after graduation.  Not only do I not have a job lined up, but I’m not too sure on what I even want to do exactly, but I think I have enough confidence to figure it out before the stress mode kicks in.  It’s a work in progress.  It just gets a little annoying answering the same thing over and over and over.

Obviously I know how I feel about leaving, it’s a whole mixture of different emotions, but I also think it’s interesting to see how other seniors feel, and how they are going to remember OU.

When talking to different seniors, some in Greek life and some not, there were a few different trends that I noticed, most of which I could relate to.  You could notice some of the bars the younger students would go to, as well as those of the older students.  But, along with some of the favorite bars, you also notice some of the places people liked going to as a freshman and how that differed from their senior year.


After talking to these seniors, you notice that OU is a special place not only for partying and going to the bars, but also meeting girlfriends and creating lifelong friendships.  It’s these memories that people will cherish forever and take with them after college.

My personal favorite is listening to the different bars people went to as freshman and how they slowly transitioned to the different bars as they got older.  Most of the people I know started off at Red Brick, but quickly transitioned to The Crystal, or “Stal”, which is the popular spot for Greek life.

The Crystal bar via Pinterest

Once you start talking to a current OU student, or even an alum, about where their favorite spots Uptown are/were, you start talking about the amazing dining spots.  There are so many different spots to grab a bite to eat Uptown, sober or not sober.  Let’s just work our way down Court Street.  If you start at the very beginning right next to campus, you can grab some Chipotle on one side of the street or if you’re in a hurry, you can pick up some Wendy’s.  Then work your way down the street a little more and you’ll find Bagel Street Deli and Brenen’s, two more OU gems.  A little further down you’ll run into an OU favorite, Big Mamma’s.  I personally never got hooked, but I think this is where some people’s paychecks went every weekend.

Big Mamma’s Burritos

After you pass Big Mamma’s you’ll run into the heart of Court Street and the other favorite eateries.  You’ll find Wings Over, which for some is quite delicious drunk and sober, which is simply a win for everyone.  Once you turn the corner by The J Bar, which is known to many alumni as “The Junction”, you’ll find my two personal favorites, Souvlaki’s and O’Betty’s.  I was introduced to O’Betty’s my freshman year and immediately fell in love.  Since my freshman year, the only thing I have purchased from there is the cheesy fries.  It’s a mix of fresh, crispy fries with melted cheddar cheese and topped with shredded cheese.  It’s a little pricey but most nights that I get it I’m not too worried about it.

O’Betty’s very cheesy fries via Food Spotting.

Ryan Lysaght, senior studying communication studies, has had a very different and unique college experience than any other student.  As a senior, Lysaght has spent four years in a fraternity, and has been a student football manager for OU.  His freshman year, he pledged into Phi Gamma Delta social fraternity, and then a semester later accepted a job with Ohio University Football.

Ryan Lysaght (pictured with the whiteboard) sits with his fellow managers before a football game.

“One memory that I won’t forget from college is during spring semester of my freshman year, I started working with the football team and the first day I went in for my interview, and they put me to work right away, and now four years later I’m now going to be doing this as a career,” Lysaght said.

Its memories like this that people will be able to remember forever and speak about them when they’re older.  He also said joining the fraternity has given him so many different memories, skills, experiences and other things that he will be able to take with him and utilize after college.

He said some of his favorite experiences would probably be setting up and organizing events through the fraternity.  He described some of those experiences as learning how to fail fast as a group, but learning how to get through the adversity and figure out what went wrong and be able to turn it around and make it successful.

“Dealing with the fraternity, holding events and hosting them, creating them from scratch and learning from those experiences and figuring out how to host a successful one has been some of the best times,” he said.

When he isn’t helping organize different events for the fraternity or running through practice with the football team, he likes to hang out Uptown with friends.

Broney’s Alumni Grill via Another Food Critic

“My favorite place to eat would probably be Broney’s on Tuesday nights for loaded margaritas and quesadillas,” he said, “I’ve gone for the first 13 out of 15 weeks in the semester, and I plan on finishing the semester strong.”

As we’re counting down the days, all of the seniors are now thinking back on all of the memories we have over the last four years.  The countless of hours we have spent studying…and the countless hours we have rewarded ourselves at the bars.  We’re thinking about the all the friendships and relationships we have made that we will take with us after school.  Leaving home to go to college hasn’t been easy by any means, but it definitely has been worth it.  I wouldn’t have traded coming to Ohio University for anything.  It’s all of my friends, professors and memories that make me proud to say OU OH YEAH!

It looks like St. Patrick’s Day, Mill fest and March madness took a toll on students

It’s very rare to see Court Street empty.  Usually the times you see this occur is a Sunday morning, the day after a fest…or maybe the Sunday morning after two fests.  A lot of emotions run through the streets of Athens this time of the year.  People are hungover because fests and very sad because their March madness brackets are quickly busted.

New reds faces to look out for in 2017

If you asked any of the fans, the experts, maybe a few broadcasters…and hell, probably even a few coaches how the Reds are going to do this year and the next few years and their response will be, “we’re in a rebuilding stage.” Well for all those people who don’t have any faith at all, I’m here to show the positive side.

There have been some ups and downs this off-season, but for now lets focus on the ups.

  1. RHP – Drew Storen
Drew Storen on the mound for the Nationals via wikimedia.

Storen signed with the Reds as a free agent on January 3, 2017.  He’s 29 and has been in the big leagues for seven-years, so he adds some experience to the locker room.  He has a career 3.31 ERA.  He will definitely strengthen the pitching staff.

2. RHP – Deunte Heath

Deunte Heath pitching for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp via wikimedia.

Heath was signed onto a minor league contract on January 8th.  He’s 31-years-old, but has only been in the league 5-years.  He had multiple chances to play since ’03 but didn’t commit to playing until ’06.  For the last five years he has been released and picked up by different teams and all through the minors trying to find his groove.  Honestly, he doesn’t add too much to the team except for an extra pitcher in the bullpen in the middle of the season.

3. C – Adrian Nieto

Adrian Nieto taking a breather while behind home plate via wikimedia.

Nieto is a catcher in his prime years.  He’s 27 and has been playing for 3-years.  He signed to minor league contract on January 8th, but I have a feeling he will get brought up to the bigs sometime during the season.  He’s going to add depth behind home plate alongside Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart, especially since Mesoraco is still battling injuries.

4. RHP – Louis Coleman

Louis Coleman with the Kansas City Royals via wikimedia.

Now at 30-years-old, he signed to a minor league contract on January 10th.  With a career ERA of 3.51, I feel like he’s in the same boat as Heath.  He will just be a boost of energy late in games.

5. RHP – Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo with the Greensboro Grasshoppers via Marlin maniac

Great trade! Castillo was traded to the Reds from the Miami Marlins on January 18th for RHP Dan Straily, which was a four-player deal.  Castillo is a great young arm that has a lot of potential.  With a 2.68 ERA, I can see him being a great asset for the Reds in the future.

6. RHP – Austin Brice

Austin Brice, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds via MLB

Brice was the other pitcher that was involved in the four-player trade, along with Castillo.  Both are young arms that are going to provide strength.  Brice is a big acquisition because he’s a bigger pitcher which will help him with velocity.

7. RHP – Scott Feldman

Scott Feldman winding up via wikimedia

Feldman signed a one-year contract as a free agent on January 25th.  This 35-year-old is another one that will bring experience to the pitching staff as he’s been in the league for 12-years.  His ERA isn’t the best, 4.40, but he will be able to help the younger guys out and teach them a few things throughout the season.

8. LF – Desmond Jennings

Desmond Jennings sprinting to first base via wikimedia

This was a big acquisition by the Reds because this solidifies the outfield.  The young guys have the starting spot hands down, but Jennings is a good seven-year  veteran to have on the bench in case of injury or late scratch.

9. SS – Zach Walters

Zach Walters rounding third for the Indians

Walters signed a minor league contract on February 11th.  The 27-year-old will not only add depth to the infield, but outfield as well.  He has played left field and shortstop in the past.  He has a pretty awful batting average and on-base percentage which explains the minor league deal.  This will give him plenty of time to develop a little bit more for when the Reds do need him in case of injury.

Most of these guys signed either one-year contracts or minor league contracts.  Don’t worry too much about the details.  I think at least half of these guys will experience the big league club at least once this season.  So don’t start screaming yet Reds fans, I don’t think the club is completely screwed quite yet.

Just a place where Reds fans can go to get another perspective on the Reds.  Reds fan can come here to be kept up-to-date on any recent transactions and team news throughout the season.  This newsletter is not affiliated with the official club.

5 of the most annoyed faces when you see the girl you like at the bar with another guy

It happens to both guys and gals all the time.  But, being a guy, it seems like it happens to us more often.  You’ll be with your friends at the bar on Friday or Saturday night, and you see this girl that you think is really cute.  You start talking to her and start buying her drinks.  It seems like you’re having a great time until…she’ll “be right back”.  Next thing you know, you see her at the bar with her ex.

  1. Simon
Photo by Daniel Friedman via Pinterest

Simon looks over and sees his lady friend, and says (with his signature accent), “You have got to be kidding me.”  Honestly, he’s almost just as mad about spending $10 on her than he is about her talking to another guy.

2. Barack

Photo by Sundance via theconservativetreehouse.com

Barack is simply mind-blown that Michelle would blow him off and accept a drink and a conversation from President Donald Trump.

3. Johnny

Photo by Jeanne Fury via Decibel Magazine

Little Johnny’s face says it all.  Really no explanation needed.

4. Pauly D

Photo by Brandon via Pinterest

I think we all know what DJ Pauly D is saying…or sreaming.  “Him! Of all people you can talk to in the entire bar, and you talk to him.  Holy S#%t!

5. Hercules

Photo by handheld_sdsdd via handheldpyrometer.com

Lets take a look inside Hercules’s mind…..

You really just did that, really? No “nice to meet you” or “see ya around,” nothing? Thanks, you just wasted seven years of my short dog life. I officially hate you.

Favorite Place in Athens

I honestly don’t I have a single favorite place on Ohio University’s campus.  My favorite places on campus differ through the seasons.  Early in fall semester I love being down at the intramural fields playing softball.  Softball is one of my favorite hobbies.  I play in the summer on a couple of different teams, and by the time it ends and I’m on my way back to school intramural softball begins so I am still 100% devoted.  For the past four years I have been on a softball team with my fraternity brothers and each Monday night I can’t wait to get back down there.

Once winter turns the corner, my favorite place turns into wherever I’m living, which is my apartment this year, above Casa Nueva.  Winter time means cold weather (well maybe not Ohio) and football.  My roommates and I usually invite some friends over to watch some football, play some video games and crack open a few cold ones.  In my opinion, that’s the best part about college, cherishing you friendships and being around friends as much as you can.  So that’s why my favorite place on campus in the winter time is my apartment, it’s kind of hard not to like it.

Now, it’s time for the flowers to bloom and pools are about to start opening.  Spring time rolls around and I have yet a couple more favorite places on campus.  The first being 20 S. College St., home of the FIJI fraternity.  We have a nice porch where we all sit out there, listening to music and watching people walk passed our house, which is one of my favorite things to do on campus.  Honestly, I guarantee if you asked half of the campus what their top five things to do on campus are, one of them would be people watching.  My second favorite becomes the River Park apartment complex pool.  On really nice days, a bunch of us like to go down there play music, hang around the pool, play games and honestly become true college kids.  I think that’s what I like best about it.  We don’t have to worry about anything.  We just relax and enjoy the day.  I think I will especially like it this spring since it will be my last time enjoying the pool and the atmosphere with all of my college friends.

I think I’m a little bit different than most students on campus because most people I know have one, maybe two places that really stand out to them and they love to be there each and every week.  That’s not me, I don’t have just one place, but I think that’s what makes me like Athens the most.