A spoon full of espresso makes the stress go down

The revieving sign of my second home.

When people think of Ohio University, the first thing that comes to mind may be house parties, Court Street or famous street names that host parties during the spring. When I think of OU, I think of late nights at the coffee shops scattered around campus, warm environments and wonderful memories that I created with my closest friends and boyfriend.

South Side Espresso Bar is my home away from home. It’s where I can get away from my residence hall and be by myself; it’s there where I don’t have to worry about anyone other than myself. It may seem silly, but as a Resident Assistant to an all freshman residence hall, having that little break for just myself is something I don’t get that often. I’m in class all day, I come home and residents who want my attention immediately bombard me. My room is not my sanctuary; a small café in Nelson is where I find my solitude.

After a long, treacherous day in classes, I walk to Nelson and pick a cushioned seat near the fire. It’s comforting, South Side: the quiet environment, engaging barista and warm atmosphere. I’m able to spread my things out across a tabletop and pull out my laptop while drinking a

hot cup of whatever I felt like drinking that day. There is a reason why this place is my favorite place in Athens; no one ever comes there, and if they do, it’s to work on homework or relax with friends.

My delicious drink of choice: hot chocolate. The barista takes the time to make my drink exactly how I like it.
My delicious drink of choice: hot chocolate. The barista takes the time to make my drink exactly how I like it.

With Front Room in Baker Center, South Side doesn’t get the crowed it should. South Side doesn’t host ‘Open Mic. Nights’ or own a piano that anyone can play whenever. Maybe that’s why I like South Side so much. It isn’t overcrowded; there is always a seat open for the busy goer. That being said, I can always find a place to work with my friends or talk with my boyfriend without the need to pull chairs around or shout across the table. It’s here where I can relax with the ones I care about and be myself; I can find myself in this café better than any other coffee shop or random bar on campus.

South Side may be out of the way, but that’s what makes it the best place to be alone and make those rare memories people don’t usually think of when they come to Athens. This place is what get’s me through the day and I can always rely on it to calm me down after a stressful day of college. It may seem weird, a college student loving a café, but it’s what makes me function as a student and as a Resident Assistant. I make the grades, focus on myself and I’m able to prepare myself for whatever life throws at me next.

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