A Bobcat’s guide to a HallOUween-worthy costume


As the annual Halloween Blocky Party approaches, Bobcats and out-of-towners making their way to Athens to join in on the festivities are preparing costumes they hope will be HallOUween-worthy. Fortunately for Athens residents, costume shops, thrift stores, and others are scattered up and down Court Street prepared to satisfy all costume needs. According to employees from 3 of the several shops in Athens, Halloween is their busiest time of year. This is no surprise considering just how important a tradition HallOUween has become to Bobcats over the years. Denise Scalfano, a junior studying math and computer science, admits to spending too much money on costumes, “Honestly, I probably spend too much money on my costume each year, but I think it’s really important to have a good costume for Halloween around here since it’s such a big deal to OU kids.”

Uptown Costumes is everybody’s go-to for HallOUween necessities and last minute fixings, like fishnet stockings, funky sunglasses, and colorful wigs. Not only does Uptown Costumes offer a wide array of accessories, but it’s most definitely the most affordable place to shop in Athens in regards to costumes. “I love this place. I’m here almost every week in October looking for something else to add to my Halloween costume. I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either,” says Molly McIlvain, a junior studying health administration. According to its Facebook page, Uptown Costumes has extended its hours for Halloween.

Located on the second floor in the same building is an extension of Uptown Costumes, which is Ohio University students’ favorite thrift store. Unlike Uptown Costumes itself, the thrift store is not for those looking to spend little on a costume. However, this thrift store offers clothing, hats, shoes, and accessories from decades past that will surely make any costume one to remember. “My freshman year, I found a gorgeous go-go girl dress here that I completely fell in love with,” said Molly, “To this day, it has been my favorite costume I’ve ever worn.”

Athens Underground, located on the corner of Court Street and West Stimson Avenue, is another thrift store many Bobcats turn to for Halloween costumes. Athens Underground offers a wider selection of vintage clothing and accessories than does Uptown Costume’s respective thrift store, but it’s a little pricier. Athens Underground is the place to go for those looking to put together a realistic and high quality Halloween Costume. “I come here for both Halloween and The Rocky Horror Picture Show every year. I like it because in addition to all the costume-y pieces, they have clothes I can wear day to day,” said Madison Capitano, a junior studying journalism and philosophy.

Aside from the costume shops and thrift stores located on Court Street, Athens has other places to look to for Halloween costumes. Halloween City, a Halloween costume chain, is located on E. State, as is Walmart and Goodwill.

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