7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Athens Mall

And the first isn’t that there is a mall in Athens! Formerly known as the University Mall, the mall is now referred to as the Market on State. Very few people know that this exists, but now that you do, here are 7 things you should probably know about it.


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.14.19 AM1. It’s located on East State Street.

Many students are well aware that East State Street is home to the Walmart, Kroger, and Pet Land, but the commercial strip also is home to A MALL. Say what? I know it’s shocking, but at 1002 E State Street, there is an indoor mall full of all types of surprises.


2. There’s a Bath and Body Works.

This is number two because, honestly, it shocked me the first time I walked into the mall. This highly commercialized soap and scent store has a nice little home in the mall, so students can purchase all their high end soap, body mist, and candle needs.

3. There’s a BMV.

Lose your ID after a night out on Court Street? Have no fear, the Athens Mall has a Bureau of Motor Vehicles that can take care of that for you.

4. There is a spa.

The Infinity Salon can take care of all your aches and pains. It offers services that span from hot stone back massages to body waxing. They also offer hair salon services for a full day of treating yourself.

playarea15. There’s a Children Play Area.

Creepy? Yeah, I kind of think so too….



Photo: http://eaststatestreetdevelopment.com/marketonstate.html


6. The mall is home to lots of art.

Each month, the mall holds an art contest for a different grade level in the Athens Community. The artwork is featured in the mall that month, then judged by mall visitors. The top three winners are awarded prizes! It’s possible that those prizes come straight from the very mysterious mall….

Photo: http://eaststatestreetdevelopment.com/artmarket.html

anchor_store_elder_beerman_thumbnail7. The mall has it’s very own “Mall Walkers” group.

An essential to every big-time mall is that there are regulars, who come to the mall to just simply enjoy walking around the mall. And after learning all these amazing things about the mall in Athens, I leave you with the fact that there is a specific group of individuals known as the “Mall Walkers.” You can probably guess what their group entails, but in case you can’t, they get their exercise in by walking around the mall, dubbing their group the “Mall Walkers.”

Photo: http://eaststatestreetdevelopment.com/artmarket.html


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