7 Essentials for your fall wardrobe

As cooler weather approaches, it is time to start packing away the thin fabrics of summer in exchange for warmer, cozier materials. Fall is a season with breezy days and chilly nights, and your wardrobe should reflect the changing temperatures. Luckily, Court Street boasts some wonderful shops that provide an array of clothing options to incorporate into the collegiate closet.

I stopped into The Other Place and found seasonal attire filling the store. Racks were full of comfy sweaters and shelves displayed stacks of leggings. From neck to toe, this boutique has you literally covered for the cooler weather.

Although you could fill your closet with hundreds of pieces of fall attire, it would be expensive and wasteful to do so. You can assemble many different autumn outfits using only a handful of versatile items. Grab these garbs from The Other Place the next time you are on Court Street.


  1. The Basics

Layering is an essential practice in dressing during moody weather. It can be crisp during fall mornings, toasty by afternoon, and bone-chilling when the evening fades to darkness. Simple T-shirts and tank tops provide a base for autumn outfits, and The Other Place offers a multitude of colors.

Leggings are Pants

  1. Leggings are Pants

Don’t let anyone else tell you how to live your life. Leggings are comfortable and warm, and they can be dressed up or down. Not only can you buy different colors and patterns, but you can also buy fleece-lined leggings for those extra-chilly days.

Sweater Weather

  1. Sweater Weather

Fall wouldn’t be fall without sweaters. Cotton or wool, patterned or plain, neutral or colorful – every type is beautiful in its own way. This item is a necessity for an updated fall wardrobe.

Dress it Up

  1. Dress it Up

It may seem strange to wear a dress as the temperatures drop, but the versatility of a dress cannot be ignored. Keep warm by wearing leggings or tights and tall boots with a dress. Layer cardigans and jackets over the top for added style and comfort. The Other Place has a selection of sweater dresses also, which provide the warmth of a sweater in the form of a dress: a win-win situation.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

  1. These Boots Were Made for Walking

The hills of Athens require footwear that is suitable for hiking to class (or the bars). Stay stylish with comfortable and practical boots. Since a pair of boots is more of an investment than other pieces of fall attire, be sure to buy a pair that will match well with a majority of your wardrobe.

Top Coat

  1. Top Coat

After you layer on your tank tops, blouses, and cardigans, the crisp weather can still bite through to the bone. For the extra chilly days, top your outfit off with a warm jacket or cozy coat. My favorite right now is the parka style.

Scarf Season

  1. Scarf Season

Finish off any fall outfit with a scarf. You can bury your face in it when you are walking against the bitter wind, and easily remove it when you find refuge in an overheated academic building. Accessorizing with a scarf adds extra oomph to an outfit in a useful way.

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