How a student at OU plans on using his degree to see the world

Zach wants to learn different languages and cultures. He is a freshman that studies both Spanish and Japanese. A lot of his inspiration for learning different languages came from his theatre experiences in high school. “In acting, when you learn a certain language it’s like you learn the words to a play. When you learn about a culture you have that character,” says Zach. Zach had a role in a high school play as a Russian character and had to learn an accent. From there he started to study Russian, tried to learn how to read Russian and picked up a few phrases. Zach then went on to say “Привет, меня зовут Zach, как ты?” which in Russian means “Hello, my name is Zach, how are you?” Zach’s fascination with language also grew when he started learning Spanish in high school, and ever since then has had a fascination with other countries’ languages and cultures. He wants to work in the state department, travel, see different places and have different experiences. “I want to speak 7 languages or more. For each language there is a fascinating culture behind it” Zach then began discussing the differences in cultures, like how we have words to describe certain things that other people don’t, and vice versa. “The way you look at the world broadens each time you learn more about a culture and a language,” Zach says as he creates a hole with both of his hands and expands it. Zach will travel to France this summer with the Marching 110. #planetathens

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