My home in Schoonover

After a long day of classes, it is likely that you will find me sitting in the lobby at the Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication.

After only 22 weeks in Athens at Ohio University, I have found Schoonover to be somewhat of a haven to destress, drink a cup of coffee from Front Room and to mentally prepare for the days ahead.

My favorite place in the building is the lobby, which is just large enough to fit a substantial amount of Scripps students who, like me, go there to relax, but still small enough to feel like a home. There’s even a fireplace — albeit fake — that I like to sit by when I come in from E Union St. on a cold winter’s day. If there are no seats available near the fireplace, or if I just need some time alone, I find myself gravitating toward the large green chairs that I can disappear into and get some work done.

And, while I love sitting in my little oasis on my laptop and working on assignments, there is another element of Schoonover Center that intrigues me all the same. Although to the unobservant eye Schoonover Center appears to be a building of new construction, the fact of the matter is that the building got its start as Baker Center in 1953.

The exterior of the Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication.
The exterior of the Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication.

I am in awe with the amount of history in the building in combination with the technological advances in the newest building at Ohio University. There’s such a contrast between the worn brick facade and the new state-of-the-art interior. Every day I learn something new about the building, whether it be a fact about the building’s history or some feature of the renovated building.

And to some, it might seem like I am always in Schoonover. In fact, two long nights first semester my friends and I even slept there. I became even more familiar those nights because in fits of desperation and pure exhaustion, me and other 18 and 19-year-old college freshmen played several rounds of hide-and-seek throughout the six-floor building at 5 a.m.

I may not know exactly how to properly pronounce it, but I am always at home in Schoonover Center.   

Author: Connor R. Perrett

Student journalist at the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College. Reporting state issues for, and audio storyteller for The Outlet on WOUB AM.

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