Converse to the Convo

by Matt Stephens

Baseline view of the Convocation Center

One location on the campus of Ohio University has a place in every students’ heart, the Convocation center.

It may seem like a stretch to some, but the Convo truly is the heart of Athens, Ohio.

The structure has various uses and purposes including dormitories, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, freshmen/graduation convocation and it is also the location of various athletic offices.

The Convo first opened in 1968 and has gone through various transitions throughout history. Ohio University’s athletic department describes the building as “a first-class look with the very latest in modern facilities, equipment and comfort.”

However, visitors do not have to be an athlete to enjoy the Convo. In 2014 men’s basketball attendance at the Convo was 85th of all NCAA division one teams. The structure holds 13,080 seats but 6,124 patrons attended games on average.

People enjoy countless memories in their time at the “roundhouse on Richland.” Athletic memories only account for some of that time.

Students first enter the Convo in their freshmen year for the first year convocation ceremony. Once they end their time in Athens they are back once more to pick up their degree.

Intentional or unintentional the Convocation Center is a landmark in the Athens community and in the hearts of Bobcats then, now and forever.


Author: Matt Stephens

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently a Junior here at OU and I am involved in many things on-campus. I am a sports reporter for WOUB-TV and also work for as their social media director and columnist.

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