A Look Inside the Studio

ACRN Soundboard

The ACRN Studio
The DJs get to relax in this quaint little room for each of their shifts.
Loud, messy, and filled with an abundance of equipment, an eclectic range of records, and generally a handful of people, my favorite place on campus is the ACRN studio located in Baker University Center. Just after walking through the door, you’re more than likely to see a handful of people already inside, be they members of the programming department DJing for the online stream, members of the production department in the editing room fixing up a track, or a local band recording their new EP.

As a DJ, there’s nothing more satisfying than going into the studio to relax and jam to your favorite tunes. Music is the best therapy for me, and taking time every week to share my favorite tracks with my listeners just melts the stress out of my body. I’ve even been known to just go into the studio, bring some homework, and work on that. The atmosphere gets the creative juices in my brain flowing in a different way than my room or the library would, and my assignments see better results because of it.

I go in at 11:00 every Wednesday night when things are quiet to DJ, playing my own alternative brand of rock and metal music. You’re more than welcome to check out ACRN and listen to the stream live at any time!

Author: Tim Hurst

Tim Hurst aka DJ Kaizen aka Xylon aka The First Tim Hurst is an entertainer, a producer, and a DJ. Graduating from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2017, Tim spends his time wrapped within the realms of media and music. Producing EDM under the name Xylon, Tim also had a radio show, AlternAttack, for ACRN. He wrote briefly for their editorial department and is currently a contributor for Sputnikmusic. Tim also runs a YouTube channel under the moniker The First Tim Hurst, filming, editing, and writing all of his videos himself. A young hopeful, Tim's ambition is more than likely to find him great success in the coming years.

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