The Burrowing Process: My Writing Corner

Strung against the brick walls of my room are my father's unwanted pepper holiday lights. Snuggled up in the corner is my Athens gem, my writing corner.

I can confidently say I have filled up thousands of pages of notebooks and journals with my words. In my earlier years, those words were about boys or my gross older brothers or the meaning of life – if I identify something as blue, do other people see it as blue…or do they maybe see it as green? Basically, I was a super deep kid.

Everyday, I sit down and write whatever I feel like. Because this has been a ritual since I started writing  – even with backwards letters – I have always built a place specifically for writing. I refer to building it as the burrowing process, where I craft my own sanctuary of blankets and blank pages.

I don’t usually let strangers – especially strangers on the internet – see my writing corner. But due to circumstances involving a professor and a prize to be won, I am bringing out the big guns.

Welcome to my writing corner.

Defining a writing corner

Of course, there is an obvious necessity: there must be writing happening for it to be deemed a writing corner. But the second most important part of creating this space is surrounding it with things that evoke comfortability. This is the place I spend most of the deadest hours of the night, 3 to 5 am. It must be comfortable!

My window sill is lined with 12 to 15 scented candles because I am secretly addicted to collecting candles. They calm me.
My window sill is lined with 12 to 15 scented candles because I am secretly addicted to collecting candles. They calm me.

To create a comfortable atmosphere, I pile up cozy and colorful pillows, curl up in my childhood Tinker Bell blanket and light an almost dangerous amount of candles and incense(candles must smell delicious).

When I was younger, I was forbidden from being alone with fire after nearly burning the house down with a candle, so I decorated my corner in holiday lights.  This is a great alternative for pyros and clumsy people.

Surrounding the space with some favorite books is a great third necessity. I always have Mary Oliver and Walt Whitman on standby for inspiration.

The list of necessities doesn’t have to end with those three must-haves. It’s about creating a safe nest for creative and artistic exploration, and this is mine.

2 thoughts on “The Burrowing Process: My Writing Corner”

  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who likes to hide away from the world to be productive. I will say I was always a little more into Thoreau than I was Whitman.

  2. My writing corner is definitely my bedroom, and I also have a candle addiction! It’s a rarity for me to leave Walmart without a new scented candle. I think it’s important to have somewhere to be a hermit and turn your thoughts into words. P.s. I love your chili pepper lights.

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