5 times your priest wished confession was over


He’s heard it all before.

1. That time he was working his crossword puzzle.

Photo by Emilio Labrador – Flickr

He looks like he’s ready to hear all about the dirty you did at Nikki’s house party last weekend, but it’s the only solitude he has to figure out 36 down.

2. When you invited him to your third annual clambake that Saturday.

Molteni Giuseppe, La confessione – Wikimedia Commons

As much as he likes a bit of steamy gossip, he only eats seafood on Fridays.

3. After your story about that time you went down to the river with John on a Friday night.

Animation by Matthew Conroy – Flickr

He’s strong, but that story could lead anyone into temptation.

4. That time he was going to a Halloween party and went as himself.

Photo by daveynin – Flickr

He saved money and won first place with his buddies in the creepy costume contest.

5.  When he thought it was safe to leave, but you were still there.

Photo by John Haslam – Flickr

He had to pretend he forgot his keys in the confessional.

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