5 animals that will bless your day


We all love animals because they bring joy and love to our daily lives. I know seeing a dog is the highlight of my day and it turns to a blessing if I’m able to pet it. These next five are your blessings for today.

  1. This goat
Goat Mountain Trail, Peter Charbonnier

I know what you’re thinking, “There is no goat in this picture! What?! You lied! This isn’t a blessing!” but that’s where you’re wrong. This is a blessing in disguise. All we might see is a dog but isn’t every dog a blessing?

2. Her all seeing eyes

Cat with Elderly Hand
Cat with Elderly Hand, K Whiteford

Don’t be put off by her glowing eyes, she’s looking into your future and she sees nothing but good luck going your way. Trust her, look at the wise hands holding her and look at the determination in her face. This is not a chance meeting, wisdom and good luck are in your near future.

3. This smiling pig

Smiling pig

Look at this little guy, he’s all smug. He’s here to bring you smiles and whisper good words to you throughout your day. He doesn’t want you to doubt yourself, he believes in you. Don’t be afraid to smile today if you can help it. If not don’t worry, he’s got enough smiles to share with the world for you.

4. These two

Harry and Setlla
Harry and Stella, Wikimedia Commons

That’s not the flash that went off in the picture, it’s their innocence radiating off of them. They look like they were caught off guard but their friendship and love for each other is true and long-lasting, just like yours with your friends!

5. Sofia

She’s trying her best to eat all her breakfast for the day even though she’s a clumsy girl. She’s here to remind you it’s okay if you mess up as long as you keep trying. If she can do that, you can do anything today.


If you see them give them a flower and maybe pet their little heads. Don’t forget to get permission before you pet them.

Author: Jennifer Castaneda

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