The Ties that Bind – Court Street and Ohio University

Understanding the importance of living a life that breathes through your community is the first natural step in understanding what is ultimately the most valuable thing about a nation.     – E.E. Cummings


When living around the Ohio University area, it is easy to become fully identified with the culture of Court Street. This can often be done fluidly in the camaraderie of friends and usuals of the area, and it’s a process that ultimately binds us all as Bobcats. This is the one commonality that all students of the university, regardless of major, agenda, or passions, ultimately share. Feelings communicated interpersonally on a large scale are very rare – which is what makes them so precious. My identity as one who has resided around this area is something that I know I share and will continue to share with alumni old and young. Identity is everything, and it is something that can be both carried away or brought back.


Despite the admiration that those from Ohio University may share for the area; it is also important to remember that displeasures are carried just the same. Knowing that a common struggle has existed between groups of people indicates that, as part of a whole, one’s actions could very easily be influenced by the role of the whole. Economies and architecture are a very powerful reminder of this connection, and it is through video that I have documented and discussed these points in a way that reflects the feelings I have for our collective home.