7 stages of a journalism major in statistics class as told by cute animals

I don’t know about you, but I’m a journalism major because math is not my forte. Does Mr. E.W. Scripps himself really expect me to be able to calculate z-scores and find the standard deviation when all I want to do is write listicles for Buzzfeed? Alas, I’m stuck in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences with the other Scripps kids, lost in a sea of numbers.

Here’s the 7 stages of an aspiring journalist in a PSY 2110 lecture:

1. Lethargy

Flickr, Aldo Tapia
Flickr, Aldo Tapia

You start off with an apathetic sigh as you crack open your PSY 2110 textbook to prepare for the next 55 minutes of hell.

2. Drowsiness

Flickr, K-nekoTR
Flickr, K-nekoTR

Ten minutes in, you eyes start to close as you snuggle up next to your stats equations and dream about winning a Pulitzer for your groundbreaking exposé on the gender wage gap.


Flickr, Alex Ulanov
Flickr, Alex Ulanov

You when the professor calls on you for the answer but you’ve been drooling on your histogram instead of figuring out what the standard deviation is.

4. *eye roll emoji*

Flickr, Luz Rovira
Flickr, Luz Rovira

The smug look on the stats major’s face next to you when he knows the answer and you don’t…

5.  Confusion

Flickr, John C Bullas
Flickr, John C Bullas

You and the kid in VICO staring blankly at the next problem on the PowerPoint because statistics is a foreign language.


Flickr, Nina
Flickr, Nina

The face you make when class ends but you leave in PANIC because you need this class to graduate and the midterm is next week but you know NOTHING.

7.  ¯\_()_/¯

Flickr, Christin Gain
Flickr, Christi Gain

And finally, you when you’ve given up on life and drop PSY 2110 because you’re a journalism major and not a mathematician.


You’ll still be the next host of the Today show even if you’re three credits short of graduating, right?

7 pictures of animals that perfectly describe your weekly feels

It seems that no matter how hard we try, our emotions get the best of us. And for most of college students, we experience the same emotional roller coaster every week. Here’s what a typical week of emotions looks like brought to you by animals.


Grumpy Cat, via Flickr, Jennifer Morrow
Grumpy Cat, via Flickr, Jennifer Morrow








No one wears the grumpy face better than Mr. Grumpy Cat himself. But, you try your best to mimic it while sitting in your early morning class, because let’s be real; it’s the beginning of the week and you just want to sleep.


Sad, via Flickr, Yi-Ting Chen
Sad, via Flickr, Yi-Ting Chen

By today you’re laying your head on your desk like this pup because your Monday grumpy feels start to turn into the blues when you realize you’ve got over half the week to go. #BluesdayTuesday


Hump Day, via Flickr, Paul VanDerWerf
Hump Day, via Flickr, Paul VanDerWerf

Did you expect anything other than a camel for the middle of the week picture? Happy Hump Day! You just keep telling yourself there’s only a few days to go.


Say What?, via Flickr, frankieleon
Say What?, via Flickr, frankieleon

When you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a. Friday), you’re about as excited as this raccoon.


Smile! Smile! Smile!, via Flickr, きうこ
Smile! Smile! Smile!, via Flickr, きうこ

When you realize you’ve survived yet another week, you’ll be as happy as this dog is.


Party Animal - serious about partying, via Flickr, MattysFlicks
Party Animal – serious about partying, via Flickr, MattysFlicks

Grab your party gear, because, IT’S THE WEEKEND!


Orangutan Relaxing, via Flickr, Paul
Orangutan Relaxing, via Flickr, Paul

They call it the lazy day for a reason. Like this orangutan, your stuck in bed all day. The real struggle is knowing you actually have to make progress on your homework today. And then the cycle repeats.

5 fashion styles straight men don’t understand

Don’t ask straight men for fashion advice. They just don’t get it. When you feel really good about wearing a fur coat or carrying a designer handbag, check out what straight men think about your fashion sense.

  1. Fur coat

This is what you think you look like when you wear a fur coat.


(Flickr, Kostya Romantikov)

This is how straight men react: Why do you dress up like a fluffy animal?


(Google Images)

  1. Leather pants

You feel strong and confident when you wear a pair of leather pants.


(Flickr, Outi Pyy)

Straight men say: Awesome Halloween costume.


(Flickr, Annie Fischinger)

  1. High heels

You figure there is nothing sexier than a pair of super high heels.


(Flickr, See-ming Lee)

Straight men wonder when you are going to trip and fall.


(Flickr, Phil Kates)

  1. Smoky-eye makeup

This is what you think about your smoky-eye look.


(Google Images)

This is what straight men think: Isn’t she a panda?


(Google Images)

  1. Attitude towards luxury

This is how you feel when you buy a designer product.



This is how straight men feel when they read the price tag.


(Flickr, debra)

7 things to do when one of your back-to-back classes lets out early

You created your schedule so you’d have all of your classes in a row and be done for the day. But your 80-minute class was only 30 minutes long today. What do you do now? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Homework you’ve probably been putting off
Homework, via Flickr, by English106
Homework, via Flickr, by English106

Whether it’s something due in your next class or a research paper you haven’t even thought about starting yet, unexpected free time is the perfect opportunity to force yourself to get work done.

  1. Eat food or grab some coffee
Bagel & coffee, via Flickr, by Magnus D
Bagel & coffee, via Flickr, by Magnus D

College students forget to eat sometimes. It’s just a consequence of how ridiculously busy our schedules are. Use your free hour to grab some to-go pizza from the dining hall or even just a bagel from a cafe. Or maybe down an espresso or two.

  1. Read a book
IMG_3550.JPG, via Flickr, Jay Cross
IMG_3550.JPG, via Flickr, Jay Cross

It could be assigned reading for a class; it could also be a something you actually enjoy reading. Fifty minutes is more than enough time to make a dent in that literature you’ve been wanting to or are forced to read.

  1. Bond with your professors
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons, AlbertHerring

Look up the office hours of the professors you’ve been meaning to go see but haven’t. Even if you don’t need help with the subject matter in that class, it’s always a good idea to get to know the people you’re spending a semester with.

  1. Watch Netflix
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

If doing anything productive actually sounds like a nightmare, find a cozy spot near your next class and catch up on “Mad Men.” You only have a few episodes left in season four anyway. Just give in to the urge.

  1. Sleep
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons, D Sharon Pruitt

Were you up all night in the library working on that research paper you finished an hour before class started? Does the idea of facing the rest of your classes without getting any sleep make you want to curl up in a ball in a corner? Find a comfy couch. Take a nap. You deserve it.

  1. Write your listicle for Fundamentals of Online Journalism
Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

What better homework to do during your free time than an upcoming project due in the class that granted you that magical hour? Grab a beverage loaded with caffeine to double your productivity and maybe even come up with some witty subheads.

6 ways living in a dorm is like being in jail

Sometimes, living in a small space with multiple people can get a bit difficult. No one wants to clean, food goes missing, sharing showers is a pain, and never having alone time gets old…the real question is are you shaking up with other college students or are you doing some hard time behind bars?

1. Tiny Living –

Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghan
Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghlan

The average living space in a dorm, according to The Register-Mail, is 228 square feet. You can go ahead and cut that number in half since you will have at least one roommate. So, 114 square feet for all your stuff. Luckily, criminals do not have a lot of clothing because they live, on average, in 48 square feet. So a little under half the space, but with A LOT less stuff.

2. Mess Halls

Via Youtube
Source: Youtube

Having no place to cook, both college students and jail birds are forced to eat what they are served, at specific times, in a specific place. So, grab a tray and eat up. It may taste a little funky but it is FOOD!!!!

3. Tip: Never Trust ANYONE

Via pixabay, public domain
Source: pixabay, public domain

Random room checks? You bet ya! Do not worry, criminals go through this too. Any contraband items will be taken. You may be an adult, but you still have to play by the rules “the man” makes.

4. So you have to pay the bills….

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Also, if you want a job, you’re pretty confined to university gigs. Although you will probably have more options than the men in orange, who pick from carpentry, sewing, working in the dining halls, dealing with metal. Wait, honestly, those are good life skills, where can I sign up?

5. Grounded for life

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 07.06.29 pm
Source: FlickR Joe C

I hope you were not planning on driving anywhere this weekend because if this is your first year, no car for you. Don’t worry you’re in good company, inmates are not allowed on weekend getaways either.

6. Back to school again…

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Finally, the reason you’re even in the dorm room, education. Lots of jails allow their prisoners to study and take college courses. I bet a study buddy system between the prison and your school would be pretty popular!

7 reasons why dolls are actually the worst


Dolls are universally known as being horrifying. There is a very good reason why B-list directors base their horror films off these little lifelike creatures.  Sure, they can be all cute and super fun for kids. But there is also a huge reason why a large portion of them are haunted or just flat out creepy.


1. Like this doll who is definitely going to watch you sleep.

You know that if she were on your nightstand, her head would turn.


2. This lil’ fella who will laugh at you at the creepiest times.

There is literally a horror film (Dead Silence) that is all about these ventriloquist dummies that kill people? That right there is enough to make any person, no matter how brave, run for the hills.


3. And this one that probably has a purpose besides being the worst, but is not doing it properly.

Why can you take the organs out? Is this really necessary for anyone to use? I do not think so.


4. This doll that has black eyes very unnecessarily.

This young lady looks like she is the reason an entire house was abandoned in the middle of dinner because she walked in and asked for a bowl.


5. And her eyes actually move because she is alive and totally horrifying.

Her face is cracked because something was trying to get out and you know this is totally true and probably one of the worst things ever.


6. This one who’s smile gets bigger, and scarier, the longer you look at her.

That’s either a smile or a grimace and it is unknown which, but whichever it is, everyone knows that it is what nightmares are made of. And can we talk about the incredibly lifelike eyes? And the wrinkles that have occurred because she neVER CLOSES THOSE SCARY HUMAN EYES.


7. And finally, this army of dolls that can’t wait to meet you.

There is one looking directly into the camera and into your soul.


Dolls are the worst. There is no way around this fact.

Good luck sleeping tonight!