The best hole in the wall this side of the Hocking

Whether it’s your grandma’s house, the treehouse your dad built for you when you were a kid or your favorite home team’s arena, everyone has a special place in their life that’s always welcoming and makes them feel right at home, and I’m no different.

It’s the go-to meetup location anytime one of my friends comes back to town. It was stop number one on my first green beer day outing. It’s where I go to trash talk the Steelers to my favorite bartender in Athens. Simply put, it’s The Pub.

Since 1974, The Pub has been servicing the Athens community with its great burgers, great beer and great beer cheese soup. The bartenders are always friendly, there’s always a game worth watching on and if you happen to stumble in on a saturday night, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. For the last couple of months The Pub has turned into the go to spot for me and my friends. After ending classes on friday we all meet up together at 4, just in time to catch the start of our favorite bartender’s shift, to catch up and hang out. The lack of other people in the middle of the afternoon and the friendly face behind the counter makes it feel like we own the place and that we’re right at home.


My first trip to this wonderful establishment was in the middle of summer 2015 when a buddy asked me if I had ever had their food. I admitted that I had never been which then led to him dragging me to the restaurant. From the second I walked in I could feel The Pub’s character everywhere I looked. The worn down wooden floors showed that many a patrons had been through, the scratched tables and booths hinted at the decades of post-class meetups that had gone down and the townies that lined the bar on that Thursday afternoon told me I was at a place worth staying. We sat down, ate and enjoyed the atmosphere. Then we did it again the following week. And the rest is history.

Whether it’s a weekday afternoon or a weekend night out with some friends, The Pub is the one-stop-shop for a good time in Athens. You’ll come for the cheap drinks and stay because of the great time you’re destined to have with the reassurance that the headache you have in the morning is because of a great time you had the night before.